Tile to Ditra to wood subfloor... Again

pepperidge_farmMarch 22, 2012

Hi guys!

I am starting a new project and needed a quick refresher from my favorite experts.

I am going to be laying tile over Ditra which will be applied to a subfloor. The subfloor is over a crawlspace that has a vapor barrier underneath but the crawl space is damp (in the Adirondacks- the house is by a pond) in 2 separate areas.

My plan is floor- to- modified thinsest- to Ditra- to - unmodified thinset- to tile.

If this is correct (I totally cannot remember how I did it last time!!) I would appreciate the latest and greatest brand recommendations on modified and unmodified thinset.

Also, I will be Tiling the mud room and the area in front of the front door. I was going to look at some of the Schluter Transition profiles as I have otherwise no idea how to transition from the tile to the wood floor. We are trying to match the heights- it's a new wood floor too. I remember skimming this info way back when in passing.

Guidance? I feel like I have amnesia from all the work I did and all the reading I did a few years ago!

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Over a proper wood subfloor material, Ditra gets set to the subfloor with a modified thinset.

Tile over Ditra with an unmodified thinset.

Thinset recommendations? Any modified thinset will work fine for the Ditra-to-subfloor installation.

For your unmodified thinset I recommend Ditra-set.

As to height-matching floors, there is Ditra, and then there is Ditra-XL. "XL" is thicker, the idea being that the thickness of Ditra-XL plus thinset and tile will be equal to the thickness of a 3/4" hardwood floor.

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Thanks Mongo. I did use the Ditra set last time and I loved it.

For the modified thinset, is this one that can be mixed with water or should it be an additive?

I expect this application to have a much greater failure potential than the last area that was above a finished space. This house is open and shut numerous times during the year and sees very large temperature swings.

Also, as the area in front of the front door is just a small "cut out" of the floor, the only product I am aware of to bridge the wood to the tile is the one linked below. It's going to be 1/2" engineered hardwood, so I was planning on using the regular Ditra.
Are there other options worth considering?

If I have time to plan, maybe I will finally get to make a little mosaic in the floor- this all snuck up on us.

Here is a link that might be useful: Schluter Floor profiles

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Avanti Tile & Stone (Stonetech)

A Modified thinse is exactly that....MODIFIED and requires nothing more than water to mix. Use No liquid modifiers.

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Ok, yeah, I was thinking of something else. I did read somewhere someone used additive with Ditraset but I will just get another bag. (I love Ditraset- it spreads like butter for me)

Preferred modified thinset? I used Versabond in the past. It was ok.

I think I will end up using urethane caulk for the transition joint.

5 hours of reading and I think I have it put together again. Been 2 years since I picked up a trowel. I have missed it!

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