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RoofstackerMarch 10, 2012


I am a Semi-retired General Contractor & remodeling a kitchen for my wife.

She would like an Induction slide in range w/2 ovens.

Only one that fits the bill is Electrolux....but

It sure has some terrible reviews. Anyone with real life

experience with this unit? What is in your kitchen with

this criteria? Recommendations? Thanks!!!!!

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I have the Electrolux slide-in induction range, and have been happy with it for about 18 months now.

There are other models: GE has come out with a slide-in induction range, Samsung and Frigidaire (?) have one, Kenmore markets one (not sure who actually makes it), and Viking has one that costs roughly twice as much. There are threads here about these various induction ranges (search the box at the bottom of the page). Perhaps E'lux is the only one with two ovens; I'm not sure.

How people take to the E'lux range may depend on what they expect that second lower oven to do. People who want and expect to use it as a warming oven are fine with it; others who expect to bake stuff in the lower oven have been sorely disappointed. Induction is really cool, so I can't think of anything else to complain about, with this range. [I have a little Miele speed oven that I use probably more than either oven in the E'lux, so the limitations of the E'lux lower oven don't bother me as much.]

Can you give us more information about what your wife is looking for? Is there an option to put in a relatively smaller second oven (like the Miele or an Advantium), so the range doesn't have to carry the full load?

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I don't believe that one is made.

I don't consider the drawer on the Elux to be an oven. Just a drawer with delusions of grandeur.

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E'lux calls it an oven, which may be how that rumor got started. But I agree that those who want to really operate it as a second oven are often disappointed in the results...

Its fine as a warming drawer. Samsung, Maytag and Frigidaire all sell induction ranges now with a lower warming drawer.

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I have the new GE slide-in model PHS925SS, which is great and has reviews to match (top rating from Consumer Reports and lots of users, including me, after owning it for a month). It has one large (5.3 CF) main convection oven, and a warming drawer below. Seems quite similar to the Electrolux but better rated.

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Samsung in not available in a slide-in. Ours has a warming drawer. I use it only on TG and Christmas. It does take time to heat, so it is not that convenient for every day use. However, I love the convection oven.

Maybe look at Kenmore and GE. I believe GE makes the Kenmore.

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A GE slide-in model PHS925SS is being installed this week as well. Chose it based on ratings. Plan on using the warming draw to store lids or other bakeware.

We've been using one of those double ovens with a smaller oven on top. I have loved it as it does everything just the 2 of us need on a daily basis, from baking, broiling, AND great toasting. And since it was on the top, it was very easy access. Haven't seen anyone make the same set up with induction, which is what we wanted most... GE will probably sell that next year, with our luck! :-)

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I have the freestanding version of the Electrolux. I really love my range. As far as the second oven goes, I've been more than happy with it. But I went into it with the belief that I couldn't bake anything in it based on the information I received here. So I had pretty low expectations and I'm happy to report the second oven is far better than I had anticipated.

You will not bake bread, cookies, muffins in it. You will not roast meat or make anything in a dutch oven in it. However, I have found it does a great job on casseroles, lasagnes, baked rice etc. Anything with some moisture in it. But what I really like it for is roasted things. Because your pan sits so close to the heating elements, things tend to get crispy on the bottom. We eat a lot of roasted veggies, roasted potatoes, baked french fried, egg rolls, periogis etc. All of these are things that I want to get crispy. So I do them in the lower oven and just have to remember to stir them a few times for even crispiness. Then I can roast meat, bake bread etc or whatever else we are having with our meal in the big oven.

Sure it would be nice if both ovens functioned as full ovens but my lower oven only has a 4 (or is it 4 1/2) inch clearance so with the space limitations I think it performs pretty well.

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Sophie Wheeler

If you want two ovens, then get an induction cooktop and double wall ovens or a range and a second wall oven elsewhere. You can't have it all in a limited space. Something has to give. Don't forget about the enhanced ventilation that you will now need because you can actually sear something on the stovetop now.

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FYI the Kenmore is made by Electrolux (prefix 790)

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Whirlpool has just come out with a double oven induction range.
It has the smaller oven on the top--which is a feature I've loved in my Gemini. Imagine taking a pizza out at ground level!
I'm sure that more companies will be entering the market soon. I'm waiting for Consumer Reports to evaluate them.

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Oddly, the Frigidaire slide-in range is only available as a hybrid induction/radiant. FLEE FLEE from this! The radiant part will get ugly from burned food. You may as well save the money and get an all-radiant range.

I would agree that a cooktop and a separate oven at eye height gives you more options and is more user-friendly.

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