Magic Eraser for windows?

cmamaMarch 3, 2013

My windows have a film on them which I cannot get off. I have tried everything. Do you think Magic Eraser would work? Would it scratch window?

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Is it a film of dirt/grease? Or is it an film intentionally applied to the glass? If you can't get it off with regular cleaning, maybe the glass has become etched.

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s it a film or scratches? Mr. clean isn't really known as a glass cleaner as it is slightly abrasive. For glass, try an ammonia-based cleaner that will dissolve any grease and will wipe off with a shine.(Windex or similar) I make my own home-made glass cleaner out of straight (not "sudsy") ammonia mixed with water in a spray bottle and wiped off with paper towels.

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I tried to use a Magic Eraser on my glass top stove and noticed it scratching the surface right away so I suppose it would scratch windows alsol.

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I used one to help remove lime spots on a shower window.

It worked OK

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