Advice please on really large medicine cabinets

DobaMarch 6, 2014

Please weigh in on what you think about putting 2 24widex36high recessed medicine cabinets over my 60 inch double vanity. They will be really tall and not that far off from my 8 foot ceilings by the time we put in the new taller vanity, backsplash, and a decorative tile band. I really need the storage since the vanity is small as is the bathroom. Will it look bad having these towering mirrors? I will probably put in one sconce between them as well.

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What do you plan on storing in them? They generally aren't very deep, so you are limited to what really fits. It sounds like you're planning on the bottom of the cabinets to be 5 feet high, since you say the tops will be at 8 feet. That will be hard to reach much of anything inside, never mind not being able to see yourself in the mirror.

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Robern makes 6" and 8" deep medicine cabinets in addition to the standard depth. We put a 6" deep on in our MB, and it holds more than the one in our hall bathroom.

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Actually, I guess I didn't explain it well. The bottom of the mirror will be a little above the backsplash and decorative band, so that might range from about 48-50 inches from the floor to 86 inches off the floor (give or take). You are right would be hard for me to reach things although my dh is 6'4". Is it better to sacrifice space for the appearance and practicality and go for 2- 24x30's?

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We don't have that much space behind the wall to put a deeper one in. It is a shared wall into our sitting room. Great idea though.

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Babka NorCal 9b

We did away with our medicine cabinet. Had a custom cabinet maker give us an all drawer vanity. With a counter top 36" high, you can have more drawers than with the older 32" high ones. All those things that you thought had to be stored upright in a medicine cabinet, can be put in drawers sideways if necessary...or upright in a deep drawer. Full extension drawers give you better access than reaching up in a medicine cabinet. Worth a try.

People always think that local custom cabinet makers will be so much more expensive, and I have not found that to be the case. In the end you get exactly what you want. This is something you use every day and should get priority. IMHO


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We already ordered our vanity and it comes in next week. Drawers would have been nice, but still...60 inches is not a lot of space to begin with.

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Spoke with the contractor. He said to wait on the medicine cabinets until they open the wall and see what's possible. Atleast that buys me a little more time.

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Jean Bo

It's good to see what is behind the walls. Most 2x can be moved, we had to do some adjustments. I used two 34" tall cabinets on different walls and they are terrific. With more space = organization! I am 5'2" and dh is 6' 2" so upper areas are for seldom used stuff or his stuff. Keep in mind your doors need to be low enough to see yourself and high enough to clear your faucets when opening.

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What brand makes 34 inches high? Also, what width are they?

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Jean Bo

Sorry for the delay.... They are NUTONE and the product number is 52WH344DFP they are actually 35x15 and includes 4 glass shelves equaling 5 total. Mirror behind the shelves and behind the door. I set them 49 1/2" from the finished floor. Hope this helps.

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What about a full length medicine cabinet? RH has one for $625 (satin nickel). There is also a painted wood version for under $500. We opted to do this bc our vanity is on an outside wall, and putting a medicine cabinet was not advisable.

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Zaca Spacecab makes a nice single door 36" high medicine cabinet. Robern also makes a 15 x 36" single door cabinet, with mirror door inside and out. Kohler I believe has a 36" single door 15" wide medicine cabinet in its Catalan line (which is offered online only at Home Depot's website). These mfrs. almost expect you to line these up, i.e., recessing three 15" wide single door cabinets side to side would give you a storage area of 45" x 36," Or you could put one either side of a 30" mirror and above a 60 inch vanity with a single sink. As you might already know Kohler purchased Robern a few years ago so there's a lot more Kohler branded cabinets on offer at most places out there. Kohler's Verdera Collection has an adjustable magnifying mirror that sits in the cabinet interior. Robern also offers this mirror in some of its cabinets and also again, as an add-on option for certain other cabinets. After way too much research that just led to long, drawn-out periods of indecision I finally bit the bullet and ordered for my friend's bathroom the Kohler Verdera 90001-N/A 15" x 30" cabinet, found at and purchased from (paid via Amazon prime, with free shipping). I went with the 30 inch cabinet, which comes with three glass shelves, because very few people could easily reach the top row of the taller 36 inch cabinet (although at 6'4" my friend certainly could but this house is his first foray into rental property and considered as part of the decision was his current tenant, who is a single woman who is lucky if she's 5'2" and 100 lbs.dripping wet). Another consideration in our installation is the existing cutout's location, which is 18" above the countertop. So that would have put the top of the 36" cabinet six inches from the ceiling! OR: 36" + 18" + 36" = 90" in a bathroom with 96" ceilings. Instead the installation will be: 36" + 18" + 30" = 84" or 12 inches from the ceiling. Oh, this is a side wall install and the sale rep says the cabinet will be very close to flush though NOT flush but apparently no mfr. offers a flush install. Still at 7/8 inch it is 7/8" more than I wanted or

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If it helps any, here is a pic of our 60" vanity with 20" x 34" medicine cabinets. (Which we love.)

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Here is my almost finished bathroom showing the 60 inch vanity. 20x36 inch Robern's. Thanks for the advice. Question though....should I add pulls to the false fronts in front of the sinks or leave the hardware as it is?

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Doba, looks nice!

Leave the hardware as is! I personally hate knobs/pulls on false drawer fronts, and it's just one more thing to accidentally hook a sleeve, robe belt etc. onto.

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Agree with Raehelen about the knobs on false fronts. It is really a nice combo you have there, I bet you are very pleased :)

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Thank you. I am leaving the pulls off.

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Doba, love your bathroom! Can you tell in more detail on the dimensions on your vanity and medicine cabinets? How wide is the sink base cabinet? How high is the medicine cabinets off the floor? How high is the ceiling? - I'm having a similar sized vanity and considering Robern medicine cabinets.

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