It's March 2014, how is your build?

aries61March 1, 2014

February was a busy month with 425 postings which beat January 417 postings.

Happy building to everyone.

It's March and that much closer to spring.

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We got our minor use permit!!!!! It was a bit touch and go for a while as we had two neighbors appeal to the county in writing. They did not show up for the meeting and the county approved our project. We are good to go-my husband will interview builders this month and our architect will go ahead with complete drawings-we didn't want to start any of this until we knew for sure we could build. So excited!!!!

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cz-let the fun begin!

carson-that is wonderful news as well. It will all be worth it but man what a long road that was!

maggie-so I am wondering how you did the wall of tile and affixed the mirrors. Did the tile cover the entire wall or was there a space left to allow for mounting hardware for the mirrors? I really like what you posted. :)

lori-it's MARCH girl! Woohoo for you!

upon-I am sure you will find a suitable solution for your ceiling. I can't imagine it would be that costly if changed right now but then again it is hard to say. Have you discussed with the builder yet?

Still sanding, fingers still cracking from dryness...but each day we are closer than we've ever been. ;)

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hey autumn,

we did the tile ourselves and it covered the whole wall except we had to tile around the sconces. the mirrors were just store bought with a wire or hanger on the back, so we just drilled into one of the little tiles for the anchor and screw to hang the mirrors. :) they were not permanently fixed to the walls.

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Finally took pictures! I will post them one by one since I don't have time for photobucket. Countertops are in and I LOVEEE the built in sinks. This is the kitchen countertop and sink.

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Picture of the whole kitchen with lights above the island.

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Master bath sink and countertop with entrance into the closet with the organizer.

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Our builder built shelves to put in the extra nook space they found over the stairs. so thoughtful! It's sideways... too lazy to rotate.

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maggie-thank you! No issues drilling through the tile? So now to convince dh to do a whole wall. ;) Not the time but the cost at this point but I think it really looks nice.

kelli-Very nice! I bet you can't wait to move in! What is the name of the kitchen laminate if I may ask? It looks very similar to what we have chosen for our perimeter (mineral jet). I love the color you chose for the nook space, it's bold and fun but not harsh. :)

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Uponthehill, Sorry for the stress you are having about the ceiling. I have been there. I hope you find a solution that makes you happy. Talk to your builder and changing the ceiling at this stage if needed may be less expensive than you think.

Carson, Congratulations on getting through the loan process. Happy building :)

April, Wow that was fast for the framing. We to the build site every day before work. So now if any body needs any info from us they just wait for us at that time.

JDez, Looks like you are moving along and the exterior is looking like a house with the windows.

Cz, I think you will be starting as spring start and
that is the best time to start. Here's to a smooth building process ahead.

Kelli, The kitchen looks great. Love the sink. You must be getting so excited.

Autumn, Yes March is here and you are getting closer. Are You tiling the showers soon or later? I am excited to see the arch in your master bath when it is done :)

I am hoping March will see a lot more progress. We were supposed to be done by March 23 rd when we signed the contract but at this point I will be happy if we are done around Apirl 15th. I am getting anxious right now with all the things that need to be done.

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akshars-I'm not sure??? Right now dh has to trim the doors asap (bil hung them earlier this week) to keep them stable. I am sanding walls - almost finished. We need to tile the back entry/mudroom area. That is a large space so it will take a while, but I'd like to get the shower done also while we have the mortar mixed. Plus - I have to cut the tiles for the shower. The one we liked only came in 12x24 and we are doing 6x12's to stay consistent with the rectangular floor tiles. I think 12x24 up there would be too large? Stay tuned....... :) We have carpet tentatively scheduled for April will be so close for so many of us. What a celebration, woohoo!

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congrats on everyone's progress. Moving along so quickly.

love your kitchen Kelli! Beautiful shiny new built in sink :)

Drywallers got more done than I expected considering it was their first day. Wow. I have a hard time believing my house is not going to be done until end of July (I believe the estimated date the builder gave us for CLOSE was July 18) Will anyone that is ahead of me tell me what the timeline usually is once drywall starts? I mean, how many months from drywall to finish?


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illini-we have been told that from drywall you are half way. Not sure if that's true or not. Any pics? ;)

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Boo, rain has come to California. Makes it slower going without a roof on yet.

Good news is we have made some solid progress in the middle:

My wife is beginning to get excited, especially about her closet (19x8):

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Exterior is starting to look pretty good, Our copper awning and turret cap went on yesterday though they will come back out and install the finial on the turret cap, scrolls underneath the awning and the soffit for the awning. Siding above the stone is looking good, the first time we'd seen a picture of it in.

Still trying to get over that sheetrock hump tho...

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After years of lurking and dreaming, I finally get to post my own build! Huge thanks to a decade of posters for sharing their tips and cautions. Hopefully we remember all the good advice we've learned here.

We closed on our lot on Thursday. The builder got out yesterday and cleared all the trees. Supposed to get the foundation hole dug next week.

Here is a link that might be useful: Holy cr@p. I can't believe I've got a blog too.

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Oicu812 - you have a beautiful lot. Good luck with your build. I hope everything is smooth sailing for you. Love the title of your

Niteshade - I don't know if it was intentional, I'm sure it was, but the left side of your house in the picture looks like an old covered bridge. Very cool.

Kelli - I love your kitchen. Bet you can't wait to move in.

Hilltop - Boone's farm? Lol...wish I could've joined you.

Cabin - nice closet, I can see why she's excited.

Cz scrap - congrats. Hope to see some pics from you soon.

Ok. Back to Mardi Gras parties.

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Looking good everyone, and congrats to those just starting. :)

We have tile all done now, just needs some grout.

Ensuite, tiles are 12x24 on the floor and 6x12 on shower walls with 2x2 shower floor



One of the boy's bath

Laundry Room

This is the darker tile up close and cleaned up, it's got little gold specks, that I love. :)

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Cz, congrats on getting started, I'll be excited to watch your build.

Hi Kelli, your kitchen cabinets and sink are perfect and I love how its all coming together. :)

Autumn, I'm so amazed by you and your husband, you both are incredible for all the work you are doing yourselves and its turning out so beautiful!

Caben, I think the framing stage is so fun, being able to walk around and see your plans come to life, enjoy!

Niteshade, your home is just stunning, one of the most gorgeous houses I've ever seen. :)

Oicu, such a pretty lot, the trees are so nice. A perfect spot for your new home.

JDez, cheers, lol!!!

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Wow! Everyone is coming along! March will be my official build start thread. They dig the hole this coming Wednesday. I just got back from a quick trip out to Utah this weekend. I made my flooring choices more final and changed a bunch up. I LOVE my new choices. I also changed up some of the cabinet layout. I'm so super excited about my cabinets. We took out BOTH of the counter cabinets in my Master Bathroom and also the boys bathroom. My cabinet guy is making a custom frame for a 9 1/2 foot mirror! It will be so much cheaper than the cabinet but tie in to the rest of the cabinetry in the master bath. I cannot wait to see it!

I think we've pretty much picked out our cabinet colors for our kitchen. We were going to go with Swiss Coffee but I had my cabinet guy also make me up a sample of the White Dove by BM. We put the two side by side and Swiss Coffee looked so yellow. So, it is White Dove for the perimeter cabinets and Steel Wool for the big island. I really like the gray but might end up going a lot darker. I'm going to really think about it. All of my family LOVES the gray color and it goes well with all of my flooring and carpet choices that will be nearby.

I also picked out my wood tile for the kitchen and am IN LOVE!!! It turned out to be a couple dollars more per sq ft than our regular wood floor that we are using in the foyer. That's okay, though, as I can see it in my future HOME and that is what really matters.

Here is the cabinet colors with the Wood Tile flooring choices. We are using the gray rectangle tile for the hallway between the main foyer and the kitchen along with the mudroom and laundry room. This picture doesn't do it justice but it has gray and beige in it.


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Poly is on the floors! Three coats to finish it up today. Tired but soooo glad that is over

Hope march weather is better for all!

Congrats to the new-comers.


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Everything looks so good! robynstamps- I absolutely LOVE your colors. Browns with gray = beautiful!

I'm sorry to everyone whose builds have been delayed by the weather. I feel your pain! They've flagged off our foundation, and the plan is to dig next week. But with the 10-14" of snow they're calling for Monday, that may not happen :(

BUT it was awesome to see exactly where everything is going to be :) Getting closer!!

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robynstamps what color stain is on your floors can I ask?

