So, you want to renovate your bath? Take this quiz!

coolbeanswMarch 13, 2013

Which matters to you more:

Having bathroom faucets that work or your sanity?

Living in the guest bedroom for 8+ weeks or your sanity?

Knowing all the UPS agents by sight who pick up the fixture rejects and deliver the replacements three times a week or your sanity?

Having your otherwise aesthetically clueless son say, Wow, that light fixture looks bowed, or your sanity?

Calling TOTO and Grohe tech support and getting no support whatsoever, or your sanity?

Having constructIon dust throughout your house (and your lungs) or your sanity?

Having the contractors stain your white carpeting or your sanity?

Wondering whether if you run out of checks you can stop writing them, or your sanity?

Second guessing the whole idea of indoor plumbing or your sanity?

Seeing the cabinet installers and electricians ding up your freshly painted walls or your sanity?

Having the plumbers reverse the cold and hot water supplies and crack the shower wall tile when they install the showerhead or your sanity?

Being able to settle, compromise, reboot, forgive, and forget, or your sanity?

WARNING: Bathroom renovation is not for the faint of heart. It is WAY worse than kitchen reno. Consult a psychological professional to see if you are fit enough for bathroom renovation activity. Consult your doctor if you experience increased anger, weight gain, depression, or difficulty breathing.

If you feel the need to renovate another bathroom in your house, seek immediate medical assistance.

Or move.

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Ouch! Our bathroom renovation is scheduled for 4/22. My major kitchen overhaul went smoothly with only minor issues. I was hoping my bathroom ones (both master and hall bathrooms) would be a similar experience. I guess the only positive side is that I usually lose a few pounds during home projects :)

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Sorry to hear your renovation is such a trial. Hang in there!

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