Pocket door in and uncased opening vs barn door

Lorenza5064March 1, 2013

I am planning a kitchen renovation. The opening from my dining room/hall into the kitchen is an unframed opening, floor to ceiling and I want to maintain that full ht opening. The wall on the dining room side of the opening runs up to the full ht of the ridge (second floor above) The easiest solution for a door would be a barn door, but I prefer a pocket door; classic, understated, preserves wall space for art, etc. My question; is it possible to install a pocket door in a floor to ceiling uncased opening? Will the result be successful aesthetically? Please Advise.

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just posting this follow up as I neglected to check the box to allow the email of post replies....

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I think a picture of where you are considering would be of great help. Since you replied to your own post, it is now going to drop down the list... My reply will help boost it to the top again. But, I am having trouble envisioning what you are describing.

Also, could you build a "false wall" to house your barn door?

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My question; is it possible to install a pocket door in a floor to ceiling uncased opening?
No. You need a place for the pocket door hardware.

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thanks for your reply. Couldn't the "rail" or track at the top that carries the rolling hardware for the door be recessed into the header?

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I don't know the answer to your question but we just decided to move away from a barn door and into a pocket door for our family room ( which opens off the entry hall). Our doors are 8 ft tall so the opening will be apprx 8 x 6 ft. We wanted to put a transom window above to let in light, which we couldn't do with a barn door. The (glass) barn door may have produced more light reflection as the doors were open on either side - light thru the opening plus the reflection of the glass doors against the walls.

We were not doing a custom door, which would have involved different issues (nonstandard door sizes). However, our GC said larger doors have more problems with warping or other problems, and repairs can require taking out the wall. Of course you also have to have room on the sides for the full door to close and the track mechanism to fit.

Talk to a carpenter or a door installer who does custom work with large doors. If money is no object there are gorgeous doors out there...

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