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it's amazing to see the cycle progress, and it seems there's always a good mix of new builds joining the thread. i love how the newbies live vicariously through the posters who are close to completion, and the veterans live vacariously through the newbies who are not yet jaded by the process. :) welcome to ladybrowncoat and oicu! nice lots!

niteshade, that is a beautiful exterior! please do post more photos soon!

xc, fun to see the tile go in isn't it??!

autumn great choices! we used a lot of marrazzi tile in our home as well.

ok, i have a lot of updates that i've been alluding to, but took the time to upload photos last night. :)

most of the tile is done, except for the grout on our backsplash and the whole master shower has a lot of issues.

here's the shower with so many issues. :(

the stone is done on the fireplaces, the hearth is in, and the mantel is hung, but not yet stained.

the flatwork forms are in for all the driveways and walkways, and have been for weeks now. supposedly they're pouring tomorrow, but after two glorious weeks of weather, we're getting freezing rain tonight and the temps are dropping to freezing overnight so i'm sure that will be another delay.

they've painted all the exterior trim, installed the garage doors and decorative hardware, and built our shutters and cedar window headers. those will get stained at the end. shutters will be solid stain in "aqua smoke" and headers will be a dark gray solid stain. i can't remember the color at the moment.

the infamous lighting started going in and is mostly hung. most of the hanging fixtures need to be adjusted down considerably. the island pendants are coming down to 36" above the island. two of the three are at 48" right now. the master bathroom chandelier is coming down about a foot as well. and, sadly i'm swapping out many of the bulbs because they're so visible and ugly.

this one needs new bulbs (there are 6 of these fixtures) :(

AND, we approved our hardwood floor color blend!!

it will also be water popped and handscraped with the grain on site. this sample doesn't have any poly yet either so the finished product will be a little different but you get the idea.

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We are building in the South where ice storms are an anomaly that occurs a decade apart, and light snow flurries last happened four years ago. Two snow storms and ice later, we are almost dried in!!

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Xc60 and Maggiepie - everything is looking beautiful.

Ladybrowncoat - welcome.

BINK5 - welcome. I'm in Louisiana and we've had the harshest winter in years, of course it is the year we decided to build a

Robyn - very nice choices.

Jen - your floor turned out gorgeous. Your hard work paid off.

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We have been doing most of the work ourselves, so slow going. After 2 tears we are basically complete other than a bit of trim and miscellaneous. It's been a long winter, but this snow pic is petty good.

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welcome to the newcomers!

xc60-love the 12x24's! We only have them in the master but that has made me want more of them. Our slate did come in that size but it's such a large area I didn't want to spend the extra cost. Love it!

jenny-your floors looks great. I bet you are so relieved after all of that work but what an accomplishment!

jdez-so what's the status down yonder in LA? Kitchen finalized?

maggie-what is the scoop on the master? I like those little pebbles for the shower floor. I think they would feel so nice underfoot. We have the same exterior garage lighting. :) So how did you decide 36" over 48", just trial and error? I need to figure that out yet myself.

robyn-sounds like a fruitful trip. I like your choices. I think that tile with both beige and gray will really tie things together.

oic-lovely property.

danimal-love your dormers! I hope you aren't in KY with all that snow. :(

Finding that when I am at the house I like to enjoy the peace and quiet, no radio, no nothing. The silence (besides the interruption by power tools here and there) is wonderful.

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Autumn4 - I wasn't completely satisfied with the last kitchen design so the cabinet guy is supposed to have something for me on Tues. However, Tues is Fat Tuesday and no one in this area has been working since Friday afternoon and probably won't until Ash Wednesday. Even those of us who will have to go to work on Mon won't actually be So, I will go by his shop on Tues but I don't expect him to be there. We're working it out to pretty much get what we want. My bill keeps going up though. Ah...what's a girl to do?

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jdez-I don't need a 'fat Tuesday' with this winter we have had. Baking cookies yet again as they disappear quickly! ;) It looks too wintry around here to have lent starting. :0 I am looking forward to what you come up with. I hear ya on the bills...

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autumn - the shower has multiple issues. there's a note on the wall that says "fix hole" and i'm not sure who that's for, but it's written where the wall control will go. so they didn't tile in that area. they went 1-2 rows too high (i can't tell) with the white tile - the deco strip was supposed to start at 5' height from the floor. that deco strip (same pebble as what's on the floor) is on back order and won't be here until mid-march (even though we ordered in October and they didn't even realize they didn't have it until after they had already installed the floor pebble.) doh!

also, they added a soap dish that we didn't want, and actually officially documented we did not want one.

not sure if you can tell from the photo, but the pebbles are actually sliced, so they don't have that massage feel to them, but i've heard really mixed reviews on how the 3d pebbles feel on the feet, and i have sensitive tootsies. :)

as for the pendants, i think 30-36" above the surface is somewhat standard, same as with a dining room light over the table. i hadn't given it much thought until i saw him hanging them they looked WAY too high. the electrician was really sweet, but i asked him if there's a standard hanging height for pendants and he said yes, usually around 3'. so he took out his tape measure and it was just over 4'. ummmmmm ok then! he only left about 1' of excess wire, so it's a good thing we didn't want them at 30"!

i sound agitated from all this whining, but i really am thrilled with how everything is shaping up. it's just so hard for a control freak to watch mistake after mistake after puzzling mistake. :)

and nice choice on the garage lights. haha i love them, and am wishing i went with my gut and put one over the front entry as well.

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maggiepie-sorry I do remember reading that now! I hope they are able to get the accent in sooner. That is a total drag and figures on something you had picked out ON TIME and still a delay. :( Our garage light isn't up yet but I am excited to see it! Good to know on the pendant also. Is it above your eye shot so not in the way of your view while standing at the island?

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Everything is moving so fast here that I can't keep up! I only get on here every few days, and everything changes so much.

danimal- Did you mean to say 'two tears', or 'two years'? I'm building my own place, and I've shed a lot more than two tears! LOL

And speaking of Fat Tuesday- we've both been baking today, even though we don't have a kitchen yet. My wife made scones, and I made a new sweet potato pie recipe that I'm inventing. We'll definitely be Fat by Tuesday!

I hope y'all will remember to check back here regularly so you can see how us slowpokes are getting on. I hope to be done with the basics by fall.

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@jennie - The wood floor is not stained. It is a wood tile from American Heritage and the color is Saddle. Here is a picture of a white kitchen with the same flooring. My grout will be a little darker.

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Windows, windows, windows!!

Does anyone have any advice on choosing windows? Wow, so many decisions. My home has a ton of windows. I honestly don't know what to do about all of them! I will meet with my window person and builder in Utah in 3-4 weeks to finalize. What did you all do?

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Robyn, I think windows come down to personal preference. We went with vinyl windows and instead of using builder grade, we spent less than $1000 extra for windows with better efficiency ratings because of our hot summers. I really wanted gray windows but it would have been triple the cost. So we chose white. Just do a little research before you meet with the window guy so you have an idea of what you want. Read some of the info in the window forum.

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Thanks JDez! We already picked out our color, Adobe, which is a grayish/beige color. I will ask about the efficiency as well. I'm having trouble deciding the style, with or without grids. How will they open? Double or single hung, etc! YIKES!

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Robyn, I forgot to tell you that we went to a specialty window retailer. I was shocked when their quote was substantially less than two big box quotes I had. We are on a strict budget so we get several quotes on all big purchases but this one surprised me. Just thought I'd throw that out there in case your able to shop around.

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Thanks JDez! I appreciate all the input. We are not working with any big box stores for our build at this time. When I was in Utah this weekend I met with the window company our builder recommended. I will see how this one works out. Hopefully for the best! I'll let you know what I find out.

thanks so much!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Can you say overwhelmed?
I'm just barely above water, but I'm treading!!

Maggie... I am in LOVE with your shutters!! oh boy. I'd decided not to put shutters on mine, or I've changed my mind a 100 times anyway. Those are awesome.

We got some closets done over the weekend, but the fracking weather cost me a day of work yesterday b/c mom & dad had to go home to beat the snow.

My closet, DH's closet, 1/2 of dd's closet is done. 3 more & the pantry to go. sheesh.

Just so many little things that need to be wrapped up, not to mention the BIG things. oh ... cabinets, floor & plumbing, no big deal.

I'm going to need cases of Boone's Farm when this is done girls!!!

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We went with Marvin windows..good reviews across the board. Pricey, though lots of time spent online says don't go cheap on windows. Milgard is popular out here too in the vinyl arena. Unfortunately you may find us west coasters (Utah still qualifies I think) don't have a lot of the highly recommended east coast options you'll see mentioned in the windows forum.

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Wow so much activity over the weekend.

Maggie, Love your light fixtures and shutters and in general all the attention to detail you have had.

Robyn, You color choices for the Kitchen look good. In terms of windows we went with Milgard and upgraded to their Tuscany line. Casement windows are best when it come to energy efficiency. I had looked at Marwin windows and loved them and would have used them is not for the cost involved. If you have specific questions looks at the windows forum on gardenweb.

Lori, Two more weeks yay!! exciting and nervous i guess to make sure everything gets done for closing. Hope things go smoothly.

On our tile work in the bathrooms should be done by Wednesday. They finished the grout in the master shower and guest bath floor and I am really happy with both of them :)

Here is Guest bath floor with grout.

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Wow, the homes are all looking so great!!! We continue to make very slow progress, but it is a move in the right direction.

Maggiepie11, your place looks great. I love how your paint color contrasts with your awesome coffered ceiling. We are looking to finishing some beams in our family room and I had a question about yours. Do you have knowledge on the trim that they used on the bottom part (furthest from the crown, that makes the bottom corner)? Is it an outside corner, trim piece or 2 separate pieces (one on the bottom and one on the side) that meet to make the corner? I hope you can follow what I am asking. Thank you for your time!!!

