Tub size for 5' x 8.5' bathroom

BongoMarch 17, 2014

We are renovating our house and adding a 5' x 8.5' master bathroom. It is a typical set up often seen in 5x8 bathrooms (see floor plan below for 5x8 except our is 5x8.5).

Our toilet is Toto Promenade and we are considering Toto cast iron tub 1525, 60" x 32". We would love to have a 36' vanity but our GC said we can only fit 32" vanity. Do you think this will make the space too small?

1. I know the clearance for the toilet should be at least 30" but do you think that's enough? Should we try to get more like 36" clearance?

2. We can also downsize to Toto cast iron 1515 tub which is 60" x 30" and gain 2 inches there. Does anyone have this tub? Do you like it, hate it, what is your experience? Does it even matter if the tub is 32" v. 30" in the bathroom of this size? Did anyone install 30" tub and then wished they had gone with wider 32" tub?

3. What size vanity would you recommend for bathroom of this size? 30", 32" or 36"?

Thank you all in advance!

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If you have 102" :

102-32= 70
70-30 = 40, so you should be able to have a 36"vanity and still have the 4" space to the wall required if the vanity is free standing. (or you could have a 40" vanity if it was custom and the countertop went all the way to the corner)

If you need 36 for the toilet by local code (some do require this),

102-(32 tub + 36 toilet) = 34", so you would have 30" for a freestanding vanity or 34" for one that fit all the way to the corner.

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I have a 5' x 8' bathroom. It is only 17 inches from the toilet centerline to the edge of the 60 x 30 tub. I dare not put a glass door on the tub because it will reduce elbow and shoulder room. When I remodel, I plan to take room from the closet behind the tub and install a 60 x 34 Kohler Villager which is the 60 x 30 tub with a wider ledge on the wall side. I will also build a shelf waist high along the tub wall to give more elbow room for showering. The builder did put the plumbing for the bathtub on the opposite wall from the toilet which does help.

I have a 33 inch custom vanity that goes all the way to the corner with a 34" countertop. A medicine cabinet on the side of the vanity and an 18" door to a linen closet. The linen closet is what saves this small bathroom.

The 24" door to the bathroom is opposite the vanity.

My only complaint about the bathroom is the width of the bathtub when showering.

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So you think 30" tub is not wide enough to be comfortabe for showering? We do plan on putting the shower doors in, so we should probably stay with 32" tub? Our previous tub in the apartment was even less than 30" (builders model from 1960-70s), so that's why i thought 30" would be enough.

Is 17" clearance on the side of the toilet comfortable enough to use it, or does it feel tight?


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My typical tract home second bathroom toilet space is 17 inches to the tub and 16.5 inches to the vanity. I don't find it too tight of a space. Minimum dimensions for a non handicap commercial toilet stall is 30 inches wide. What really helps is that I do not have to reach across the toilet to control the water/shower/tub because the bathtub plumbing/drain is on the opposite wall from the toilet.

I personally don't find showering in a 60 x 30 bathtub difficult or uncomfortable - like everyone I've learned to turn sideways when I raise my arms to shampoo my hair. I could go with another 60 x 30 tub in my remodel, I was just trying to get the most out of the tub situation while I had the walls torn out. I have used the 60 x 34 Villager in an older home and it is really nice.

I would really do a 32 inch tub since this is your master bathroom and you are installing a glass enclosure. And I would build a long niche along the tub back wall in the area where you raise your elbows.

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thank you! these are great and very helpful ideas!!!

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> What really helps is that I do not have to reach across the toilet to control the water/shower/tub because the bathtub plumbing/drain is on the opposite wall from the toilet.

This is great if the tub is mostly used for showering, but as a bather I'd rather not recline with the toilet next to my head, so I'd opt for keeping the same wall for all plumbing.

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First question: Does the drain/faucet for the tub HAVE to be on the left wall?

If it's possible to move it, I would suggest you consider having vanity next to tub, (Place faucet on right side), though I don't know if there are code requirements as to how close vanity can be to tub edge. I've seen lots on Houzz where they touch, but that may only be for soaker tubs. This would give you the opportunity to place toilet next to wall, which would let you position the toilet roll holder far enough forward to be comfortable. When they are installed on side of vanity, many people find it awkward to reach back...

This also eliminates the issue of bathing right next to the toilet, and I find being right next to the wall, it offers more privacy too. We put in a pocket door, and I can't believe how much it opens up the small space. If you use a 28" door, it would be tight, but doable.

We have 33.5" inches between wall and vanity for our toilet, I am a big gal and have no problems with this space.

I would opt for 2 more inches in tub area over 2" in vanity. But check tub dimensions, it's surprising how much they vary, some 32" tubs may actually be smaller inside than some 30" tubs!

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You know, I had not thought about the position of the bathtub plumbing affecting my proximity or view of the toilet while taking a bath. I rarely take baths in my second bathroom because it is a shallow Bootz tub. I just use the tub for showering (since I tore out the shower in my MBR), bathing the dogs, mopping and other household chores.
The bathroom is so small that it is hard to get away from the toilet. I know that if I were to use this bathroom on a regular basis that I would keep my toothbrush out of the way. I do take care to keep the lid closed, especially when I flush - plus I have dogs that like to drink out of the toilet.

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If the vanity is next to the tub, I think there has to be 4" clear between the side of the tub and the side of the vanity, if your locale pays attention to things like this. This is so you can clean between it an the tub and retrieve anything that falls down in that space.

I know a couple of people who have this layout and the potential problem with it is that the finish is shot on the sides of the vanity because of the steam and overspray.

In a bathroom of this size (which is fairly typical) there are tradeoffs in every possible layout.

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I hope steam and overspray aren't an issue! LOL My teak vanity is right next to my shower (closer than 4"...shhh), but I am assuming the glass wall will keep everything tickety-boo! The OP said she was planning on putting shower doors in, so I was also assuming that would protect the side of her vanity. I guess a plexiglass or even glass covering over that side might address that issue if there were no doors? You should see the steam on my kitchen cupboards from the coffee maker and from boiling water on my stove...7 years and so far no sign of any finish issue.

I guess I'll know a few years down the road if this was a wise decision, but we really had no choice for location as the toilet had to go in the alcove left by the previous shower. (My shower and toilet basically switched positions)

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Couple things in those bathrooms that contribute:

The are in Manhattan, so there is no active fan ventilation in the bathrooms.

There is a shower curtain, not glass.

The vanities are builder-quality with a builder-quality finish.

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DH's bathroom is this exact layout and size. The only addition is an extra door next to the tub. It opens to a bedroom. The door at the end where the sink is opens from a small hall. His sink is 36". Tub is 60x30x15. It's snug but not tight, totally doable for him. I'm a lot more complicated and require more space :) We're in the beginning stages of buying our material for remodeling this bathroom. His plans are to extend the wall on the side of the tub by 3.5" and put a 32" tub in there. There was some kind of mix up when we built the house in 81 that resulted in that wall being a little thicker than normal. He's fine with a 30" tub (he doesn't shower but we'll keep the tub/shower configuration) but finding a 30" tub higher than 14" isn't easy. Plus he thinks it will look nicer to have the extra space. With a curved shower curtain, it should be plenty roomy for that occasional shower.

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