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flowergMarch 18, 2006

I have just resently had a puff back from a fuel oil furnace in my home. Needless to say I have one heck of a mess to clean up. we have decided to clean it ourselves. I need to find a product that I can use on anything and that will clean the oily black stuff off. Does anyone have any suggestions or past experiences with this. Need help fast please.


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I feel sorry for you,we had a puff-back a few years ago. Clean up was hard,we used simple green and lots and lots of towels. I think I still have some black under my fingernails.

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I remember having that happen several times as a kid...
My mother vacuumed it herself.....being very careful to just suck it up and not wipe it lest it smear!
The clue is to get it up without touching the soot....use canned air on things like lamp shades and furniture and suck it up as you blow it off.
Linda C

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Had that once as a kid also -
I think it was the only insurance claim my parents filed - as the further they got into it, tried cleaning the more pervasive they noted it was -
clothing,lampshades, curtains, upolstery, shower curtains, windows -

That's why you have homeowners insurance
good luck

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We sent in a claim and the insurance will cover this but we decided that we would clean it ourselves because we are also in the process of some extensive remodeling in the kitchen and dining rooms. One bathroom is also going to be totally remodeled. New cupboards and sheetrock, paint etc. So the clean up is some tear down also that the cleaning company won't do.
Any way years ago I used simple green alot as I owned my own cleaning business but I had read about people who used simple green for a period of time were actually having nerve damage to there hands and arms. I didn't notice any of this even though I had used it for about 6 months. I really liked it's clean up tho so I think I will try it on my walls, ceilings, etc. etc. Thanks for reminding me about this product. I do have a small vacuum cleaner that will definately suck up the soot first. I can't do any cleaning yet as we also found out that we have a crack in the furnace. We were warned that this will happen again and very shortly. Needless to say we ordered a new furnace (gas) and that will be put in on Tuesday so that night and the next few and weekends will be spent at home cleaning,,, what a mess.

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I would try this in an inconspicuous place (perhaps behind a door) and see if it works...go to a store like Lowes or Home Depot and purchase several chem sponges ($$). They are expensive but are generally are very effective at cleaning soot of walls and woodwork. If the walls streak you'll probably end up painting two coats on the walls. Generally, petroleum based soot will streak and need to be painted. Hopefully, not the woodwork - this should come clean w/out painting. To find out which rooms have the soot and which ones do not, run your finger over the top of the door casing just inside the door to each room. Be super careful cleaning lampshades and custom window treatments. Good luck.

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I was just browsing looking for some answers to that same question on the net, and I came across this recipe for a cleaning solution for soot....
1C. Ammonia
1/2C. Distilled Vinegar
1/4C. Baking Soda
Mix in 1 Gallon warm or hot water.
I haven't had the opportunity to use this yet, however, I will be. I love burning candles and I have burned "Yankee" candles, although they smell wonderful, they leave unbelievable soot on the walls and I have never been able to find a good cleaning solution. I used to do housekeeping at a lodge, and the commonly used cleaners were ammonia, and think this may be the ticket to getting the desired affect for removing soot from walls...wish you luck

Here is a link that might be useful: CLEANING:General Household

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On items that are washable, please try Dawn dishwashing liquid (the original blue formula). We had an awful soot problem during remodeling an old kitchen with a fireplace, and this is the only thing we found that would effectively clean up the soot. I feel for you; the soot problem was the absolute worst thing we had to deal with.

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Years ago we had the puff that you are talking about. We had gold colored carpeting at the time. I used ammonia-- 3 parts to 1 part warm water. It worked quite well. Blot but don't rub at first to get the worst of it up.

The recipe that is above looks to me like it would also work.

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