Sticky wooden salad bowl

pippa-gardenerMarch 30, 2009

My salad bowl has become really sticky on the outside and I have tried to clean it without success. It is engraved and wondering if maybe there is varnish on it and this is causing the stickiness. Any ideas please? Thank you.

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I use a mix of white vinegar and olive oil to clean my kitchen table and it gets off stuff I didn't even know was there! I've seen different ratio's but I've found that 3 parts vinegar to one part oil works best for me. The vinegar cleans and the oil conditions the wood.

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the stickiness most likely is caused by partially oxidized oils from the dressing you have used.
A cleaner like 409 and a plastic scrubber will remove it....but don't do that if the bowl is varnished.
In that case try just dish soap and lots and lots of elbow grease.
Linda C

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Hot water, dish soap and elbow grease, but don't let it soak in water-the wood will warp. Good luck!

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