Lampe Berger (pronounced Bershay)

monicakm_gwMarch 14, 2005

Has anyone used these oil lamps that are supposed to clean your home's air of everything from cooking odors to allergens? My daughter told me about them several months ago but had no personal experience. She and her husband have been suffering symptoms common with mold. She bought one of these and so far (3 or 4 days) they've been headache free. I've found several places on line that sell the product but none that gives a good overview of the product. My husband has allergies and I'm thinking about trying it but would like to get more information.


Monica (from the Kitchen Forum)

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While they do make classy burners, I fail to see how BURNING something (no matter what) could produce cleaner air.

Lampe Berger got its start way back when filling sickrooms with "antiseptic" fumes was a common practice. I scoured their site and found no good informaiton. They appear to burn perfumed alcohol in some sort of a catalytic converter.

They bill themselves as a "fragrance lamp" ... no regulatory approvals from anyone appear to have been acquired. The aromatherapy crowd leapt onto the bandwagon and is claiming all sorts of miracles from the lamps.

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The patent on the catlytic converter Lampe Berger uses ran its course recently, you can buy other brand names that work just as well but do not cost as much.

I have several of these lamps and they do take smells out of the air. I don't quite understand the mechanics of how it works, but it works.

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I have one. I burn mine to get rid of acrylic odor from doing nails in my house. Also to rid cooking odors. It works, it's pretty and it's very expensive.

This is mine.....

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I have three but my husband can tell when they are burning the minute he walks through the door and grumbles because he does not like any scent in the air (except cigars-arrgghh). I have probably purchased 10 different scents that go into the lamps and have not found one that I truly love, they all seem very "alcohol-y" to me. They do make some unscented oil that may be better for you. Try to find a knock off to the brand, they are very expensive- $65-$300 per lamp. ( I tried mine after seeing them all over the house on The Osbournes.)

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I know you can make your own fuel using 91% alcohol and e.o. Does anyone know where to purchase this alcohol. I asked the pharmacist at Walgreens and she said she had no idea as to what I was talking about. Marcia

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Well I did a search and found 91% isopropyl alcohol on the walgreens website! I have no idea if it's a good idea to burn it!

Here is a link that might be useful: 91% Isopropyl @Walgreens

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If you want alcohol to burn, go to the paint store and buy shellac thinner...I believe it's ethyl alcohol.
It is also sold in some places as chafing dish fuel.
Linda C

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I found out about them last week and yesterday I went to a store and was looking at the knockoffs made in New Orleans. I found one I loved for $35. I want a peppermint scent.

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I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has made their own fuel. What was the alcohol to oil ratio? How did it smell and burn?

I've got lampes in 3 rooms in the house. I DO love them but find sometimes that the seasonal scents available just aren't what I want. I also tend to buy the scents via mail order and I'm hesitant to order something without smelling it first.

Right now I have a cold and I'd love to be able to do a eucalyptus scent!

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Mix 1/4 to 1/2 oz Fragrance Oil to 16 oz 91% alcohol.

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To be clear about the burner, after lighting the flame is blown out. I have not made my own fragrance, how do you know what will produce a nice scent and not a burnt odor? The bottles I bought with my lamps did not last long at all, so yes, they are extremely expensive, especially if you want to burn as often and long as you normally enjoy scented candles! I wonder if the candle scents from candle makers would work in alcohol? Any one know a good source we might try?

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I absolutly love my lampe berger, i dont go a day without burning it. It really is a must for anyone who has animals (i have two large dogs). When i burn it, it takes every smell out of the room. It works wonderfully. It's initial price is quite expensive but after that its not that much if you do it correctly. Many of the people who i talk to online leave it for to long.
it comes with 2 caps, one with holes and one without. you first remove both caps and light the stone. you must keep it lit for about 5 mins to heat the stone up. then, blow out the fire and put the cap with holes in it for about 20 mins. the odors of the house actually go into the stone and the fragrance is then released creating a much better smell that doesnt just mask the odors (like many fragrance sprays).
you then put the solid cap on with the other cap on so the oils wont keep going out. the only way you can mess up is leaving the cap with holes on too long, and even with that you will only waiste your oil.
I started my addiction about a year or so ago, since there patent has expired and multiple companies have started selling knock offs, my firned had one and i didnt like it as much, i didnt think it worked as good. The site that i buy all of my lampes, oils, and candles off of is they have about 25 lampes, and about 20 different fragrances, my favorite is New Orleans. I have not had a complaint with them yet and they always have fast shipping and friendly service.

Here is a link that might be useful: Candles on the Avenue

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Yeah.....""odors of the house actually go into the stone and the fragrance is then released creating a much better smell that doesnt just mask the odors (like many fragrance sprays). ""
Soo....this stone... in this rather expensive oil lamp(e) just has these magnetic properties and pulls all the odors out of the house into it? And this expensive oil burns....and doesn't "just mask the odors ( like many fragrance sprays)"...
"Bershay"?.. How about "ber-j-air"....with a soft "j"..of course.

