Help with confirming my choices please

dwojnarMarch 17, 2014


We are remodeling our guest bath and I would appreciate your input on some choices. I have selected a Toto Promenade toilet and a Kohler Archer tub. Do you think the Kohler Archer tub is too contemporary for the Toto Promenade toilet? My other tub choice is more traditional in style but the Archer is a little bit deeper in water depth.

Thank you for your help. I tend to overanalyze everything!!

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We just got that same toilet and will be getting that same tub for our kids bathroom. I love the look of both! But that's just my opinion :-)

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Thank you. So funny you picked the exact same items. Great minds think alike. ;)

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Honestly, I would never look at those two fixtures and think they didn't go together. I would probably comment on the nice tub, but rarely do I focus on what the toilet looks like. Any port in a storm.

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They look fine together to me. The Archer is a nice tub. I came so close to getting that, too.

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