Dishwasher under $1000?

ellinkMarch 31, 2012

Any recommendations? Appliance store has an ASKO d5122xxls for $800. What do you all think? I'm open to suggestions...

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I purchased a Samsung 800 series. It's quiet and it cleans the dishes. The dishes are dry and the plastic usually has some water. But the plastic is still drier than my old KA supurba with the element dryer. If you turned off the element drier in order to put plastic on the bottom, it had a tendency to leave a lot of stuff wet. The water on my plastic containers is caused by the lips on where the top connects to the bottom. So I don't blame this on the inability of the dishwasher. Last week I had a dinner party and ran the dishwasher while we were in the dining room. Never would have done that with the KA, even when it was new.

I mostly use the smart function. I do use the jet dry and have went back and forth with the little packs and the cascade powder that you measure. Both ways are achieving clean dishes. I've used the delicate function for my fine china. Also have tried the delay function and the storm wash function. This one also has the ability to take out the top rack and wash something tall.

The reviews state problems with the bottom rack being hard to keep on track. I only notice this issue if there is nothing on the rack. However, there is usually always dishes etc on the rack. But I noticed the same problem with a Bosch I was looking at. The biggest thing I noticed with all the dishwashers that the prongs are longer on the new dishwashers than what was on my old one. This makes for a different experience when you load. Before things seemed to flop around more.

The clean light goes off in about 10 minutes. It does chime when it's done. So you can't visually look to see if it has clean dishes, but it does chime (again) the first time you open it when the dishes are clean. So there is a way to know that they are clean before you aimlessly start throwing dirty dishes in with the clean.

My old KA vented out the front up by the top. This one vents out the bottom as it has hidden controls and so has a plain front. There was reviews stating that the venting was causing problems with steaming the hardwood floors. I mentioned this to the installer. The installer stated he never had that problem. But he also stated if they weren't level that might be causing people problems. I have hardwood floors and have not had any issues with steam on the floor or any other problems.

I'm very happy with it. The installer was top notch. And I actually got a great sale price, with free delivery, installation, and haul away of the old one.

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We just installed a Frigidare professional last week and so far are quite happy with it. It is quiet, has tines that fold, top shelf moves up and down and has three washer arms. A big improvement from our 18 yr old one that sounded like a train moving through the house. So far cleans well. Have to be careful with high things on the bottom shelf not blocking the middle arm, but other than that, we like it

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No direct experience, but my husband has an Asko at his office, (don't know the model.) Seems like everyone hates it, though maybe this one is a lemon. Everyt ime you open the bottom tray, it jumps off the tracks, for one thing. I don't know, I just know we won't be getting an Asko after this!

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Have this ASKO model for the past three months and do not have any complaint. Bottom tray does not jump off the tracks and cleans the dishes well enough. We paid about the same as original poster and thought is was a good deal.

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We have 2 of the KA KUDC10FXSS model and love them. I was worried that they would be loud (we have an open floor plan) but you can barely hear them running at all. At least 1 person on the forum experienced problems with the side vent on this DW, but we haven't had any. I do leave the adjacent cabinet door open just in case, though. I just put one of the DWs to the ultimate test--a bowl with dried on cream of wheat and a lasagna dish that DS1 decided to keep the leftovers in (instead of putting them in a tupperware) for 3 days. Those two items went in with a full load of plates, glasses, bowls & silverware. I ran it on the short 1 hr cycle with a Finish Powerball Pack (not the tabs) & everything came out sparkling clean! Cost on sale at Lowe's for Labor Day 2011 was $627 each. Memorial Day is coming up--maybe they will run a similar sale.

Hope this helps!

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We just replaced a KA that turned lemon in the past few years and almost caught on fire (!!) with a ADA-compliant Bosch with a built-in water softener. I was initially worried about the ADA size after the tall-tub KA but remarkably, everything fits great. It took a little while to figure out the best loading patterns but I'm really pleased with the capacity. And the on-board water softener is a real revelation - we have rock-hard water here and after phosphates were phased out we had significant issues with scale buildup on glasses, silverware, etc. to the point that we had to add Lemi-Shine to every single load just to keep it partially in check. With the Bosch, once I added a box of Somat salt (and Somat rinse aid), I haven't had to add a single "supplement" since the day we bought it and everything comes out amazingly clean and shiny. My wife even noticed that our glasses felt "smooth" and looked like new again, and she was thinking we'd need to get new ones because they were getting roughed up from wear-and-tear. Turns out it was just just hard water build-up!

Link is below. FYI - it was -$120 when I got it so it must have gone OFF sale recently, which means it should go back ON eventually...

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch ADA Dishwasher w/ softener

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did you go with the D5122XXLS or something else?

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