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I love love love seeing all the pictures and hearing about all of your builds. Very excited to get ours moving forward but a little nervous about picking out all the details. Hopefully we will break ground in May or June at the latest. We own the land, have interviewed and selected the builder just trying to get the house plan finished up. It's going to be a very busy year!

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thanks mommyto4boys!

i wish i had better pictures, but the ceiling is 11' high so i tried to zoom in on that trim piece before they were painted.

it's a single decorative outside corner trim piece. we weren't planning to trim the bottom, but our builder has a great attention to detail, which is great! He said that over time if they miter the bottom corners, it would split and we'd have to caulk it every few years if it bothered us. so he added that decorative corner piece to prevent that. hope you can kind of see it. we were expecting one of those ugly plain corner elbows and were pleasantly surprised that it's all curvey and pretty. :)

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Thank you...that helps so much knowing we can/should look for "pretty" outside corner trim!!!

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I love that trim Maggie!! So many little decisions to make when building a home!!

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Ooo I love seeing all the neat tile! I started looking at backsplash tile but decided to just wait... I want to make sure we stay close to our budget and plus we kind of forgot about closing costs. All the little stuff adds up. I got an estimate on blinds yesterday... came to 1500 dollars... cry. I told the hubby that maybe we'll just do some tagboard and blankets until we are ready to splurge again. haha!

Jealous of all the pictures with no snow and sun! Someone told me that on the extended forecast that there are some 50 degree days coming up?? I"ll believe it when I see it. It seems if it isn't -45 degrees... it's snowing instead.

jenny- love the floors! Must feel so great to have that done after all that hard work.

robyn- love those choices for floors and cabinets!

maggie- ah yes those lights are amazing! so unique! and loveee your kitchen! All the colors are so perfect together.

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kelli - I also have started looking at blinds and pricing them out. I am WAY early looking into these but I have to know the pricing for my budget. I have a separate account of savings that I have to use for all of our decor, blinds, furniture, and landscaping!! YIKES! I hope I can stretch it!

We are supposed to start on our digging tomorrow!!! Cross your fingers! Then, I will fly out in about 3-5 weeks to walk through and pick my windows. Fun stuff!!

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February was an AWESOME month over here. January the mudder's finished, which meant February was when we could REALLY get started on the interior finishings!

We went from just having mudded gyprock in January to now having the whole place painted, the doors installed, the flooring completed on the 2nd floor, the tile work complete on both floors, the bathrooms fully functional with vanities and sinks and toilet paper holders (gawd how I missed those!), and even pretty much all of the light fixtures done. The cover plates are installed (I know, little things but they seem huge!) and all the cabinetry installed in the kitchen too. Heck, the double oven is in and making pizzas for the working crew on a daily basis!

Unfortunately, the kitchen countertops are STILL not done and it's been a month. Company is useless...they missed the install date and when I called, they said they didn't know where to cut out the hole for the cooktop...but no one bothered to call us and ASK!!! So we're another week out. Sad.

But the handrailings should be on the stairs this month, the main flooring complete, the tongue and groove is half-finished on the ceiling and the trim work starts to arrive and go up this weekend too!! Yay!

And the porch decking is shipping this week! Yay! March is going to be CRAZY! We even have our housewarming/birthday party to celebrate with over 70 people already RSVP'd, so it's gonna be intense! Hope those counters show up in time to feed that many people!!!

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Autumn- I just re-read and realized I missed your question! It's high def laminate Wilsonart Alpine Passages.

robyn- Yes if I could go back, I would have had a separate line in our loan probably to go to some decor and those types of things. I actually googled temporary blinds and gardenweb popped up talking about redishades. It's paper blinds but they seem to last longer than what is expected and you don't have to drill any holes so that means I can wait to save up for real blinds. They even make room darkening paper blinds and they are only like 5 dollars a piece and cut to size! I'm pretty stoked. I was worried I'd have to resort to tagboard and/or bedsheets.

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kelli- I have used those paper blinds before- they work really well. They take a minute to clip them up in the mornings but not bad. I will probably wait on blinds for a while. There is no one around right now to see in. I will do the black plastic bag trick in dressing/bathing areas.

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Thanks for doing the research Kelli! I might have to use those as well. Everything seems to be adding up already.

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kelli-add us to the list. Thankfully there is truly only 2 windows that I would feel we need covered, 1 in the master and one in the master closet that flows through to the bath. Everything else can wait and we may decide not to cover them at all. That doesn't include any panels I might want to use for decorating though. Alone it all seems doable but once you start adding them up......ching ching! Thanks for remembering the alpine passages. I'll check it out. ;)

robyn-how exciting. Just imagine how different it will look once you head back for a visit!

awnmyown-wow-that is great progress! Awesome!

Not much new. Laying underlayment for tile in the mudroom - hopefully the end of this week we'll be installing!

mushcreek-well of course I'll be checking back. Think how much time we'll all have on our hands to surf gardenweb once we are finished building!

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Welcome to all the newbies!!

Lots of activity at our build, but I've been super busy at work and haven't had a chance to post!

Our cabinets are mostly in (kitchen is about halfway done--no island, window seat or wine bar area yet) and I absolutely love all of them!

All the tile flooring is in. They grouted everything but the master bath floor, which actually had me in a panic because about a day after they grouted, the cabinet installers got to work and were stepping all over my newly grouted tile with muddy shoes and left sawdust and a mess all over my floors! Our GC came in about halfway through the day and covered most of them, but left my daughter's bath floor uncovered which has WHITE grout! He cleaned it up today and it actually looks really good, but I told our builder that if the grout on those floors doesn't look brand new by the time they are done, they are re-grouting!!

Kitchen so far:

Close up of range hood--My fav!!

One wall of mudroom/laundry (the other side will have built in bench with cubbies but not built yet):

Daughter's vanity with make-up counter for when she's older (aaack look at that dirty floor!):

Master bath vanity:

Master bath floor (carrara marble in herringbone pattern, no grout yet):

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akshars-lovely tile! I have seen so many that I like on here and they are so vastly different. Great eye candy! ;)

mommytoty-I like your cabs! I will live vicariously through you until mine are in as ours are similarly styled as well. I wanted a hood like that but dh one that battle and stainless it is....which he thought an integrated cabinetry hood was too modern - and stainless is not? Okay...........
re grout - yikes. I hear ya. I have read up on it lately as our master has darker and lighter areas and there are some really great cleaners and you can stain/seal them too. I haven't done it yet but I am considering it just for the master. Of course the grout brand we purchased doesn't have a product so I'd have to find something 'close' and that scares me because the grout we chose is a perfect match to the tile. Bleh. Love the mudroom/laundry org too!

robyn-we are gcing our build and there are a couple things I'd do differently regarding the bank loan and line items. I'd have put something in for those things because you have to but kept it really small and just held the cash back in our account so I could use it when I saw fit, especially looking for sales and things. It has been a royal pain getting 'reimbursed' for items that we bought ahead of time as they aren't installed and they are also not at the house for fear of damage. It just would have been a lot less of a hassle but hind sight is always 20/20.

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momytoty- love those cabs! looks great! Beautiful tile choices too. I keep hemming and hawing about my master bath tile choices. I don't have a good inspiration from houzz yet.

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Good morning all....

Mommytoty - beautiful cabinets and tile. Your home is looking as lovely on the inside as it does on the outside.

Awnmyown - Yay for the productive month of Feb!! I hope March is just as great for you.

Illinigirl - it is time to get an inspiration pic. You should have several by now. You should try that mood board thing that everybody is doing. I haven't done it yet but it looks like a great idea.

Robyn & Kells - I have no doubt that I too will be flat broke at the end of our build and our windows will be uncovered. I did look at some very affordable custom roman shades on etsy that I might order one paycheck at a time after we move in. Looks like they run about $75 a piece plus I would have to buy the fabric of my choice and send it to them. Not bad though.

Hilltop - Did you ever decide what to do with the ceiling? I was just curious.

Autumn4 - What is after the tiling? Is it DIY from here on out?

Gold566 - Hope you can get started soon. Where are you at? Do you have your plans, permits, etc?

Akshars - your tile looks great.

LoriB - What about those red cabinets? Are they there yet, huh, huh? Oh, and you and Hilltop just let me know what flavor you want and I'll start unscrewing the

Well, everything is back to normal here. DS has returned to school today. Our meeting with our cabinet maker was moved to this afternoon. We will make all the final decisions and sign off on the design of the cabinets for the entire house including built-ins in the family room. My door that I thought was the wrong door was actually the door that I ordered it was just that no one bothered to inform me that I had to stain the door myself. So, just another project added to the DIY list. Oh well, you live and learn. Hopefully I'll never build a house again but if I ever do, there won't be near as many mistakes.

Edited to ask: On the chimney style wall mount range hoods, how much space has to be between the edge of the side of the hood and the cabinets on either side, does anyone know?

This post was edited by JDez on Wed, Mar 5, 14 at 8:42

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Jdez-post that on kitchens and someone there will surely know.

After tile is wood floor, then trim, then paint. Yes nearly all DIY rom here on out. Oh and fireplace, not sure when we are doing that...

