Does Anyone Have a Miele Upright Vaccuum?

pastryqueenMarch 16, 2008

I need to purchase a vaccuum with a smaller cleaning path than most models have now. The Miele S183 and S184 fit the bill but I can't seem to find them in the stores that carry the Miele canisters to try out. If you have or had one, can you tell me whether you feel it is worth the money as far as cleaning performance and about the noise level. Thanks so much.

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Just an FYI: Miele uprights are made by Panasonic and priced higher. You may want to go to a vacuum store and check out the Panasonics.
Miele makes their own canisters though.

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If you go to a vacuum store, check out the Sebo.

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When I was looking for a vacuum, I kept hearing the same thing "If you want a canister, buy a Miele. If you want an upright, buy a Riccar." I went to several shops in different cities, and the same sentiment was echoed every time. If you haven't already looked at/tried a Riccar, they are very nice machines (although they may be a little wider than you are looking for).

By the way, I ended up with a Miele S514 canister and I absolutely love it. The small brushroll head is perfect for getting under furniture without losing suction. The fact that I can get into small areas without moving furniture is one of my favorite features of the vacuum.

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I bought the Miele upright and it was the best decision. The Riccar is nice but lacked the control to shut the beater brush off which I wanted.

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While I am glad you purchased a vacuum cleaner you like, I have to wonder which Riccar you looked at. There are about 6 different lines, or series, of Riccar uprights and each one has a model or two with a floor/rug selector. The Supralite uprights are the only series that does not have one.

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I just purchased a Miele S-186 and I am disappointed the salesman (I went to two shops) did not tell me it was made in Spain. Somehow, I missed this thread before purchasing 3 days ago. I had planned to buy a Miele Miele 5000 series (tomorrow) but now I do not want to support shops that are not forthcoming. I wanted the S-186 to just do quick clean-ups between weekly vacuums.

Thanks for listening to me whine...

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Waiting till tomorrow (june 1st) will cost you another $50's with the new Miele price increase!

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Thanks lucky51 for the reminder. I gave-in and just picked up the Capicorn. I did not get the larger carpet brush because of the weight. But, I do soooo appreciate all you gracious folks on this site. Keep your fingers crossed that I can figure out this new machine. :)



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