Dishwashers. Asko? Miele? Bosch?

ideagirl2March 23, 2013

So, we're moving. We've had an Asko for a few years and it's fantastic, no complaints. The DW in the new house is a piece of junk. So we need a new one, but I find myself mentally unable to spend upwards of $1000 on a dishwasher that does not offer a half-load option, and also mentally unable to spend $1800 on a dishwasher, which as far as I can tell is about what's required to get an Asko with a half-load option. (I say as far as I can tell, because neither the Asko site nor the AJ Madison site are set up to make it easy for me to search for that feature.)

We don't have a half-load feature on our existing Asko, and that's been the only "problem." We don't use dishes enough to run a load every day, we don't want to run the DW just to clean a few dishes... but sometimes there are dishes we want clean like NOW. A half-load option would be perfect.

I'm big on these three brands because they are all efficient, they're all quiet, they look great and they all have fancy-shmancy anti-leak protection. I figure if I buy a cheaper DW, I will wish I spent that extra $400 or whatever when my DW pees all over the floor and cabinets, costing me infinite hassle and quite possibly more than $400.

What are your recommendations? Warnings? Anecdotes? Appliance love stories? And so on?

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Why so hung up on the "half load" moniker ???

You can run the DW with any amount of dishes in it and in the top rack or or bottom or wherever.

If you simply want to saver water and a a tiny amount of electricity , you can get a model with a sensor wash program which will scale back the water based on how dirty the dishes are. Fewer dishes = less dirt = less water. Put em anyplace.

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Huh! You may be right. Maybe the sensor feature is enough? Maybe I need to get past the sense that it's somehow wasteful to run BOTH spray arms (I assume when you do a half-load, only the spray arm for that rack is running).

Ok... Any thoughts on the relative value-for-money, reliability etc of these brands?

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I had a Miele with sensor wash and it worked great. We had to move and we are renting now. The dishwasher needs to be replaced and we asked to buy our own which we can take with us when we move. We run off the dishwasher twice a day because it does not have the modular load options like our Miele had. List is $1,699 though. It's a little pricey.

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girl - the sump of a DW needs a given amount of water to even run at all -"the fill". For a miele it's around 7 gallons.

It doesn't matter whether it has 1 spray arm running or 5, it still takes 7 gallons to fill the sump. The half load options lessen that , but not by half , down to 3.5 gallons.

The arms run on water flow and pressure - not electricity. Sure it takes a bit more to run multiple arms - but not enough more that you'd notice without some sophisticated equip. hooked up to your DW.

I'd rank em :

3. Bosch - broader line and more $$$ options especially at the low end. Their entry level DW is nothing like their top of the line model, they aren't even made in the same place. The top models are quite good but are just as expensive as a miele so there's not a great reason to select it of that brand at the upper levels.

2. Asko - high quality across the line, but not as big and not as widely distributed. Started to produce some/all models outside home country.

1. Miele - high quality from entry level to top of range. The only difference is more insulation, more adjustment in the racks, and more wash programs. The very cheapest model is without a water softener to save $$$. Still made at home in germany.

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