One more week of work then I will have plenty of time to work on the house!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Ok guys... I'm still just trying to tread water, but here's a red cabinet picture :)

Hopefully I'll have better ones tomorrow... :)

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Oooooo....LBug....they look so perfect in your kitchen.

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more more more they all chant! Keep un plugging away! I can't wait to seem more once you can catch your breath. :)

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mommytoty, You kitchen and tile looks great. Looks like you are in full steam to get it finished soon.

Lori, Cabinets look great. More pictures when you get a chance. You are almost there.

Autumn, Are you installing the cabinets also. I am also so eager to see our cabinets go in. The cabinets have been here for so long now with installing it is bugging me.

Jdez, good luck with the cabinet decisions today.

Still plugging along here. We have most of the tile completed and grouted now and the trim work around the house is going on. Hoping for the trim along the doors and windows and crown molding will be done this week and sanding and finishing the flooring will be done this weekend.

Here are a few more pictures of the tile:

Guest shower:

Closeup of the master:

Trim in progress

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ARGH - it never ends!

still no concrete and the plumbers installed the wrong plumbing fixtures in BOTH houses! wonder how long that's going to set us back.

we approved our irrigation and landscaping plans today though... fingers crossed the HOA doesn't feel like lollygagging this month!

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I'm so excited!!! I am squealing out loud!!!!





I cannot believe this is really happening!!

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Robyn -- that made me LOL!!! Hip hip HOORAY!

Okay, so the short story is that one of the granite yards my fabricator uses bought up a container of merchandise from a supplier going out of business.

I've had my heart set on Calacata Oro for our kitchens. However, I can get this different marble for less than $40 per square foot installed:

It'll save us a big bunch of money and we're already $150K over budget -- eek!

Whatdaya think?

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@carson - I think it is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! The most important thing is…. what do you think?

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maggie-oh NO! :( Don't you just wonder how some people get through life when there is such lack of attention to detail?

robyn-awesome pick, you are in business now! ;)

carson-I can't recall your 'original' choice but that one there isn't anything to sneeze at. If you like it I'd say go for it! It's beautiful in it's own right.

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Robyn-lol, still laughing at the name on the port a potty.

Carson-if you love it, you must have it. It is beautiful.

Maggie-is the Kindergarten class working on your house or what? You seem to have issues with every part of your build. I hope they get it all straightened out pretty quick.

We finalized our cabinet plans. We also were able to see a demo of the machinery used in the shop and were very impressed. As far as progress on the house, we are once again disgusted with the total lack of communication that we run into every now and then. DH went to the site today and was told by one of the carpenters that our stairs were too steep to meet code so they just extended them out a little further. The problem is, that "little further" took a foot out of our dining area. Not one phone call.

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I also wanted to post a pic of the security system we are using. That arrived this week as well. I will be able to watch my home being built in "real time"! Of course, it won't be the interior but it will help me get a feel of where they are at and also will help the materials from being stolen.

I hope to have a picture of the dirt being dug in the next day or two!

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Robyn, can you operate the camera? Can you zoom in to get a close look or pan from side to side? Our build site is only a few miles away but I wish I had one of those. If anything, just to look from work and see who all is there. But I'm just nosy and its not beneath me to call friends and ask them to go check and report back to

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JDez, I don't think I can. It is operated by the security company but we will have access to view that camera. I will let you know if I find out different. I should be "circling up" with my builder tomorrow. That is what he calls his weekly meetings. Cute, huh?!

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Robyn - that port-a-potty photo is priceless and countless postcard headlines ran through my head. great shot! and i also think it's awesome this phase you're in - it's refreshing and uplifting because i'm at such a frustrating point of my build. it's nostalgic to think back to when i thought my builder was adorable. :)

JDez - kindergarten is generous, i think.

Carson - i think that marble is beautiful, and i love a bargain. but i'm also the type to look at my second choice as "not my first choice" everyday if i don't really love it. examples: i wanted this handglazed italian tile for my backsplash and it was really expensive. i stumbled on my backsplash tile on sale at ann sacks and i questioned whether i loved it because it was on sale or because i really loved it. in that case i really loved it and am so happy with it. on the other hand, i knew i wanted white ice granite with blue swirls in it. there was only one supplier in our area that had the blue swirls and they were several thousand dollars more expensive than the other places, but in that case, i knew i had to have the blue swirls or everyday i'd look at my granite as second best and in this case we splurged. so if you love this marble, then don't hold out for the more expensive just because it's what you had in your head. if you don't love the new one, then just accept that the calacata oro won't make much of a dent in your $150k overbudget. it's all relative. :)

i need to get a security camera in every room so i can sound a big alarm every time they start to screw something up! lol might save everyone a lot of time.

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Maggie, you made me LOL!! I'm so sorry you are going through so many struggles. I'm happy to bring you back to a good place in your build. Your home is inspiring me daily!!

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Lol Robyn. I'll be circling up with our builder tomorrow to bonk him on the

Found some tile I like for the master bath. I normally don't go for such a modern look but IRL it's really pretty so I think I'll go for it. Still not sure on the fake marble, I think I would rather something with a bit of gray in it but everything looks like it has brown in it. I'm open to suggestions of course.

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akshars-dh and bil are setting cabinets - bil is going to do it 'on the side', as well as mudroom built ins. So much to do. I can't wait for that day, to see them IN the kitchen!

jdez-communication woes seem to be common. We have had a few as well. I like that tile. I agree on the linear feeling modern but it is a nice soothing color scheme so it kind of balances it out!

robyn-very cool security/build watch camera. I'd be checking for new pics constantly! ;)

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Robyn- I hope that porta-potti has a window in the back so the occupant can enjoy that view!

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Here is pictures of my doors. I have to post them separately because I can't use photobucket at work. The front door will be stained a brown wood color later on after I study up on how to do it and watch some you tube videos.

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And the back door.

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My kitchen cabinet layout, the side with the sink.

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And the side with the stove. Now I have to buy a hood. I'm getting tired of shopping. Never thought that would happen.

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Reading about everyone's differing states of mind reminded me of this chart my builder sent me a few weeks ago. I think it's probably pretty accurate!

Here is a link that might be useful: The Homeowners Emotional Roller Coaster

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Jackson that is too funny. Oh wow, I better get some work done. If I lose my paycheck I can't buy that range hood or that bathroom tile or that stain for the front door.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Robyn! That view.... :)
More cabinets went in yesterday, but I suck, and couldn't get any good pictures. My phone was dying....

I'll try again tonight!

Closing is scheduled for March 18th. I have no idea how it is all going to fall into place before then. Chant! lol

There are just so many little things... under cabinet lights, appliances, closet shelves,

and big things...flooring, toilets, loft railing,

I can't even think of what else...

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Jackson, that graph is funny and so true. But, in our case, we are still at the low mood level with tile and painting/staining. :-)

Not sure what is going on with our tile people. DH called the flooring place to find out when they are coming back to grout the tile they laid and when they would start laying the tile in the shower. No call back yet.

However, our hardwood floors were delivered yesterday and are acclimating inside the house. The floor can't be laid until the painter gets done with the finishing of the stained trim and they paint our family room. They thought they'd be done with all the trim by the end of this week. And, DH wants them to stain and finish the cabinets before they install the hardwood, too. DH thinks he'll have all the cabinets assembled by the end of next week. We have this huge spraying station in the kitchen/dining area that DH built. I'll be glad when that's out of there! But, it's been helpful and contained the poly spray within that area.

I think I'm in the "I don't care anymore" stage. DH asked about the finish I wanted on the laundry room cabinets. I guess I originally (year ago) wanted a glossier finish on them. Yesterday when asked, I said I didn't care and said to use whatever finish DH thought best. DH isn't used to my new nonchalant attitude! :-)

After another round of ice and snow Sunday and Monday, I hope we are done with this winter weather. We thawed out a good deal yesterday and most of it should be gone today. Of course now it's just muddy.

JDez, doors and cabinet design look great and I really like the tile selection.

Carson, that marble is beautiful!

Robyn, love your view and the porta-potty photo.

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Oh, Lori, that is still a lot to do before the closing. Try to breathe and one thing at a time.

I have a big binder where we keep all our contractor bids and notes with tabs dividing each sub. After a sub has completed their portion, I move their section to the back of the binder under the Completed tab. I also keep two spreadsheets. One with the bank draws and the other with our budget which I update each month. As much as we've gotten done, we still have a lot left (trim and cabinets installation, closet systems/shelving, septic, concrete back porch and driveway, flooring, plumbing fixtures, electrical and lighting fixtures, geothermal HVAC installation, exterior painting, landscaping and who knows what else!)

We did a one-time close on our construction loan last fall so we don't have a closing breathing down our neck. However, we do have to be done with the house by August. I hope we will be done by May!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

I just finished rescheduling the closing for the 25th. Bank lady's idea. :) We have to have at least 3 days between the appraisal and the closing. So appraisal is set for the 17th.

