Birthday Card:Thank Yous

creekdwellerMarch 19, 2012

I want to tell everyone who has, and still may send my Daddy a Birthday Card how much we all appreciate you doing so.

When it was time for the family to arrive, Daddy was in the middle of a heart fib spell. He had to have two doses of morphine. So, he was mellowed out. My brother took a chair and sat next to him and he read EVERY CARD!! If my brother started to take it away and he had not read it he would reach out to get it so he could finish reading it.

Thanks so much every one who sent a card. You know who you are and I am so grateful to have net friends that care so much. And will step up to the plate when ever asked for help.

I don't think any one of us could ask for better friends. I know I can say that for myself.

He is still getting cards, so if you are late, he doesn't know, he just enjoys reading them.

We have not reached our 90 Cards yet, so if you please, you can still send one. We are right at 60, so we need a few more. I know it was short notice, like I told you, I am now a legal senior citizen, and it has kicked in FAST!!!!LOL

He has gotten some of the prettiest cards. And, not one duplicate!!

Again, Thanks to Everyone,


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Marlene Kindred

Mine is on it's way! Glad he had such a great day!

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Creek, mine is made out and ready to mail. I'm slower than most but want to wish your DD a Happy Belated Birthday too.

Punk, the slow poke!

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