Urgent HeIp! Is center of shower/tub valve trim 2'2" from floor t

janesylviaMarch 26, 2013

In my current house, the distance from the center of the shower/tub valve trim to the bathroom floor is 2'10", which feels pretty good.

In the house we recently bought, the distance from valve trim center to the floor is only 2'2", very close to the spout. I need to bend down to turn or adjust the handle. Is it too close or is it normal? Today, I went out to buy all the tiles, bullnose, decorative trims, and shower floors for my master bathroom. When I came back, I found the contractor already put the new valve and valve trim on, at the same distance of 2'2" to the floor.

Is the valve trim too low or is it normal? What is the distance of the valve trim to the floor of your tub/shower? Once installed, can the position be changed?

Tomorrow, the contractor will put on tiles. Any input or sharing of experience is GREATLY appreciated.

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If you want it higher now is the time to do it. There are lots of flexibility in the valve location. Some people have put the on off components on the other side of the wall to make it easier for them to access the on/off function without getting into their shower. It would depend on your preference and your shower design.

I don't know if I've linked this thread before or not but here it is. I also don't know if it address your particular question:

Here is a link that might be useful: FAQ/Answers Bathroom Plumbing for dummies

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