Flooring is scheduled for Mon-Wed next week I *think* final inspection on Friday. lol

Nothing like cutting it down to the wire.
Story of my life :)

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holy cannolli!!!

ok, first off, jackson that graph is funny, and maybe i'm the outlier, but i feel like my chart would look more like a EKG heartbeat monitor!

ok the big news - we heard today that our builder pulled our GC off the other 4 jobs in order to push hard to finish ours. they're looking to have our preliminary walkthrough at the end of march and then final walkthrough about a week later. so we're looking at april 4th occupancy tentatively. we're giving april 18th as our current lease termination. this is really happening! when did it become march?

now all of a sudden my frantic energy is about organizing, purging, packing and moving and not about upcycling furniture, finishing new window treatments, etc.

mind you, we still have the wrong plumbing fixtures, unfinished tile work, unfinished floors, no carpeting in bedrooms, no vent hood, no irrigation, no concrete, no landscaping, unfinished mortar tidying on our brick, unstained cedar trim on the outside...

sooo much left to do. we have our weekly meeting tomorrow and supposedly it's concrete day (again). we shall see!

just for fun, here's a picture of the now WORKING spotlight over our fireplace. can't wait to get my art up there, and i love what the light does for our stone. :)

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Yay Maggie! Sounds like there's a lot to do in a short amount of time. I hope your Kindergarteners get everything right. Be sure to triple check their

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

wow guys, we must all be busy! miss everybody.
I think we need to trade emails (those who want to, of course) so we can keep in touch :)

My cabinets are pretty much the same as they were two days ago, b/c we still have some trim & posts to spray the final coat of sealer on. So they've not battened down the hatches on the counter tops so they can move them to tape everything off. ugh.
I did put the hardware on the ones that are there last night. We're missing two wall cabs, one had to go back bc there was a paint run on the side you'd see, and another my trim carpenter accidently ran a screw thru in the wrong place. oops. I told him, they're distressed anyway, we can just paint it & sand it lol jk...

we are not even trying to finish the outside at this point. The weather is just not helping. It's getting nicer, but all the trades people are behind b/c of we're still going to be awhile b/c of the stone & concrete. Bank is going to let it go for now, and we'll have 60 days I think to get it done.

We'll do the yard work, so that's no biggie, just have to get everything else done first.

They finished the last bits of siding yesterday,that were still not done, but didn't do my gutter downspouts...

Tile guy is a friend and giving us a good deal, but good heavens he's taking forever. I hope he doesn't do other jobs this way. My tub is finally done, but shower still needs grout and sealer.

DH's Uncle passed away Monday, and funeral services are tonight & in the morning... He's not taking it well ;( He didn't get to go see him b/c we've been so busy. I feel horrible for him. Just seems like when it rains, it pours!

Hopefully we'll have a better week next week....Floors are supposed to start Monday!! Said 3 days. So hopefully Weds/Thurs we can set appliances and toilets! Yay!

Plumber just sent me messages about what he's doing. Also happens to be brother-in-law, so I'm glad I don't have to babysit him!! :)

Electrical finish is kinda up in the air. He's a friend too, but he & DH kinda got in a fizz b/c he just didn't show up for a week, when he needed to be there. ugh. what do you do? So another friend & I have been finishing it up. We hung all the lights, which I wanted to do anyway, b/c they're custom and had to be adjusted & whatnot. We just have a few things we don't really know what goes where. So this weekend we have to test the wires and figure that out.

oh boy.... what fun this is!! :)
ha... I really have enjoyed it up until now!


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I'm so excited for everyone here!! Houses are looking great finishing touches are making me think, "why didn't I think of that!!"
I polyed the stair treads and they look great. It's a boring highlight and a boring picture but progress makes me beam... So here it is


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Lori - That sounds awesome! Your bank lady had a great idea. Yay on the floors, too. I can’t wait to see them! I also want to see your cabs!

Haha Jackson! Thanks for the chart!

Maggie - Wow!!! You have a move in date! I cannot imagine to being where you are. It seems so far away. Love your new spotlight!! I know you probably have it somewhere else but what are your wall colors? Do you have them throughout your house?

Lori - I’m so sorry about your DH’s uncle. That must be really hard with all that is going on. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Sounds like you have also been very busy!!

Jen - Those stair treads look FAB!! Way to go!! I know what you mean about everyone’s touches. I keep getting the itch to call my builder before we start and change up a bunch of stuff. LOL! I know that I shouldn’t, though. I’m really happy with what we are already planning. I do love all the inspiration on here!!

Okay, on to my news! Talked to my builder yesterday. He has been out of town (even when we went to Utah). He said all of the permits have been pulled and they are breaking ground this Monday. I’m so happy that we have a real date!! He wants me to come out in about 4-5 weeks to plan my windows and electrical. This will be my last visit until we move there the last week of May. He told me that it would be perfect timing as I will be getting there as I will be needed.

Two questions for you all on this thread....

#1 - Did any of you choose a granite sink? If so, what company did you use and could I see a pic?

#2 - I am doing a gray island in my kitchen and my flooring will have both gray and beige in it. What wall color do you recommend?

Hope you all have a great weekend with lots of progress! I’m off to play tennis!


P.S. Here is my front staircase carpet. What do you think? It seems to work well with my beige/gray/brown theme.

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Hoosier- your "I don't care anymore" stage made me laugh. We are in a totally different stage. I just started the "I'm tired of everything being screwed and this is what I want so this is what we're going to have by golly!" stage and it driving DH

LoriB- the delay is a good thing. It gives you more time to get the little stuff done. Sorry to hear about DH's Uncle. We recently had to slam on the brakes for a funeral also and I know how he feels about being busy and missing out. Y'all will be in my thoughts and prayers as well.

Jen-your stair treads look awesome. Just like everything you've put your sweat in to, it looks professionally done.

Robyn-I haven't chosen a sink yet but it will likely be stainless to save money. For your kitchen wall color, I would choose a light color like SW Copen Blue if I was a Houzz designer which I'm not so I would probably pick something like orange because I love color and hate neutral. I like your carpet. Come to think of it, that light blue paint would tie in with your carpet. Dang, I might have some designer in me after

Edited to add: Lori B - in a GW thread somewhere that asked for suggestions, I suggested an "After the Build" thread for staying in touch. There are several of y'all that I'm going to miss when you are through building.

This post was edited by JDez on Fri, Mar 7, 14 at 10:14

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We are almost done. Moving in March 22. Here's a picture of the nearly finished kitchen.

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Lori, Sorry to hear about your Dh's Uncle. Will be thinking of your family. On the build front it was smart idea to move the closing date to March 25th. It will give you a few days buffer for unexpected last minute issues. I think having friends work on your project has its positives and negatives. Hope the tile guy and electrician finish on time.

Maggie, It must be feeling so exciting to have a move in date. April 4th is just 4 weeks away.

Jdez, cabinet design looks good.

Hoosier, I understand your state of not caring any more. MY DH is there with you on just getting it done.

Jenny, the stairs look great.

Autumn, I think it is great your DH and brother in-law is going to be installing the cabinets as they will do a great job. I am little worried about our cabinet install. Contractor has not installed frame less cabinets before and we went with frame less so a bit worried.

Robyn, Good luck on getting started on Monday. You have beautiful views.

On our front we are just moving along slowly and expect to be completed by April 18th.

Cabinet install pushed back by a few days again as they want to do sand the flooring first and paint the ceiling before that.

This post was edited by akshars_mom on Fri, Mar 7, 14 at 14:30

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Well I guess I really do care on things I thought were already decided and then I get a call. The girl at the flooring/tile place called yesterday and asked what shower drain finish I wanted. I told her everything is oil rubbed bronze. She said, "If I can't get that, do you want gold?" I said uggghh no! I only want the oil rubbed bronze. She then asked if brushed nickle would be okay. I said, "Look, I have no gold or brushed nickle anywhere in my house. I want the bronze!" Finally she said they'd get it for me. Yeah, I guess I do care! DH said that sounded more like me. :-)

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Robyn, I think a few of us have the Silgranit brand sinks. I am getting the blanco diamond super single silgranite sink. I have not chosen my color yet but the truffle is to die for. See if that one works- it will depend on the tone of your grey whether it is cooler or warmer. I do not know if the truffle will work for me yet. I'm going to pick the sink color after the countertops.

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maggiepie- what a beautiful room! Love it!

Nola- I can't see your pic, and I want to! please try again!

I can't wait to have the next round of pics for you guys. The metal roofers were out today and first task was the cupola and (drumroll please.......) the Rooster weather vane. They were not done when I had to leave so I hope they do finish by this evening and I can go back to take pics. I also have some rear elevation pics I'll add, my first ones of the build, oddly.

So ask me how many times we have gotten our minivan stuck in our driveway so far on this build.

TWICE! First time we were able to get out by jacking it up and putting a board under the tire. This time no luck and we had to get towed about 10 feet away from the end of the driveway. boy did I feel stupid. Until today I drive up and guess who's stuck in the same spot I was? Yep, the metal roofers. And then get to talking with the drywallers and THEY got stuck last night and spent 2 hours pushing themselves out. Well I felt a little less dumb after that. Our driveway is pretty steep and then huge snowbanks on each side, so one wrong move and you are stuck in a snowbank on the side of the driveway, which did I mention is icy and steep? LOL. We are going to have to make sure we stock up on salt each winter and have an excellent plowing service!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I can't believe how many of you are so close to your move in dates. It's great to see.

