Need small bathroom ceiling heater, blower & light

hollyhocksMarch 13, 2013

anyone have any leads on a small ceiling light, heater and blower? I can only find ones with all of the items PLUS a exhaust fan, which I do not want since it requires a duct and I also already have a seperate exhaust fan/duct. I have a doorless shower and a drying-off area right outside the shower that I want to be heated(forced air)/lighted (don't want a glaring heat bulb). currently there is a can ceiling light installed that I want to replace with the heater/blower/light. Nutone 9093 series is the look I want but w/o the exhaust fan. I've had super luck with the lovely Garden Forum posters. I'm desperate. my electrician is standing by. it is an insulated attic to boot!

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Here's another with several models:

Here is a link that might be useful: more ceiling heaters

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Wow! thanks so much for the quick reply. looking for something to replace my can light.... like the Nutone forced air heat/light/night light/exhaust fan (attached pic)(round) or like the Nutone QT9093WH . can't find anything so I may just not hook up the exhaust fan! genious! now the big question is, if it is ok to use this model in an insulated attic. I am phoning Nutone in the morning.

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heres the pic

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found this round one too but it also has an exhaust fan. darn!

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I'm wondering why there's an issue of having an exhaust combined with a heater in this fixture, because most such units have the heater and the exhaust switched separately. If they are, just don't use the exhaust. (Especially if you have your eye on one you find attractive)

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I agree, buy the nutone with the exhaust, but cap off where it would exhaust with a piece of sheet metal and foil tape and have the exhaust not wired so it doesn't run. Yes check if it is IC rated (insulation contact). Sounds like you are on the right track.

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