Looking for a quality gas cooktop 30"

mileleMarch 6, 2013

Hello after changing my electric cooktop twice in 7 years (jenn-air), I decided to go back to my natural way of cooking: Gas! I grew up in Italy and we do not use Electric stoves. I am looking for a gas cooktop 30" possibly with 5 burners but, if it has the right combination of BTUs for my heavy cooking, I can compromise and have 4 burner. No plastic knobs please. It will be placed in the current cut-out in the granite. I need to year from all of you users. Thanks in advance for your reccomendation.

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Don't let the typical inadequacy of the JennAir experience sour you on electric cooktops. Induction has finally made it's way into the realm of popular choices here. I'm sure that you may be familiar with it as it's pretty much all that's used in Europe when gas isn't available. You get the controlability of gas, but with much easier cleanup than traditional electric. And no expensive labor needed to run a gas line to the current location. Look at doing one of the Bosch 300 or 500 series models and learn to love cooking again. The absolute only down side is that you need to check your pans with a magnet to see if they will work on the induction. If not, then there are plenty of induction compatible sets available at any budget.

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Well, I am not interested in induction. I am looking or gas. The only place where you would not find gas burners in Italy is in second houses, I.e. vacation houses/condo. I do not know about Eu in general because I spent only 36 years in Italy. I have had electrical burners but I miss my high heat and few other things you need real flame. Gas is less expensive than electrical and considering that I cook a minimum of 2 hours a day, it would make a big difference. Thanks for your suggestion. I might go to a showroom and see what s all about...however I miss my gas burners. By the way, I have gas in the house already but not in the kitchen.

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Bump - hoping others chime in - I have the same question.

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You need to measure your current cut out and hunt according to that if you're not going to replace the counters. That will be your most limiting factor. In addition, the extra $300-$400 to have the gas run to the location has to be factored into the equation. And that is if it's an easy run.

Most of your higher powered pro style cooking equipment will come as a rangetop rather than a cooktop. That means redoing the cabinet and counters to accept that. One exception is Bluestar who does make a drop in cooktop. Remember that you will have to upgrade the range hood significantly as gas places approximately 60% of it's heat into the atmosphere rather than into your cooking pot.

That is one area that induction is decidedly superior. Most of it's energy goes into heating only the pot, not the air around the pot. And, it's highly controllable, just like gas. Instantaneous response. Just like gas. The only thing that you can't do on induction that you can do on gas is roast a pepper. Everything else that you need to do, induction does. But, with MUCH easier cleanup. You should look up the YouTube video of Gary frying bacon with the paper towels in between the pan and the top. Cleanup is just wadding up the paper and throwing it away!

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Still looking for 30" gas cooktop recommendations.

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Do you have a budget in mind? Is the rangetop/cooktop distinction important?

Anyway, if you search the archives you'll find tons of discussion of Bluestar and Capital Culinarian. I have a Capital 30" rangetop that I'm fairly happy with and Bluestar seems to be a fine choice too.

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We just installed a GE Monogram 30" Dual Fuel range in our nearly finished kitchen remodel. Replaces a drop in electric cooktop. Only used it a few times this week, and we used it to make one sauce, boil water for pasta, seared pork tenderloin. Loved it! Boiled up a large pot of water super quick. Simmered really low and our sauce came out great. Top grates are large, and same level surface all the way across. Only 4 burners, stacked, but have very high BTU and extremely low simmer BTU. Lots of negative posts about GE Mono appliances, but we have two cooking appliances that are GE Mono and couldn't be happier with their performance so far.

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Whit461 - thanks for the review and the picture! Also really like your hood - who is that made by?

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Hood is by Proline, pro BBQ. 27" depth which was really important to us.

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Whit461- How high is that hood above the range? 27 inch depth must help, but do you find the height hurts the hood's performance?

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Don't forget that with a high BTU cooktop you will need a larger-than-standard gas line to make sure you get enough gas coming in to power all those burners. Be sure to ask if the BTUs are "split" between the burners - it's no good to have high BTU burners if the performance is compromised when all the burners are fired up. I have had a Thermador, Dacor and Electrolux gas tops and would recommend the Thermador performance slightly over the Electrolux, but the Electrolux is a good value. Don't bother with the Dacor, their quality has slipped in recent years.

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