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Its not a "magnetic property". To get technical, the stone temp. increases which also increases the oils inside making the air pressure within the lampe to increase (sucking in air). When you blow out the fire, the stone cools and then decreases the pressure within the lampe (expelling air), the air that is released is not only fresh, but also fragranced(Boyles law). To pronounce it, its not "ber-j-air" its more like "berj-ay", either way it works very well and is deff. worth it.

Here is a link that might be useful: again, my candle source

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Nice website! They carry several of my most favorites and I like to save shipping costs by placing one order for several things. Thanks very much!

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Yes, I know, and i can't believe it, they are now offering free shiiping on all orders over $45, including fireplaces (one of which i might have to get next :-D ).

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I bought the Lampe Orleans peppermint scent last week. It smells more like peppermint. I found the Lampe Berger Peppermint to smell more like spearmint.

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I'm sceptical of most air fresheners. The technology generally involves strong scent to hide odours, or a nerve deadening agent which blocks your sense of smell. They also contain solvents which help the product evaporate in to the air. When indoor air quality is going downhill, the last thing you need to do is add more chemicals to it. For someone with allergies it can make things worse.

Generally, I believe all bad smell have a source that can be removed, and that sometimes the air inside buildings needs to be replaced. Like anything we consume it wears out and gets old.

Aside from opening windows and bringing in fresh air, house plants are the best air cleaner I've found. They absorb and break down a lot of air pollutants, most importantly synthetic chemicals that tend to build up in modern houses. Their benefits in sealed environments was sufficient that NASA did extensive studies on them a few years ago and determined that they work very well.

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bry, I agree with you. I love nice fragrance and perfume, and believe many of us use freshners simply to enjoy the scent. The Oust commercial irritates me, I yell at it, stop spraying, just take out your trash!

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I found a brand that is just as good as Lampe Berger and not nearly expensive. It is called Alexandrias and Bella Breeze. They have tons of wonderful fragrances and they are about half the price of Lampe Berger. I bought mine at a place called PC Fallon Co.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fuel for Lampe Berger Alexandrias PC Fallon Co

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You can get 91% Isopropyl alcohol, 32 oz. for $1.94 at Walmart in the band-aid isle, 70% alcohol has to much water in it.
I ordered from this site and I am more than pleased.
The Issey Miyake Type for Women is wonderful as is Fahrenheit Type for Men.
They are very strong and takes very little for your lamps go easy at first. I use 12 oz of alcohol to 1ml or 1/8 tsp. of perfume oil.
Talk about getting ripped of by the perfume companies, a 1/2 oz bottle of the perfume oil is only $6.95 and will last forever.
The perfume I used is $82.00 for a 2.5 oz bottle and the perfume oil would make a hundred of them.
They have singal fragrant Oils like Patchouli and so also.

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I'm another one who is hooked on effusion lamps. I received a La Tee Da brand lamp and oil from MonaBlair when we got together this Spring with Tinasoldhouse and had a white elephant swap.

I have been ordering a lot of oil. In searching for cheaper oil, I came across discussion boards on making your own. I found the 91% alcohol from Walgreen's and essential oils from the internet.

The discussion boards do warn about not using ethanol and also gives tips on keeping your "stone" as it is called (I'm learning) from getting cruddy which caused it not to burn. Seems that keeping the stone/wick in the 92% alcohol between burns keeps it from getting clogged up. This has been working for me.

I did get an extra lamp and oil when Tuesday Morning had them last month. I was there early when they opened and people were grabbing them up like crazy. Last week I found some wicks and a lamp on the clearance table at Kirkland's.

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Sorry, I lost track on which forum I was posting to when I referenced the White Elephant Swap and the participants. We had a get together of Home Decorating posters.

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The lampes are very simple to use, you light the wick (or stone) for two minutes and then blow out. It heats up the stome which starts the catlytic action. The air is sucked into the lampe, cleaned and purified and spit back out into the air (for lack of the technical terms). It is like an ozonator. You do not have to worry about any live flames catching fire, if it gets knocked over, it outs itself out.
As to how it works, I have 4 lampes I use all the time. It cleans and purifies the air as well as elimates odors. It also helps with mold and mildew problems in the air ( I live in Florida) Think catalytic action, hence the wick or stone.
I use when cooking or on the odd occasions my husband wants a cigar.
There are lots of companies out there. I get mine from this store locally Their website has all sorts of info on the lampes and how to take care of them.
They carry Lampe Berger, Scentier, La-ti-da and aboyt 6 other companies for lampes but after 5 years they sell mostly scentier oils as over time that is what their customers liked the best.
I have tried about 30 scents over they years. The cheaper oils smell alchohol like in my experience. In talking to the owners here locally, they try all brands before they carry in the store. The less fragrance oil, the more alchohol. Also some fragrance oils are heavier and maty cause you to have to clean your wick out more often.