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Our hardwoods got stained today!! I had a pretty good idea I wanted Jacobean, but had the guy show me a few different variations just to be sure. I ended up with pure Jacobean, just as I thought I would :). He did the water pop technique too. Here are my floors, freshly stained. They will do 2 coats of the satin clear coat tomorrow, then one last buff and clear coat just before we move in.

Have a good weekend, everyone! I am enjoying the sunshine we are getting today after a week of non-stop downpour!

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yay!!! a good friday!!

first, robyn, my walls are called "Silver dollar" by PPG and the ceiling is Hamilton Blue by BM.

ok so here's my update.

the concrete showed up!!! hooray!!! so we will have at least a driveway if not walkways too by tomorrow's visit.

the backsplash was grouted, and the guest house backsplash was fixed, and should be grouted by the end of the day. here's another SHOCKER for all of you keeping score. our deco strip for our tile is on backorder until next thursday so you can imagine my surprise and delight to see a tile guy working on our shower today! then you can imagine my shock and horror to see he had happily done a row of deco tile IN THE WRONG COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how many strikes do these guys get? i'd say it's not his fault and somebody handed him the box this morning and said "go tile this shower." but he was STANDING on the same pebble tile on the floor in a VERY different blue/gray color scheme while installing solid brown deco strip on the wall. DUH! luckily he only got through one wall before i found him.

the other big news is they were scraping away on our hardwoods and we should have stain either tonight or tomorrow. timing our next trip up there is critical because they'll cover them as soon as they're done and i want to see!! :)

supposedly we'll have carpet in the bedrooms next wednesday, shower to be finished next thursday and the concrete guys will finish our culvert and driveway approach next wednesday or thursday, and irrigation work will start friday!

there were a number of things the electrician didn't finish, as in, we still have 1 pendant hanging at 36" and one hanging at 50" above the island. master bath chandelier is still hugging the ceiling. but it was nice to play with light switches, and i'm mostly happy with the color temperature of all our bulbs. i did find a couple more bulbs i'm going to switch out for something prettier. floods instead of spirals.

overall a very good day!

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Lol, Maggie, of course they used the wrong tile in YOUR shower. I'm thinking you need to camp out there until closing. Looking forward to pictures as I'm still laughing.

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ok, here is the Rooster: click on the pic to enlarge/zoom in. Boy is he......shiny. ha. I think it stands out a lot because it's new copper....I expect once it starts to patina it won't stand out so much. ???


rear elevation, most of it anyways:

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Illinigirl, love the rooster and I like it being shiny! Your house is looking good.

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Maggie - Holy cow!! It sounds like you are being very patient. I cannot believe they put in the wrong color tile! That’s crazy. They must have been on auto-pilot. Good for you on getting some of the lighting hung. Can’t wait to see pics!!

illinigirl - Beautiful picture of your house with the rooster! How gorgeous that is going to be when finished!!

mommytoty - your floor stain looks WONDERFUL!! What a nice brown color!

I wanted to post a picture I took TODAY of our left view from our property. That’s right! I said TODAY!!! Our camera was activated yesterday and this morning I went on and checked it out. It is absolutely AWESOME!! I can turn the camera around all the way and go up and down. I was able to watch the horses next door eating the grass this morning. I am going to LOVE this!! I highly recommend a security system like this if you are building from out of town. It is going to save me from calling up my new neighbors and family and having them stalk my house for me. LOL!!

Hope you all have a great day! It is cold and wet here in Oklahoma but BEAUTIFUL in Utah!!

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Nice Robyn! I knew that was a moveable camera. That's what I do for a living. I thought it was BS that you couldn't move it. I thought the security company was just being mean. Now you can keep is updated with pictures before you even move over there. Yay!!

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I know Jdez!! I'm super excited. I wonder if it would be easier for me NOT to have the camera because now I will stalk 24/7 instead of waiting for a weekly report from friends! Lol!

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Tap tap tap .... Is this thread broke? .... People acting like they're busy or something.

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We installed a Houzer sink in our new build. Synthetic granite. Seems like a good piece, but the black really shows hard water spots. We really like the bump out to have extra space behind the sink. Also, it's 37 inches wide - much easier for lager dishes, things with handles, crock pots, etc.

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I love that it is super wide, Danimal. Thanks for the picture!! Beautiful!

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Robyn--your views are gorgeous, even without a house. Where are you located?

XC60--can you tell me the name of your master tiles? I'm still trying to finalize a marble tile, and yours are beautiful.


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Peony - We are building in Utah. We will be right up next to the mountains. Quite the opposite from our home here in Oklahoma where there are no mountains.

Hope you all are having a great Sunday! I cannot wait to share some pictures of DIRT DIGGING tomorrow!!!!


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Just a shorty for me, missing everyone and so behind! Tiling since Thursday. 440 sq foot DONE (almost). Still need to wipe the haze one more time after I let it cure a bit. Cut master bath shower tile but not installed yet.

Living proof that you can take A LOT of Motrin with no ill effects (so far).

Lori- so sorry to hear about dh's Uncle. :(. Definitely puts things in perspective.

Maggie-what in the world! What if you hadn't stopped by? Shaking head. The bathroom that refused to be finished!!!

JDez-kitchen plans, yay!!!

Robyn, I hope you continue posting pics from that camera even after you are done. Stunning!

Illini-loving the hose and the rooster!!!

I know I missed so many! I will try to catch up tomorrow'

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New here. We have purchased a spec home in a 55+ development. The basic floorplan was set, however, we were able to tweak things to suit our needs. When we signed on, the outside was basically done and the inside was just studs. That was in January. All mechanicals have now been roughed in, we're sheet rocked, primed, and hardwood floors and tiling just began at the end of last week.

The past three weeks have been extremely stressful for several reasons. It started with our not wanting to go with the developers cabinet builder. After four days of pure hell (can I say that here?) we were allowed to go with the kitchen designer we had worked with in our current home. That all was finalized on a Monday. The following day, DH had chest pains while at PT for his knee. After a cath, it was determined he needed bypass surgery. That occurred last Wednesday at Mass General in Boston. A few bumps have occurred along his road to recovery, but I'm glad to say he should get discharged this Tuesday or Wednesday. He will have been in two different hospitals for 2+ weeks. In the meantime, I've been trying to finish making decisions on the house while traveling back and forth to Boston, about an hour away.

I stopped by yesterday on my way to Boston and was thrilled to see the hardwood had started as well as some tiling.

Looking into kitchen from living room

Master bath floor tile

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Ahhh, I just typed a big long post and lost it. :(

Peony, thanks for asking about our ensuite tiles. They are not marble but a marble look porcelain, decided to go that way for cost and care reasons (mostly cost, lol ;) ) The are Angola Classic Marble HD tiles in the Carrara option. I included the link to tile for you :)

Things are coming along now nicely. We got all counters installed and the kitchen backsplash all done in the last few days, hardwood gets installed tomorrow, yay!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Angora Classic Marble HD Tile Link

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xc60, can I ask what countertops you used in your kitchen?

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Autumn.4 - Good to hear you're hanging in there. I hope you and DH can stand fully upright after all that tile work. I'm not sure I'd be able to. Can't wait to see pictures. And I hope your co-workers throw a party for you. If they don't, let me know and I

Xc60 - Your kitchen is so light and beautiful. Bet you can't wait to cook a meal in there.

Nhbaskets - Looks like you've been put in a pretty stressful situation to put it mildly. I hope DH continues to recover and regain his strength. I'm sure you made some tough decisions without his input but I bet you did just fine, especially if you were able to get your own KD for your build. Your house is looking good, keep those pictures coming.

Robyn - I can't wait to see some dirt, with mountains in the background of course.

Hope this week is a good one for everybody! You too Loribug.

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XC60--thanks so much for your reply. I'm looking at the exact same tile but with a different name--Anatolia. The pictures on the sites are identical. Great taste, by the way, beautiful. Your bathroom pictures give me great hope about how ours might turn out.

JDez--you included a paint chip for your master bath in an earlier post. I really like it, and am thinking of using something similar. Can I ask what color it is?


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Jennie, we used Super White Extra for the counters in Kitchen and ensuite. It's a Dolomite but many stone yards call it a quartzite or a granite. The extra part of the name is because its a bit more white then regular Super White.
I'm in love with it, it's so pretty and breathtaking in person.

Thanks JDez for the compliments. I really like your accent tile for your bathroom, so soothing. And your cabinets in your kitchen will be amazing! :) You front door style is also my favorite, very nice.

Everyone's homes look beautiful, so much great progress this month. Spring is coming. :)

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Peony23 - it is SW Silvermist, just a shade or two darker than Sea Salt.

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Yes, you are correct, lol. It is the exact same tile, I find some of the tile suppliers try to hide the manufacturer so you don't comparison shop and buy it elsewhere, grrr. I did do a search today and couldn't figure out who made it.

