mythreesonsnc - are you still around?

andi_kMarch 4, 2012

mythreesons - I'm hoping you are still around and can help with an exterior paint color suggestion!

We finally broke ground! Things are progressing and I'm searching the planet for the perfect exterior paint colors. Will you share what you did for the exterior siding and trim colors? I want something light, but not too white or grey or tan...your pics look similar to what I'd prefer (at least on my monitor..ha!)

Anyway, I'm hoping you are still around and can point me in a good direction...thanks!

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Sorry I missed this, Buckheadbilly sent me a heads up! Thanks!

I'm so excited for you that you've broken ground, congratulations!
One day I was driving around and saw a house with paint colors I really liked. I stuck a note in their mailbox and got a call back. The nice lady gave me her paint cans so I could sample it! The main color is Duron "mushroom," and the trim color is Duron "October Frost." I am happy with the colors --- It is hard to say if it is more in the greys or the tans, which I like. When I did the paint sample the trim and main color looked so similar, but up it is a subtle contrast, but enough.

Keep us posted! Can't wait to see your beautiful house go up!

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Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it. I think I have every white/tan/beige/grey/greige color spread out all over my house! Who knew they'd all look so different...agonizing! :)

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Be sure you look at them outside if you have sun exposure. Things look much much lighter outside than they do inside . . . at least that is what we found!

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wow, you are not kidding re: how much lighter it all looks! I ran to our SW store yesterday...they only had an old Duron deck to show me the Mushroom so I just grabbed a small swatch card of a SW color that was very very similar. I thought there was no way that was the color on mythreesons house! I then held it ouside this morning and's soooo much lighter outside. I would never have guessed that color would end up so much lighter. (that makes me think the whites I had will have my house glow in the dark...which is not the look I'm going for...ha!)

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