As far as burning time per bottle, the general rule on all the types I have tried is an ounce per hour. Your lamp is supposed to clean a 500 sq foot area in about 30-45 minutes from impurities and odors. so after that you are just fragrancing. So if you buy a 16 ounce bottle, 16 hours of burn time.
I generally leave my lamp on no longer than 2 hours as the oils I use linger in the air.
I tried to mix my own but it was a pain and the alchohol smoked quite a bit.
Be careful on wooden surfaces too, if you spill the oil on it, they can be damaged.
Anyway, I love my lampes and use them just about daily. i also use tarts and candles and potpourri in my home. Everything has its advantages but the lampes in my opinion are the strongest and the fact that they eliminate odors is nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Riverview Scent Shop

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Cathy, What stone/wicks do you recommend? I am having trouble with stones not lighting even though I soak them in 91% alcohol after each use. I rotate the wicks.

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I have been buying Scentier wicks, stones from Riverview scent shop. They give a warranty and as I am a good repeat customer, if I blow through a wick too quick, they replace it for free. I have several lampes and bought 2 scentiers recently from them as Riverview Scent Shop will replace my wick for free! Of course, I do buy all my oils from them.

view their website as I talked with the owner last week and it is live now. they have several sections on how to do stone burnouts and also how to clean and maintain your wick.

The alcohol over the counter smokes a bit so I do not recommend that but if others have had success, good for you!
One of the tips they taught me there, was that you do not need to use a 'cleaner', your fragrance is alcohol based and has the fragrance added. Just pop your wick in there. Let soak for a few hours. If the liquid turns a rusty or yellow color you have oil build up. Then just pop your wick back in and it should be good to go.
Also, a good stone, should not have to be soaked every time. I have stones/wicks I have used for almost a year, daily and they have lasted.
good luck!
if you have more questions, go to their website. It is a work in progress but is filled with over 100 pages of just info. I think they just started adding online store.

Here is a link that might be useful: Riverview Scent Shop

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Cathy, AKA " @gmail" sounds like the owner of the website she keeps talking about.

1.) There is no "catalytic action" with these things. Impossible

2.) Alcohol burning as a fuel does not smoke.

3.) These things are not like an ozonator. Different animal altogether. Geesh.

These things scent the air. Period. Not a bad product but do not think for a minute that they "eliminate mold and mildew" or do any other magic.

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Thanks Dilly dally!

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please go to
it gives you full details of how and why the lamp works.
you can also go to
This porduct has been around for over 100 years and was created as a hospitable disinfectant.

there is also smoke that can be assocaited with these products using lower quality oil and also certain fragarnce oils as they burn.

I do not own the website. I have however been a customer of theirs for over 10 years. They have always stood behind every product they sell and I shop there due to the knowledge and information and help they always give.

I cut and pasted the below for you
Fragrance lamps convert fragranced fuel into anions (negatively charged ions) and ozone via the catalyzing stone. An ozone molecule consists of three oxygen atoms bonded together to form a molecule(O3). Ozone is very closely related to O2 most common form of oxygen which you breathe. Ozone binds with airborne particles and aromas, eliminating them from your home. This process can utilize either our neutral fuel, which
creates no added aroma, or one of our fragranced fuels, which adds a rich aroma throughout your home.

How do fragrance lamps destroy odor?

1. An Ozone molecule encounters a particle not normally a part of the pure air

2. One of the oxygen atoms leaves the O3and bonds to the pollutant.

3. The oxygen atom neutralizes and breaks down the pollutant into benign substances.
The two leftover atome remained bonded as a normal atom (O2)

How do fragrance lamps destroy bacteria?

1. An ozone molecule comes into contact with bacteria.

2. The bacterial cell walls are not strong enough to resist the ozone. The ozone perforates the cell wall.

3. As more and more ozone perforates the cell, the bacteria stops functioning and breaks apart.

Some of the lampe products (like Scentier, Lampe Berger, Lampe Paradise and La-tee-da) functions are:

* Air purifier - kills bacteria in air
* Dust mite killer
* Anti-odor
* Ioniser
* Smoke eliminator
* Aromatherapeutic benefits when using aromatherapy oils

I hope this helps and if you have any more questions let me know!

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I have also used lampe berger lamps for many years. I buy most of my scents from She is very reasonable for the 32 oz bottle. I pour into an empty 32 oz bottle, about 1/2 the way with her scent and then fill the rest of the way up with 92% alcohol which I get from Walmart, CVS, etc. I have 3 cats and burn 2 large lamps and one mini every day. I love them. Especially people that are smokers cause it keeps down the smell of smoke. If your wicks are not staying lite, then you are using too much oil. I never have trouble with my wicks at all. carries everything you need along with oils, scents, wicks, etc.

