when will you start your Easter decorating? (You too, Jim)

PurplemoonMarch 24, 2011

I was wondering when y'all are going to jump into decorating for Easter. I hope to this coming week, if I can get my act together.

Jim, if you are lurking, let us know you're here. And how the fur kids are. Haven't heard from you since Christmas, so hope all is ok. You know its that time of year I kind of nag you to get out your pretty Easter things and entertain the cats. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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I started March 18 lol!


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I started slowly putting things out March 18 too.
One day last week, we had 75 degree weather followed by snow twice this week, so to keep my sanity - I'm more determined than ever, to spread a little Spring around...
I need it bad!! :)

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I did a little bit today, PM! Got some of the bunnies out & changing out the buffet...I want to get of the house & get some "real" flowers! Between yesterday & today I think my new antibodic is starting to work! (3 wks today I've had this crude!) Think I better start now as Easter is one month from today!

Will be sharing pics soon, I hope. Love your duckie pic above! Happy Spring (even tho it may snow tomorrow a bit, they say!) Here's some pretty Crocus that popped open near the house w/my garden bunny...it was a sunny day (after several rainy ones) & about 40 deg:

Think Spring! Jeanne S.

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My jonquils and crocus are blooming but yesterday we had hail and then a little snow. Not good. I gave all my Easter decorations to my daughter so I will have to go visit them. - Marylee

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I think I'm going to wait until early April.

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Marlene Kindred

I'm going to start this weekend I think since it's suppose to be raining and 40 degrees!! SHEESH..can you believe it...Monday was 70 and now it's back down to in the 40's! But, I've got Spring fever, so I'm thinking if I start getting my stuff out, maybe the weather will take the hint!

Can't wait to see everyone's "stuff."

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I started but can't seem to find time to take pictures to share. I haven't even set my table. Had over night guests last night. At least this made me wash the bedding from our other guests. Now I need to do it again!

DF's took us out for dinner tonight. We are going to see DGD tomorrow and I have to go test phone service for some new customers Sunday afternoon.

I do need to get the laundry done and some cleaning sometime this weekend so we'll see if I can multi task and take some pictures too!


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I started this week. I'm pretty much done. The only thing I did last year was decorate my little outside tree. After last week's snow I can't get at it.

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Hi all

First - Karen, my deepest condolences to you and your family over the loss of your dad.

This is a difficult time of year for me in general--I tend to get depressed and withdraw/not participate.
My upcoming b'day used to enter into it, but for the past few yrs it's also the day my dad died too, so...

The cats have added to the depression as I seem to lose something daily due to breakage--just by having 3 - one year old brothers.

As for Easter decorating I probably will, the Christmas decor survived, but I hate to see anything else destroyed.

Anyway, I don't know what compelled me, but I did buy these two from QVC.


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Jim, it was so good to have you post! I know this time of year is very hard on you, and remembered about your Dad.
I'm so sorry and hope as Spring comes, things will get better for you.
I'm having a bad time wrapping my head around decorating since Dad enjoyed mine so much and now he's not here to share that. My DH has never cared about it, and I always thought I was "decorating for me" as it made me happy. I hadn't realized till now what a large part Dad had in me doing this. But I am determined to haul out the Easter stuff this week and give it a try. What's a few more tears. (I'm sure you understand all too well, tho I wish you didn't.)

As for th Terrorists Trio, you certainly have my empathy there. Jazz had me at my wit's end more than a few times, so I can't imagine dealing with THREE breaking things. Sometimes our fool hearts are just bigger than our brains when it comes to having animals.

Your QVC bunnies are WONDERFUL. I'm so glad you did some Easter shopping, that's a good sign! ;o)
Tho I know your birthday is hard ono you with the memories,
I will still wish you a happy one... to find peace with painful memories and joy with the good ones. That would be the best gift for you.

hugs, Karen

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jim...I LOVE your new QVC bunnies! Lookin' forward to seeing them in your Spring decor! Wishin' you the best & some good, good Spring days ahead! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Jim, I love those bunnies.
Hope the boys don't create any more havoc.

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Darling bunnies, Jim, and I like those egg topiary trees too. Hope the warmer Spring weather will brighten your spirits soon.

I haven't pulled out my Easter decor yet either. I will soon because I know DH will enjoy it this year, and our DGD just expects it now! LOL


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It is so cold here, in the teens last night. Doesn't move me to get the Easter out!

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Cute bunnies...Jim.
I can see why you couldn't resist them...just look at those faces! Also, when you said QVC..I knew they were Valerie's right away. Love everything she has.
Jim, I hope these bunnies and Spring on it's way will be a little push to help you through your blues.


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Kathleen, I'm so sorry your weather hasn't warmed up yet. We have been having our rains and cooler temps too, but supposed to warm up some this week.

I keep "thinking" about pulling out my decorations--better stop thinking and start "doing" don't you think? LOL


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LOL, Luvs, I've been doing the same thing! I had a major meltdown on Sunday when I'd planned to decorate. Was depressed and couldn't stop crying, guess Dad's services the day before made it so 'final' he's gone and it hit me.
So yesterday, I went thru our Easter inspiration album and that picked me up and got me interested. Then I looked at my own albums to see what I did last year and the year before. BIG mistake. LOL. Most of it looked pretty pathetic to me and I started to get down again. But I hauled some of my stuff out and put it in middle of table, which forced me to decorate!!! Things were going good, I thought. Then this morning I looked at what I'd done (with only about 1/3rd of my decos so far) and hated half of it.
So I started moving stuff and putting away some again. Arrrgggh. I've got two pantry shelves FULL of things to unpack and I honestly don't know what the heck I'm doing!
Seems I not only had my holiday decorating spirit missing
so far this year, I have lost confidence in myself to do it
nicely. I don't know what is going on but I wish it would "go away" instead. I'll get more stuff out and on the table and see where it leads today tho. sigh.

Kathleen, I really hate how awful your weather has been.
I wish I could wave a magic wand and send you ours from the past week. However now we are going in the opposite direction from you...Spring here is backing off and this week will be downright HOT. Mid 90s. That's not a good sign in March, summer will be terrible for sure. Hopefully our Spring will come back next week, I'm not ready for our good weather to end yet.

hugs, Karen

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AAAH [[[Karen]]] I'm so sorry. I know what a difficult time this is for you. I hope you can do a little decorating, but don't push yourself, maybe you should just do something small. Last year all I did was my little tree outside.

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Yes, Karen...listen to Nana. It's really not "lack of confidence in yourself" ...it's that you have so much to deal with mentally & physically...as happens to the best of us, right? Takes time. Your loss is HUGE...hugs to you...we just love that you are here with us...posting or not. Hugs, Jeanne S.

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Karen...I agree with Jeanne & Nana. Give yourself some time to recoop. You've been through so much and you're emotions are still healing.
I think sometimes after a loss, we tend to push ourselves to go along as usual - running a couple of steps ahead of ourselves to try to escape from how we really feel...yet those feelings are definitely there.
Take your time Karen...the good thing about Holidays is that they come Every Year..and if you don't do it this year, there's always next.
Hugs to you...

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