The tile is really pretty, the 6x12 on the shower walls have a glossy look that's so rich looking. I took a picture today with it grouted. I'll attach the pic but the lighting and my bad cell camera make the tile colors look off. The photo just doesn't do the tile justice. My camera made the tile almost look purple, when it is really white. So strange.

My friend building a home saw the tiles today and will also be using them in her ensuite as well. We used the platinum grout color. Good luck and let me know if you choose it. :)

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xc60, that kitchen is just beautiful!

have a few minutes to post photos of the updates i mentioned earlier this weekend. we were there when the concrete truck pulled up, and the second, third and fourth trucks too. i can't even imagine how many loads they needed because after 4 they hadn't made much of a dent. i had no idea!

here you can kind of see the lead walk is done, and the lower half of the driveway. the culvert needs to be ripped out and done again (for a third time) so they had to stop the concrete pour about halfway up. fun fun

here's a closer up view of the finished portion of the driveway. i'm thinking this is going to be a really pretty courtyard area between the two houses when it's all landscaped!

here are the back walkways from our back patio:

and a REALLY closeup view of the exposed aggregate. it will probably turn more brown as the concrete cures more, but i'm hopeful it stays greige like this!

here's a shot of the backsplash finally fixed and grout finished in the "guest house" aka my parent's house. :) nice retirement pad, isn't it!?

and here are our floors after being scraped, water popped, and stained, but before the poly. i'm nervous for the poly because we're unsure of whether our sample had poly or not. we thought he said the stain was still wet but maybe it had poly on it. the waiting is killing me. this is a custom blend stain and seems to look extremely different in every light and angle.

like how the pendants are still hanging at different heights? i'm starting a new trend. :)

this last picture is probably the most true to life on the color. did i mention i'm nervous to see the poly?

and a closeup of our finished backsplash with arctic ice grout. a peek at the granite in our kitchen finally too! there's still a plastic protector but it's better than cardboard, and now that the blue covers are off the windows everything looks better!

pic doesn't really capture the edge detail on the tile, but in person it makes me so happy!

so, poly is up next, then carpeting in the bedrooms, final tile work in our shower (could it be?), final concrete pour for the driveway, and the start of irrigation by next friday. hope they stick to the plan!!

wishing you all a productive week!

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Wow Maggie! It's looking so awesome! Your driveway and walk ways are really nice and will be so beautiful with your landscaping. Your floors are just gorgeous and I love the warmth of them. Your coffered ceilings, cabinets, lighting, backsplash, fireplace, paint....... all have me in awe! :)

Your parents must be so excited, such a wonderful kichen and the beadboard doors go nicely with the subway tile.

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love the hardwood in the kitchen, I will be doing this as well

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jennybc-boring? There is nothing boring about some awesome looking stair treads from your own sweat equity. I think they look fantastic! Wood has so much character.

maggie-love reverse aggregate! Very nice. :) Love to see the toddlers toddling around too, adorable. Everything is coming together so nicely (well save that master bath torture soon to be oasis........).

robyn-I am hoping for a silgranite sink also. I am planning on taking the samples (you can email them and request samples) and matching something up to the granite. I have yet to do that!

akshars-we have frameless in our master bath (they were less expensive so I opted for them there even though dh doesn't like the thought of them at all). I am hoping my BIL has dealt with them before. He is a finish carpenter and does lots of kitchens so I hope so. I am sure all of our worrying will be for naught!

xc60-looks great! Very soothing space. :)

jdez-I'd much rather attend your party!!! They are having a 'potluck' tomorrow for us but honestly - what is the celebration. It's all very awkard. Thursday is my last day. I am so very stiff and sore. My finger tips were even swollen from carrying and heavy tile up and down the stairs to cut it (wet saw is set up in the basement). I think I am passed all of that back pain type of work. Painting should be a lot easier on me!

Speaking of which. I'd better get to work...............I guess. Next week I have so much house stuff to do and I am relieved that I can focus on just that!

This week at the homestead-dh is finishing up door trim, so I'll be patching nail holes and sanding, then caulk (a little scared of that). Fireplace stone, wood flooring probably next week. Stair treads are down, loving that.

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I love your bath tiles also and I'm going to add those to the list to look at.....We have a similar combination going on but a different brand. We have samples of Mirasol and an American Olean.

JDez- the tile lady pulled the exact same Bliss accent tile for our bath, however we decided the linear pattern was not for us. although I love the way it brings in the white and grey and blue (we are going with blue walls in the bath too), i think I'm looking for something more subdued. I can't even begin to think about the shower floor!

Love to see the kitchens coming together XC and maggie! Beautiful! Awesome guest house Maggie! And floors!

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Lots going on with everyone's build. I am so behind on the thread.

Maggie and Xc60, love the kitchen and bathrooms.

nhbaskets, Glad to hear your DH is on the mend. You have had rough month. Hope you are taking care of your self. Some times in times like this we don't take of our selves and that is important to.

Jdez, looks like you are moving along. Hope you get the framing/warp issue resolved with the builder.

Robyn, Hope the have started digging :)

Autumn, Sorry to hear about the aches and swelling. Hope you feel better soon. I think once tiling and lifting is done you will feel better. Saying good byes at work won't be easy but hope you find something better soon.

Lori, Are you hanging in there. Almost there.

On our front they are sanding the floor and applying the clear coat today. Can't wait to see the finished floors on Thursday.
Supposed to start on cabinets on Thursday/Friday this week but will believe it when I see it :)

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Yep I'm here Autumn!!

All pictures are awesome. Maggie, love your houses!! Robyn, I am seriously jealous of that view, and of the camera! I wish I had one I could watch my horses from!
I wouldn't get any work done tho :) lol

Everyone else keep on, keepin' on!! Long week, long weekend... But here are some pictures. And Flooring was supposed to start today. I've not had anyone tell me one way or the other. So I guess I'll be in for a surprise when I get home. After going to the electrical co, & Menards AGAIN!!!!! argh... lol

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Here's my small update today. They haven't been out to dig yet. They were supposed to start excavating about 1 hour and 20 minutes ago but they haven't shown up yet. I guess I'd better get used to that, right??!! lol!

They came out and put the signs out for our builders. That's a start and I will take it! I love how my neighbors horses were all at the front of the yard to greet the workers. It's going to be so fun living by horses on 3 sides.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

lmao at the honey bucket portapotty!!! :)

Robyn, horses are very nosey. Almost as nosey as cats lol

You might just make yourself crazy with that camera!

This post was edited by loribug26 on Mon, Mar 10, 14 at 16:11

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robynstamps, is that a Matt McEwen sign!? How awesome! My husband is good friends with Matt; he was one of Matt's building material suppliers when we lived in Utah. We think the world of him. Great choice!

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lori your kitchen is OOOOOOZING charm. love it! love that door on the angled wall too. nice feel to it.

and robyn you're cracking me up. if you're measuring delays in minutes or hours instead of days, weeks or months you're doing ok. :)

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Lori - Your lighting is beautiful! That looks like something I saw at Pottery Barn and is on my wish list. So nice to see what it really looks like. Your kitchen looks beautiful and so colorful. I love it!!

JSpann - Yes! It’s McEwan Custom Homes. I love working with Matt. All of the vendors I have visited with all have told me how much they love working with Matt. He seems to be someone who’s reputation precedes him, in a good way. He’s also known for staying in his time frame so we are crossing our fingers on that. Cool thing is that I’ve been watching the camera all afternoon waiting for the diggers to show up and then Matt calls me out of nowhere to give an update on when they will be arriving today. Wow! I didn’t even e-mail or text him. His communication seems to be wonderful!

I’m hoping to have a picture later today with the ground leveled!! They do the major digging tomorrow am!

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We have officially broken ground!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!

Let's get this party started!!!!!!!


Check it out my fellow PEEPS!

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I forgot to let you all know that when I met with my cabinet maker in Utah we decided to change the master bathroom cabinet. Here is the updated version with a custom frame that will match the cabinetry instead of a center cabinet sitting on the counter.

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nhbaskets-so sorry I just read about your dh (that is what catching up from a phone will get ya!). It sounds like things are on the upswing for him. I hope that rest for him (and you) is somehow possible during this crazy build time. It sounds like things are very much so in full swing for you. Are you going a completely different route with your kitchen this build? I admire your 'old' kitchen. :)

robyn-checking it out! I am sorry, you see signs and tractors and I can't keep my eyes off the mountains! It's unreal! But I know seeing the signs and the dirt moving machinery is pretty fantastic in it's own right. ;) Our master cabs are very similar except above the center drawer bank we have a window. So that is a challenge in and of itself as well!

lori-your house is looking so close to a home! Wow! Hang in there you are so close!

So I had to 'train' someone on a database I created from scratch on my own. It was hours and hours of time to create and maintain it and in a flash it was gone. :( It's like giving a child away almost. Ack! Ready for this week to be over.

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I am loving all the picture updates! Everything looks beautiful. It helps those of us who are so far behind have hope!

So things are moving at a snails pace here. Or it feels that way anyway. Framing is still going on. It just bugs me that they don't work full days sometimes or weekends. Especially when I see other crews working longer hours. Oh well, out of my hands. Here is the latest from this morning. Any idea how long it takes to frame a house?

