How to get red wine and blood stains out of my tablecloths?

mstargardener1March 29, 2005

Any ideas on how to get red wine and blood (primerib) stain out of my tablecloths? We made 50+ tablecloths for a wedding and should have treated with protector before putting the place settings on but, forgot. Now I need good solutions for getting some of these stains out. treated some and have soaked and rewashed several without yet drying in the dryer. I am still seeing some of the stains some just slightly and others more so. The tablecloths are a light blue and most are made of 100% cotton. Any ideas or experiences with miracle solutions?


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I have the same problem on my blue cotton cloth....but mine is stained with lamb blood and red wine (a south eastern Austrailan Shiraz!...yummy!)
I plan on giving it a long soak in Oxy clean.
And that's why I love white linen cloths....just wash them with clorox!
Linda C

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Linda C, I tried the oyy clean already on several. It did remove most but not all of the stains. Some are more faint than others. I would have to say it took most of the blood out but only faded the red wine slightly. Today I ask an inn keeper what her secret was and she said to rewet with cold water or club soda and then sprinkle a very generous amount of table salt on and let soak. She says the salt will help draw the red wine out. Plan to give that a try in the morning.

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mstargardener, let us know if you were successful with the club soda and salt mixture. I swear by club soda. Also, I have had great success in the past getting red wine out using white wine.
Good Luck!

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Try Wine Away. Check out the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wine Away

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My cousin uses resolve carpet cleaner sparingly (and rinses with water right away) on wine stains in the table cloth because it worked so well on her beige carpet before. Works for her, but I've never personally tried it.

And although this doesn't fit your situation right now, I absolutely swear by using peroxide on new blood stains in clothing and carpets. Not sure how that will go over here in this forum since I've just started reading over here, but having worked in the medical field for several years, we never went far from peroxide. We were always dealing with patients on a surgical unit which makes them prone to bleed. Never ruined a smock the entire time I worked there even after many unavoidable events with IV's and such...

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I know the salt works on FRESH wine spills really well. I"ll be interested to see if it works on older stains.


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Mine is now clean....I soaked it in All detergent and 2 scoops of oxi wine and the blue color is fine.
Linda C

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i kind of freaked out when i read the title of this post - red wind and blood stains on a table cloth? - what kind of parties does this person have ? but it was much less scary when i actually read the entire post - whew.

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