Is it always appropriate to have a sidesplash on a vanity?

duchampMarch 29, 2010

My vanity sits against one wall, with the other end open to the room.

My countertop store said I should definitely put a sidesplash on the side against the wall, in addition to the backsplash I'm getting with the countertop. They said aesthetically it is correct and that almost every customer with a one-ended vanity does the sidesplash with their countertop/backsplash.

My contractor said it would look funny. My hunch is he's wrong?


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Yes, I think you should have sidesplash for the obvious reasons.

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Wall - splash, no wall - leave it.

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Profit for store if you buy more, profit for contractor if he has less work to do.

I've become very skeptical of whose opinions I listen to. I've learned the hard way for example that (most) electricians and plumbers make the worst decorators no matter how competent they are in their profession. (The ones who post here are obvious exceptions!)

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My old vanity rested against the bathroom wall and did not have a side splash. In fact, the edge of the vanity formed a channel that could easily collect water. It was never a problem. I don't intend to put a sides splash on my new vanity because I prefer the look without the side splash and the splashing in my house is minimal (no kids). In my opinion, you should do what fits your lifestyle and taste. If you will likely have a lot of water splashing on the countertop and possibly damaging the wall, then you should probably have a side splash. If you don't and you prefer the look without, then don't do it. Do not let your countertop company or contractor dictate what is "right". This is your bathroom and you should do what fits with you.

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Personally, I like the look better without the sidesplash. What look do you like better?

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A good designer (not contractor) --expensive and time consuming-- listens to the customer, and draw out his/her wants and suggests options to fulfilling that want.

I have had contractor tell me "why do u want vinyl flooring?" it's cheap and tile better looking he didn't say, but I had already made up my own mind vinyl gives me feet better feel, I know looks over function doesn't work for me.

And this other contractor say "One knob shower control better!" He didn't say it's more fashionable. Again, as an engineer, I like the ez fine tuning possible with 2 knobs system. So I had to repeat myself 3 times, TWO KNOBS! can u do it? Of course he put in the 2 knobs.

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One thing the marble guy pointed out was that the edge of the marble slab is never exact to the wall, and that's one reason why a sidesplash is often warranted. In any case, I have looked at a few photos by now and I definitely like the sidesplash for vanities that are against the wall on one side. Fwiw, the cost of the sidesplash was nominal compared to the countertop, so I don't think the marble guy was getting a big revenue uptick from it. That said - I definitely agree about contractors not necessarily being competent designers, nor vice versa. Live and learn! :-)

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