Need small bathroom ceiling heater, blower & light

hollyhocksMarch 13, 2013

anyone have any leads on a small ceiling light, heater and blower? I can only find ones with all of the items PLUS a exhaust fan, which I do not want since it requires a duct and I also already have a seperate exhaust fan/duct. I have a doorless shower and a drying-off area right outside the shower that I want to be heated(forced air)/lighted (don't want a glaring heat bulb). currently there is a can ceiling light installed that I want to replace with the heater/blower/light. Nutone 9093 series is the look I want but w/o the exhaust fan. I've had super luck with the lovely Garden Forum posters. I'm desperate. my electrician is standing by. it is an insulated attic to boot!

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Here's another with several models:

Here is a link that might be useful: more ceiling heaters

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Wow! thanks so much for the quick reply. looking for something to replace my can light.... like the Nutone forced air heat/light/night light/exhaust fan (attached pic)(round) or like the Nutone QT9093WH . can't find anything so I may just not hook up the exhaust fan! genious! now the big question is, if it is ok to use this model in an insulated attic. I am phoning Nutone in the morning.

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heres the pic

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found this round one too but it also has an exhaust fan. darn!

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