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Autumn I've missed out on a ton...what's the latest on your job? I am hoping things are looking up!

Anyone heard from uponahilltop after the ceiling dilemma? Wondering what was decided.

Robyn CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so awesome that you are finally starting! I would be glued to that monitor too, lol.

Lori I *love* your pendants. (swoon)

Maggie love your kitchen and floors! I think your floors will really pop once the poly is applied. It will look great. Even after it is applied though, it will still 'settle' for a few weeks and change a little more. Your parents retirement home is so cool! I would love to retire there, lol!

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So I was poking around on the internet and found the coolest website. You punch in the info on your new house and it estimates how much it will cost, with breakdowns in all areas including variances for area of the country. I just did mine and it was pretty much spot on. Here is the site:

I'm going to share it on the general Building a House forum too.

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Hi all,
Welcome to the newcomers, and I just want to say how exciting it is to see the progress of everyone who's been around awhile.
I've been away, went to FL to be with my dad who's got some health issues and just had a surgery this past Thursday.
Came home just in time to run out to house on Sunday evening. All our drywall is in and painted with primer.
Our interior doors and trim had all been delivered on Friday. The doors were all wrong - every single one, and half the trim was wrong.
So yesterday I was out at the build at 6:30 AM after about 5 hours sleep just to make sure that the trim carpenter didn't start hanging the doors. We met with our builder in the afternoon. It's all going to be ok, but it was a bit tense there for a bit. The trim was my fault, early choice that I forgot about and never updated, the doors were clearly their fault - they ordered the wrong style.
Also, the tile for the baths and the foyer and laundry floors hasn't been ordered yet. We went over tile order today to make sure it's all correct.
The other item we came to a decision on is, we are going to change the front door. Dh hates what's there. Hates it! So we talked to builder, and if the glass door and sidelights can be changed then ok, otherwise they're going to have to rip out the whole door frame and all, and replace it. Expensive mistakes.
I have no pictures. We got out there, and immediately my phone battery died and dh's camera battery died.
Two alligators sunning on the bank of our pond.
While I was gone tree trimmers came in and trimmed out dead and low hanging branches. IMO it's too clear right now, but hubby assures me it'll fill right back in. All the junk got cleared on the pond bank, and the view is wonderful now. we will fill in with some flowering shrubs and trees where there was just dense undergrowth.
While I was gone dh also painted up a bunch of drywall sample boards and we played with those in the light in the house today. I'm not going to be able to make my rainwashed work in my master bedroom. I love it, but it won't work with the Thibaut fabric I want for my window treatment in the sitting area bay. Sea salt will work though.
Actually, we have way more natural light than I'd thought we would, love that! But the colors I'd thought would work all got switched around. And for upstairs I had to go back to the paint deck. He's going to paint more samples tomorrow.
Oh, and tomorrow we need to go back yet again to the stoneyard. There is confusion over which slab of white cristallo we want, so they designated both slabs for our job. Um, no, we only need one, and much as I love it, paying for two of those slabs would indeed break the bank.

Nhbaskets, hope your husband continues to do well. Hospital stress and building stress don't go well together.
Lisa, ((hugs)). It sucks. You've got a great attitude, but still it sucks.

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marjorie! I have been thinking about you and wondering how things are going! Still not sure I could get used to the 'pet' alligators hanging around. BUT it is pretty cool. Ouch on the door. It is a moajor focal point so I can understand wanting to change it out if you hate it. Can't wait to see pics when you get a chance. I hope Dad is hanging in there. It stinks watching your parents age. :( 2 more days, 2 more days-today and Thursday. I am trying to stay positive in hopes that it will actually BE a positive change. Eek, no sense being a grump but this week is wearing me down. Straight to the couch after work last night. Ah well, time change is disrupting my sleep as well.

april-woohoo! Framing is a crap shoot depending on weather and the crew, size of house and complexity. It's really hard to judge I think. I am trying to remember but I honestly don't think they had more than 1 full week (5 days in a row) of framing at a time due to weather so ours would not be a great comparison. Thanks for the job thoughts. Submitting resumes, a few phone interviews...waiting game. Praying I end up where I am meant to (wherever that is). :)

lori-all of our exterior brick work will have to be done after the interior is completely finished. I am hoping the bank will be fine with it. The weather has made it impossible.

illini-2-4" tonight into tomorrow? SERIOUSLY! WE don't need any more snow! I can finally see out of the driveway now as the banks have melted down just enough. I hope you are avoiding any more 'stuck' issues. I got stuck in a business driveway yesterday. Not a happy girl!

I didn't make it back to the house yesterday to wipe the tiles down again. I hope to for a bit toinght after work.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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I know I shouldn't take the weekends off from reading here. haha! We put together our barstools for the island and almost our computer desk. Did some cleaning of the floors. FINALLY nice to see them anddd of course I didn't take pictures. I DID try out the redishades and they are AWESOME! They look like real blinds, but they are paper. I put a natural light filtering one in the bathroom and room darkening ones in our bedroom. I just cut to size with scissors. At only 5 bucks a piece, can't go wrong! Reallly hoping everyone gets their act together and finishes up the house. We are at the end with only little stuff left so it is even more annoying to wait. Hoping we really do come under budget, it's scary seeing the small number left in the loan account. I think I will sleep better at night after all the closing is done.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

and in other news I'm sick...AGAIN. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Thanks for compliments on our home. It is very "us" :)

We've got snow forcasted for tomorrow. Today it is 60. give me a break!!

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illinigirl - I am also not a big fan of linear tile but I loved the colors of the tile and it is only going to be an accent stripe in the shower. I will be doing the tile work by myself and I have no clue what I am doing so I hope my vision doesn't collide with my inexperience in a catastrophic

Lori - I love your kitchen. Your whole house has come together beautifully. I wish I could sit on your porch with you and ask "how did you.. this" and "how did you... that".

Robyn - Where are our mountain...oh, I mean, your progress pictures this morning?

mlweaving - I hope your Dad is doing better. I'm glad you returned to find some progress even if you found some things wrong. Its time to start keeping a spare camera in your purse so that you keep your fellow GWers happy :)

Autumn.4 - Hope the next couple of days aren't too stressful. Focus on the different ways you can fix Spam for supper to keep your mind off the negative

Kellithee - I never thought about it but I bet it does get scary as the loan account starts getting low. Come to think of it, I thought it was scary to sign the papers to begin with so I might as well stay bug-eyed through the entire process.

Aprilh - Your problem has been rain. You're three hours east of me and we are getting the same weather. It won't be long and the framing will be done if the weather will give you a break.

Things are slowing down on our build as we wait for the plumber to do the rough-in. He said he probably won't make it out until next Tuesday. I'm ok with it because it gives me time to get out there and clean up and do a little bit of work with some canned spray foam where you can see gaps in some of the sheathing. I also have to move stuff to storage from our current house and baseball practice started yesterday and will be three days a week. So if they want to slow down a little, I won't complain. At least not yet.

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This is probably not the right thread to post this but its funny and I just want to know if anyone else out there may have come across this. I’m talking about a phenomenon that is becoming much more common at our house as we continue through our build process. I refer to it as “dewifeling.”

The following is an example of the most recent occurrence of dewifeling that has occurred in our household:

Just last week, I tell DH, “I think we should DIY our insulation. I’ve been watching it on the internet and it doesn’t look too hard and I figured out that it will save us about $2-3k in labor costs. For the attic, we can rent a blower machine and do some blown in insulation in just a couple of hours.” DH replied, “Absolutely not! It won’t save us that much money and I am not going to try to use that messy stuff and get that all over the place.” Mission failed.

This morning I received a call from DH who tells me, “[Joe the builder] said we could put in our own insulation and save a few thousand dollars and its easy! We just blow it in with a machine and spread it out real good and it wouldn’t take us very long at all. I think we should do that.” To which I replied, “That’s a great idea.” Love that guy.

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that's awesome JDez.

you know it doesn't really end with building right?

what you said... “I think we should DIY our insulation. I’ve been watching it on the internet and it doesn’t look too hard and I figured out that it will save us about $2-3k in labor costs. For the attic, we can rent a blower machine and do some blown in insulation in just a couple of hours.”

what he heard: "I think we should BLAH BLAH BLAH. I've been watching it on the internet and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH."

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It snowed this morning and they still showed up!! WOW!!! Looks snowy and messy!! LOL!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

JDez, I would love to have you sit on the front porch and let me talk about the house :) lol I love it.

I think what you have found out is that men need things to be their idea. I figured out long ago, with my DH, that if I just mention things, then let it ride...eventually he comes back with the exact same thing, only now he thinks it's his idea, and it's great!!!
Subliminal messages.... don't sit down & have serious conversation about it. Just throw in a one sentence idea a few times & wahlah! It's their idea, and it gets done!!! TADA!!!

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Started part II for March

Here is a link that might be useful: March 2014 Part II

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Lol Lori, "Ain't nobody got time for that" is my 15 yr old son's favorite saying righ now. I think I hear about about 50 times a day, so it was funny to see you post it. Hope you feel better soon. :)

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