I need Help with an old Moen tub and soap dish as one

sherriewr1March 31, 2013

I need help.
I am remodeling my bathroom. I have an old moen (1970) shower knob.

The shower knob also has a soap dish and the tub spout. It is all one piece. I can't get the unit off, due to the tub spout. Is anyone familiar with these old units and could tell me how to get it off the wall? I appreciate any help possible in advice on how to get it off the wall.

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A photo would help a lot, but usually you just unscrew the spout. There may be a set screw somewhere on it that you need to release, if it also has the lever/button for the shower diverter.

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You twist the spout counterclockwise to unscrew it from the wall, then you can get the rest of the pieces off.

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