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I also love my fragrance lampe, but have never heard of the explainations above of why it works. I always thought the alcohol in the oil had something to do with 'cleaning' the air. In fact, I keep a little shot glass full of rubbing alcohol in my laundry room and as it evaporates it leaves the air fresh and clean smelling.

I always burn my lampe completely out of oil each time I burn it. When I refill, I cap it for 20 minutes to let the wick get full of oil before lighting.

I also buy the La-Tee-Da oil and mix it about 50/50 with the 91% rubbing alcohol to save on costs. I find the La-Tee-Da oil is almost too fragrant.. so adding the alcohol makes it not as strong. I've tried making my own oils with essential oils, but didn't have much luck. They don't smell as nice and they tend to clog up my wick.

Be careful with these lampes too. I have heard one story of a woman being badly burned when she spilled the oil on herself and it ignited.

I buy my oils from Courtneys Candles. See link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Courtney's Candles

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My mother-in-law bought one of these for me for Christmas. She hoped it would help my allergies, but after reading their website and the comments here, it looks like the lamp's major purpose is odour removal. My allergies are things like dust, pollen, animal dander etc and I'm wondering if anyone on here has been helped by using this lamp. If not, I'll just use it downstairs for cooking odours.

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Obviously you have not studied chemistry, nor the enviornment.
simplistically put Ozone is oxygen with an extra more than oxygen the gas.
Ozone is a component of the protective shield above the earth....and it is a component of the harmful pollutants in cities.
It can destroy living things, like bacteria and plant tissue.
The amount of ozone which can be produced by a porous heated stone is negligable.
And no small stone can "suck in" bad smells....even if it is hot and causing alcohol to burn...
It's an expensive air Glade plug ins but costing more.

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I have not heard any mention of using 99% isopropyl. It is easier to find than the 86 or 91%. Does anyone have any information on the 99%. Thanks

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I finally found 99% -- on the shelf at at Safeway stores. I am using up my 91% (from CVS and Walgreens)to clean wicks between use.

I have been researching these for 2 years. The 99% has less water so it burns hotter. I burn my lamp for 8 hours at a time -- I just let it run itself dry, then put the dry/old wick into alcohol and replace it with the other wick that had been soaking from it's previous use.

Best advice I received -- buy quality wicks. You can find cheap wicks as I was doing but I wasted my time and money. the authentic Lamp Berger wicks don't clog as quickly, and they clean up nicely -- and they light quickly. I kept buying the cheap ones thinking they were the same -- and it just frustrated and angered me because they stopped working after a week or 2. At that point, they are no longer cheap.

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Hi, I've read not to use the homemade versions of the oil. I hear it's dangerous for one. I could see that point. My cat has a urinary tract infection and has peed somewhere (or many places) that I can't find, my apartment smells like cat pee, which is the worst. It's awful. I'm hoping to get one and have it purify the air. (of course take my cat to the vet most importantly, and have my rugs steam cleaned) Also many were saying they were told to soak their wick in alcohol, what I read about cleaning the wick is to use a "neutral" oil between scented oils. The neutral oil will not have a scent and therefore might be better for people with COPD or even cats (who do not like essential oils) they said burning the neutral oil keeps the stone and wick running perfectly. Hope this tip I read helps. Has anyone seen a cinnamon scented oil? Wish me luck lol

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I remove odors in my home with a lit candle or a small bowl of white vinegar. I use the candle when I am cooking. I do not like fragrances we have enough pollutants in the air without adding more. Opening a window for a bit helps also.

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Open the windows? I like nothing more than fresh air.

Plus I have parrots. Their lungs are so sensitive that they will die from plug-in fresheners and the like. Glade, Febreeze, and teflon (non-stick) products all release fumes that kill birds. If parrots die from fragrance imagine what it is doing to us? Burning incense or candles also release some potent pollutants including benzene, toluene, formaldehyde and polyaromatic hydrocarbons. Nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide are also by-products of combustion. Burning candles can release fine particles as well as soot and even heavy metals from certain cores and pigments. Avoid candles with metal core wicks because they release lead.

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Hello people,

I love effusion lamps and always got the amazing Lampe Berger fragrances. I live in San Francisco, but Lampe Berger does not ship any more to California. There are some other brands such as La Tee Da, Alexandria's, Sophia's etc., but they seem like cheap imitations and smell weak/bad. Sophia's is the worst of the lot.

I love these lamps and have been using Lampe Berger oils/fragrances and feel lost without them! I have tried some independent ones on Ebay or Etsy but they are kinda hits or misses. Any other fragrance oil brands someone can recommend? Thanks

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