Curbside shopping?

party_music50March 11, 2012

Is curbside shopping allowed? or encouraged?! lol!

While on the way to the driving range, I saw what looked like a fake pumpkin on top of a bunch of things out at the road for the trash. I told my BF that I wanted to grab it if it was still there when we came back. Not only was it there -- there was a BOX of them! Really nice -- two pie size pumpkins and two medium size. I'm thrilled! And they won't end up in a landfill! :)

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Woohoo, good for you and the price was right.LOL There is no curbside shopping here in the country.Sigh


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Great save! I wish I could do curbside shopping but in my area you can't put stuff out front. And when you put it in alley (only allowed 4 times a year when they do big trash pickup, it gets snatched up fast.) The folks on Garden Junk find super things on curbs and even some "dumpster diving".
I couldn't believe some of the things they'd find.

hugs, Karen

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That was a great "score" PM. You'll have fun using them this fall especially knowing they were free!

Lately, I've been the one putting things out on the curb. Cleaning out the garage and what my friends/neighbors don't take goes out there for whoever might want it. Yes, most times it disappears overnight!


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Good for you PM
The enablers here love a bargain!
and free is the best bargain of all.

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Glad they didn't get 'squashed' before you rescued them! Good recycling ...that curb shopping! Love it! Jeanne S.

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Man! When I think what I paid for those babies at Michaels -even on sale, I get green with envy. You found a real trash treasure.

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haha! I'm glad that curbside shopping is acceptable. :)

OA -- I completely understand! I specifically went to Michael's in October to buy some fake pumpkins on sale... and then didn't because I felt they were still too expensive!

Curbside shopping has become common around here... most "good" stuff doesn't last more than 15 minutes at the curb. Still, I wish people would put out items like this separately and with a FREE sign, rather than risk them being missed when intermixed with the real trash, and going to the landfill. :(

FWIW, my BF jokes that if I won the BIG lottery I'd use the money to buy a truck so that I could pick up even more curbside treasures. :O)

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