Need Help Removing hair oil stains from chair fabric

clagaMarch 6, 2010


I have an upholstered recliner I have taken more then a few naps in.

The fabric is stained from the oils from my hair.

Any helpful remedies in removing the stains with damaging the fabric.


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I would use this:

It's fabric safe and nothing works better! I use it on greased stained laundry all the time. I've never had any of my clothes discolor where I've sprayed it.

The only problem is that if your recliner is dirty all over, you may have to clean it all over because if you use Krud Kutter on the oily spot, it will get it 100% clean.
For example, I used on spots on a kitchen runner that my blender exploded on, and the spots where I used it are perfectly clean, but the rest of the runner needs to be cleaned now. I haven't cleaned the runner in years.

Anything that will take the oily spot off of your recliner will leave the spot clean, so my guess is that you will have the same problem with any good'll have to clean the whole chair if it's dirty.

Try this- the worst that could happen is that you have to do it to the whole back of your chair:

Spray it on well and let it sit for a while, then take a clean WHITE terry bath towel and put pressure on the spot, blotting it to get as much out of the chair as possible as you keep turning the towel to a clean dry spot on the towel. Check to see the oil/dirt coming out onto your white towel. You may want to repeat another round of the K.K. or two and blot until you see no more dirt/oil coming out into the white towel.
Then spray clean water on the spot and let it sit for a couple of minutes.
Repeat the blotting/pressure with clean area of towel.
Spray with water again/ blot again, until you think it's rinsed well.

Krud Kutter dissolves grease/oil like nothing I've seen. I use it to clean my oily paint brushes after I have cleaned them in mineral spirits first. It's great for all kinds of stuff, indoors and out. I buy it by the gallon at Home Depot.

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There is a good chance that any water based product you use will result in a water spot - a ring actually - depending on the fabric.

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This is why I always keep a hand towel on chair back same color as chair, easy to toss in the washer and chair stays clean!

Have you thought about putting cornstarch on oil stain and letting it soak up as much as possible? Repeat as necessary and maybe all oil will be removed and not necessary to scrub with liquids. If you still need to use a liquid cleaner be sure and vacuum chair good to remove the dry cornstarch.

Good luck on getting the chair clean.

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See my earlier posting "oil on back of leather couch"? Some great & funny responses!!

I had the same problem with oil stain on back of the leather couch from hair oil!

- vieja

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