Help with bathroom lighting selections

ash6181March 13, 2013

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to pick out lighting for our new build, and I'm at a standstill on our master bath lighting. I'm hoping you all will offer some opinions to help me make up my mind.

Info on the bathroom: We're using limestone tile and will have a medium to dark stained vanity. The vanity will not be ornate, I tend to like simpler lines for furniture and cabinets. The countertop will be some sort of stone. I guess the overall feel I'm going for is a nice hotel bathroom, spa like, and soothing. We need a light/chandelier for over the tub and sconces for each side of our two mirrors (4 sconces total). In addition, we'll also have a can over the shower.

I already have these mirrors.

I have two options for the over the tub chandelier.

Option 1, the Robert Abbey Bling chandelier.

With this chandelier, I think I have two sconce options.

Sconce 1, the Bryant sconce from Circa

Sconce 2, Robert Abbey the Muses Collection

Option 2 for the chandelier is a capiz chandelier. This one is from West Elm...I'd like slightly larger capiz chandelier , but haven't found one yet that's just right in a larger size. But this gives you a general idea.

With the capiz chandelier, I think the following sconces might work.

Sconce 1, The Circa Bryant sconce above.

Sconce 3 , the Sutton sconce from Restoration Hardware

Sconce 4, the Mercer sconce from Pottery Barn

Sconce 4, fluted shade sconce

I'm thinking that the Robert Abbey bling chandelier and the Robert Abbey the Muses sconce coordinate well and go with the mirror. But, I wonder if they would make things too "fancy". Maybe more casual accessories and a simple vanity would help?

I also like the capiz chandelier option, and think it is a more casual look. However, I'm not sure the capiz options work as well with the mirrors. I'm willing to use the mirrors somewhere else, though, if they don't work out in the master bathroom.

Help! What do you think? What coordinate best with each other? I'm open to suggestions on other sconces or chandeliers, also.

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I love all of your options... they are totally my taste too. I debated the virtually the same chandelier choices, the Pottery Barn Clarissa vs. the West Elm or similar capiz shell. I opted for the Clarissa because it just felt a little more special to me and I am partial to bling(!) I can't imagine our room without it.

My favorite of your combos would be the Robert Abbey Bling with either the Circa Bryant or the Robert Abbey Muses. I've also always liked the RH Sutton for a more clean-lined look. The Pottery Barn Mercer is nice but looks a little ordinary to me. I like the fluted shade in #4 but I'm personally not a big fan of upside down orientations.

All great choices though. I hope you'll post pictures because we love pictures!

Here is a link that might be useful: My master bath photos

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Annie Deighnaugh

Normally I'm a big fan of capiz shell, but in that chandy, not so much. I prefer the first. Either sconce is nice but they are of different scale...I would let scale be the deciding factor between the 2.

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Love option 1 with either sconce. I had looked at the Bryant Sconce as well, but was worried about the finish getting dull since I want to keep it shiny. There is a note that the finish will patina with age in the description section for the sconce.

Option 2 is beautiful too, but I like more blingy things.

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I think option 1 would look great and I love the glass accents.

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I think the first chandelier and the first sconce. I agree that the extra "bling" on the second sconce might read extra fancy. The first sconce is still formal, but not blinged out. If that makes any sense.

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I prefer the first option with either of the sconces, but which one might depend on things like finishes an paint colors. Either one could look great. The second could look lighter without reading more bling. The clear isn't as shiny as the metal. Do you want the light to be reflective like the mirror or a softer look. To me, that is the difference more than bling.

The capiz chandy strikes me as one of those things that will feel dusty and tired after a while -- not that the crystal won't have to be cleaned. I'm not sure I'm crazy about any of the sconces with it, but do agree that the last two are the weakest choices. They lean retro and the chandy is a more contemporary look.

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I prefer the first Bling with the Bryant or Sutton. Be very careful putting a chandelier over the tub. It is not to code in many areas for good reason.

The National Electric Code, in the United States, reads:
410.4(D) Bathtub and Shower Areas. No parts of cord-connected luminaires (fixtures), hanging luminaires (fixtures), lighting track, pendants, or ceiling-suspended (paddle) fans shall be located within a zone measured 900 mm (3 ft) horizontally and 2.5 m (8 ft) vertically from the top of the bathtub rim or shower stall threshold. This zone is all encompassing and includes the zone directly over the tub or shower stall.

Here is a link that might be useful: post on chandeliers over tubs

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Do you mind sharing where you got those mirrors? I'm looking for something similar.


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treasuretheday, I am also partial to bling! Your bathroom is very nice and elegant (if you can use that word to describe a bathroom). The Clarissa chandelier is also nice and very similar. I will definitely post pictures, but youâÂÂll be waiting a whileâ¦we havenâÂÂt even broken ground yet! Hopefully weâÂÂll be doing that within the next few weeks. IâÂÂm an obsessive researcher and planner, and want to select things when I have time to give it adequate thought instead of rushing to pick something because the installers are there, if that makes sense.

AnnieDeighnaugh, good point about the scale of the sconces.

motherof3inct, several of us in this thread seem to be lovers of bling. Interesting point about the finish on the Bryant sconce- I hadnâÂÂt considered that.

Karenseb, thanks for weighing in. I think all of the glass will look nice togetherâ¦.at least I hope so.
bsmith1- I totally understand your point. That has been my concern. IâÂÂve been leaning towards the Robert Abbey chandelier (option 1) because I love the bling, but I donâÂÂt want to cross the line into too much bling.

Lascatx, I could see the dust issue with the capiz. I also feel like I would be more likely to tire of it than the first option. Thanks for making the point about the shine factor/softness of the glass vs. the metal. Now that I consider your point, I can see that the glass sconce option (the Muses) might read as less âÂÂlook at meâÂÂ, if you know what I mean.

snookums2, I was aware of the code issue. I donâÂÂt believe that will be an issue in our area, but I may end up putting the chandelier over the main floor area instead of over the tub. The chandelier would be high enough that errant water drops, etc. shouldnâÂÂt be a concern, though.

Lzhwong, the mirrors in my post are from Z Gallerie. Restoration Hardware also had some similar mirrors at one point. For a much cheaper option, check out the Martha Stewart Linden Mirror currently on clearance at Home Depot. ItâÂÂs not quite as large, and the sides arenâÂÂt mirrored, but it is a very similar look for much less money. Z Gallerie also has a similar mirror with a beaded detail- The Omni. I'm posting a link for the Reflections mirror below.

It looks like the Robert Abbey Bling chandelier is the winner! ThatâÂÂs the one I was leaning toward, so thanks for helping me make up my mind. Sometimes I think about things so long I start to second-guess my decisions, so it is nice to have opinions from others. I think IâÂÂm leaning towards the Robert Abbey the Muses sconce right now, but IâÂÂm going to give that a little more thought and consider scale/shine/softness, as mentioned above.

Here is a link that might be useful: Z Gallerie Reflections wall mirror

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