Need A New Dishwasher

fredmcMarch 26, 2013

We have had a 2 drawer Fisher Paykel dishwasher for 9 years and was just told it needs repair and would probably be better to buy a new dishwasher.

Where are the best deals?



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I might suggest picking a model first, then look for the best price. Most retailers will match prices these days as well.

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We definitely need more info. What are you looking for in a dishwasher? Whats your budget?

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how wide is your opening for the DW - EXACTLY ?

some of those dish drawers were installed in openings that are 60cm wide instead of 24".

If that's the case at your place - your options are more limited than with 24"

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I'm no expert, but I have a 13-year-old Bosch that wasn't the top of the line when I bought it--push buttons and rotary dial rather than touch-pad, etc--I have loved that machine for these 13 years. We have terrible water that comes from a well, and for about 10 years, our water softener system and filtration didn't work properly, so that dishwasher had an uphill battle! The stainless steel interior held up well, and it has never given me a single problem. The only downside is that our bottom rack rusted and we had to replace it. They changed the configuration, and I don't like the way the new one loads nearly as well. The new one has the long silverware basked on the side rather than the rectangular one in the middle. Also, the plate guides in the new one are so narrowly spaced that my dinner plates don't fit well. I even went on ebay to see if I could find one of the old racks! Still, I love this machine.

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I've gone through this process myself before. You don't realize how tough it is until you are the one shopping for major appliances like this one. Our most recent purchase was a refrigerator. That was a hectic process. When we were shopping for out dishwasher we really looked for features that we know we would be using a lot. The last thing we wanted to do was pay for a bunch of features that would never be used. To find the best deals, you are just going to have to do a lot of shopping around. See what is available in your price range and go from there. Just keep checking things off your list until there is a clear winner. I'll include a link to a web site that helped me a lot in my search. At least in the narrowing down process. There are some pretty useful articles too on shopping ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Top dishwashers with articles

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>>>"Where are the best deals?Depends.

1. Is that a generic question?

A lot of us might say that the best deals are probably scratch & dent (aka ding and bing) outlets. Maybe, have a look at (The downer with Sears is being stuck with A&E if you need service, though). Otherwise, probably large volume retailers during major holiday weekends will have the best prices. Beyond that, I'd start with AJ Madison because their prices are usuallly pretty good and they have a very helpful search engine that can help narrow things down for you.

2. Does your "best deal" mean getting things for absolutely the least amount of money?

Try your local Craig's list, eBay and Amazon. If you are at all uncomfortable with the potential for rip-offs, this approach is guaranteed to give you the blue willies, though.

3. Does your "best deal" also include service and support?

A long-established local dealer with in-house support staff is often a better "deal" than buying on-line or elsewhere for the cheapest price.

4. Are you looking for the best deal specifically for another set of the F&P drawers?

Hard to say where the best deals are because, as far as I can tell, F&P products are not often discounted a lot. Again, the I'd suggest looking at the online sites for AJ Madison and Goedecker's to see what you can find on pricing and then maybe seeing if somebody local can come close. (Don't forget to check on shipping charges because there is not always free shipping on higher-end products.) Again, you can try your local Craig's list, eBay and Amazon. Maybe you can price match from there with local outlets.

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I wanted to put in a vote against Miele. I have an Optima series dishwasher (1.5 years old) and am deeply unsatisfied:

1. It really doesn't clean that well unless the dishes are immaculate to begin with
2. Top tray for cutlery is nice, but it means that it can't fit real table plates and wine glasses in the same load.
3. It is extremely slow
4. PARTS ARE A PAIN! I lost a small piece from the end of the cutlery tray. There is no source of parts other than an 800 number. How is it possible in 2013 that they don't have their parts catalog online?
5. The control panel is terrible. Once you run a load, I have to turn it off and on to get the controls to respond.

I loved my Asko unit that it replaced. Cheaper, cleaned much better.

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My Miele Diamonte has worked flawlessly for 3 years. It does an excellent job of cleaning without any prewashing, just remove the big stuff. I won't have to consider another unit for years.
The rack adjusts so no problem with capacity. The silverware rack is fantastic with huge capacity and removes for unloading.
I haven't lost anything so no parts needed.
Put your Optima on CL and get an Asko.

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My Miele cleans great!
I don't rinse the dishes at all and they come out great! Per the book- do not rinse the dishes- the sensor uses the dirt to adjust the cycle length.

Toomuch- have you had service out to check your DW?

Our first was a lemon but was caused by an incompetent appliance dealer install. After 4.5 years, we received a check for the full purchase price. I was not going to replace with another Miele but looked and looked and called, talked and read reviews - bought another Miele. Call it ESP or women's intuition- but I never buy service agreement but did on the Miele.

I can put 12-14 place settings in ours- I might not get all of the wine glasses in depending on which glasses I use - my basic wine glasses fit anywhere. My giant Riedel glasses only fit on the bottom and I only can put 4 on a side - but that is because they are extremely large.

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