Bottled Water Cooler -- Cleaning Question

mrmichaeljmooreMarch 19, 2009

I got a free Poland Spring 5 gallon water cooler from work.

We've been using the cooler for years, but they got a new i get the old one.

I took and home and tried to clean it up, in order to clean it up to meet my wife's cleanliness standards.

As I inspected it, I noticed that there is a brown film/staining on the plastic components of the cooler (in the resovoir, on the plastic baffle in the resovoir). I also unscrewed the hot and cold spigot handles and there was the brown film/staining in there too. It kinda looks like mineral deposits/staining.

It comes off when i run my finger across it....but i can't get my finger in all the nooks and crannies where the staining is.

So, I ran boiling water through the unit. I let the boiling water sit in the unit for over 20 minutes. But that didn't get rid of the brown film.

I tried vinegar and hot luck....

I tried bleach and hot luck...

Does anyone have any suggestions for clenaing up the brown stain/film?

Or should I not be worried about the staining? Is the stain/film mineral deposits from the bottled water?



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Stained plastic can be impossible to return to its original appearance. You might try cleaning it with a wet cloth and some SoftScrub with Bleach - that would allow the bleach to sit on the plastic for a couple minutes. The bleach that you used previously should have killed anything in there.

Have you checked with Poland Springs to see if you can buy replacement parts?

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