ash6181March 6, 2013

Hi Allison:

I thought I posted this message already, but I can't find sorry if I've double posted.

We're getting close to finalizing our house plans, and I think our master bathroom and closet area will be about the same size as yours. I'm basing that off some dimensions I saw posted in an old post. My concern is that our bathroom will seem too long and skinny, and the closet will be too large and have wasted space. Are you pleased with the sizes of these areas now that you've been in your house a while, or do you wish you had done something a bit different?

Also, would you be willing to post the dimensions of your master bath and closet, and post some photos if you have any available? The old photobucket links I found don't work anymore. I think seeing pictures would help me understand what the space would be like. (I've seen your house tour on AtticMag, but there's not really pictures of the areas I'm interested in-- although your entire house is lovely.)

Thank you for any help you can give me- I really appreciate it!


(P.S.- Also love your daughter's bathroom reno)

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Hi Ashley,

Sorry, I have been gone all day and just now seeing this. Thank you on both counts! DD2's bathroom turned out great - we are all very proud of it.

Here are some photos of our bathroom:

Here is that section of our floor plan with the measurements. As you can see, we did not put a door on the toilet/shower section, and enlarged the shower a bit.

Our closet is not built out like this either. We both had hanging corners. So the clothes hang on either end and we each have a three drawer cabinet (same as bathroom center cabinet) with a bookcase sitting on top for storage inside the closet and a vintage chair.

While DH and I are not clothes people and have plenty of hanging, he often says that's the one area we messed up on. I mentioned the bookcases (and drawers) could easily be removed and more hanging added. Also the chairs. The master bedroom is huge (18.5' x 16'). We have an armoire and dresser, so there are places for the things in the drawers if wanted/needed. The vanity could also be removed from the bathroom and a built-in, armoire or tall chest placed there for even more storage or drawers for socks, pajamas, etc. I personally wouldn't change a thing.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Allison! That's a great help to me. Sometimes its hard to understand what a space will be like without having a space with which to compare it. I've started carrying a measuring tape everywhere I go to measure rooms I like! Thanks again.

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You're welcome. Taking a measuring tape is a good idea!

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Pretty bathroom - love that tub, Allison!

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Thank you, Teapot!

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