I can hear running water but can't find a leak...

jrueterMarch 6, 2014

I can hear what sounds like water flowing through a pipe in the upstairs bathroom near the tub supply lines. We have looked all over and can't find any evidence of a leak anywhere upstairs, downstairs or outside. It isn't the toilet.
We isolated the hot water and the sound stopped. With the water on and the sound going, the water meter isn't moving (thank goodness!).
Anyone have any suggestions what might be going on??

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Are you sure it isn't the toilet? Did you put food coloring in the tank to see if it leaks into the bowl?

"We isolated the hot water" What does this mean?

"With the water on and the sound going": which water on? Hot? Cold? What does "the sound going" mean?

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I am sure it isn't the toilet - I have fixed those before and isolating the toilet supply line did not stop the running water sound.

We isolated the hot water by closing a valve from the hot water heater to the rest of the house.

"With the water on and the sound going" - the main isolation valve was open, but no faucets were on. The sound is the sound of running water that we are trying to find the source of.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Could it be water running outside your house? Can you turn off the water main to your house? I often hear water running during the night from our outside sprinklers. Do you have a water meter that you can check, then NOT use any water for a few hours and then go check again to see if the dials have moved?


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Thanks everyone, we did what you suggested Babka, and sure enough the meter is moving, although just barely so we didn't notice it initially. Looks like a leak somewhere in the slab. :( Contractors have been called.

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