My Miele is rather loud.

westtoeastMarch 14, 2012

Our kitchen renovation is nearly complete and my GC gave me the go ahead to run a load of dishes in our new Miele Dishwasher. We have the basic model, but I have always heard that even the bottom of the rung Mieles are still very quiet. I am sitting in the next room and can hear it running very clearly. Is this normal? It certainly isn't ANY more quiet than our old GE. Disappointing.

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Is this the first time you've run it? And if not, is it always that loud? Our almost-bottom-of-the-line Miele is generally very quiet, you can hear it, but only if you actually listen for it. However, sometimes I can actually hear it running when I'm sitting nearby. I think it has something to do with how/what is loaded, when it's a certain way it makes more noise. I haven't cared enough to actually take note of when this happens, but I have noticed it. Even when it's 'louder', it's not terribly loud, and not the least bit intrusive, but I have noticed it.


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Hi Cj,
This is the first time I am running it. It has been running for about 45 minutes, on the "normal" cycle, and I can still hear it, a room and a half away. There is no rattling noise, no banging or anything, just a consistent running/washing sound. I am very surprised, since I have never heard anything but rave reviews about how quiet the Mieles are. I guess we will just get into the habit of running it when we go to bed..I certainly wouldn't turn it on during a dinner party in the dining room (one room over).
I just wonder if this is an install issue, or if we got a lemon, or if this is typical with the basic model?

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When my KitchenAid DW was installed, it was left open (e.g., underneath) for a few days -- so any leaks would be visible before they caused damage. That DW definitely got quieter once fully sealed in with insulation. I wanted it quiet, because the kitchen's open now.

From what you describe about this new install and the sounds you hear, I wonder if that is what's going on with yours, westtoeast.

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Ah, great point, chac_mool! Our toe kick is not on yet, is that what you mean? I hope that will help!

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Did you run it with any dishes? An empty DW will sound louder.

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Two things that will make it more quiet is having a wood toe-kick across the bottom of the unit (as that will dampen some of the motor's sound), and the more full the unit is with dishes/pans/cups it will dampen the water "swashing" sound.

I know that on my Miele Diamante Plus (2 years old) that I can hear more of the water swashing sound when it's not full, and less sound when it is full.

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Yes, the toe kick! That'll make a real difference, when its on.

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Oh, definately the toe kick! And also being empty--those two things together are going to make it much louder. With mine, my 'dining room' is in the other half of the kitchen. For Thanksgiving, I've cleared the table and run it with everyone sitting around talking at the table with absolutely no trouble--the ambient noise covers up any sound it does make. I think you'll find it to be much better once it is all together and full.


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This is a nice timely post. I just ran an ampty cycle last night with my new Miele to make sure it was all cleaned out. I have the diamond, which has the most insulation. I was like man this seems kinda loud and then remembered reading this post. I too have no toe kick yet. I then ran a load of pots on both shelves. What a difference. The 1st time is also louder since the water lines have to be purged with air etc. still not a quiet as I figured but figure it will even quieter after the toe kick is on.

On another note, I do have a question About the toe kick. I will put on my own custom wood one. There was the cheap plastic one that not using. But there seems to be a piece of insulation that seems to be the same size as the plastic black toe kick piece. I assume the insulation goes behind the toe kick? The graphical install inst with no descriptions are no help :)

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The insulation should go behind.

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And check to be sure that the side and top gaskets are touching the cabinets and counter underneath surface, respectively.


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The reason I say this is that I ran my Miele dishwasher even outside of the cabinets (freestanding) and it was not terribly loud. Then there was an issue with the toekick and it was not installed for some time. The dishwasher was still quiet. I didn't notice much difference with the toekick or not.

I have the Dimension Plus, so I don't know what any other model sounds like, but my dishwasher is VERY quiet. In fact, I had dinner guests who were helping me clean up after dinner and they wanted to know how to turn it on when it was already running. They were standing right in front of it when they asked.

To me it sounds like something is not quite right if your Miele is so loud. Could be the toekick, but I know it didn't make much difference (if any) to me.

Usually the only time it makes noise is when it is draining (a gurgling noise) or sometimes during the course of a cycle (especially on Pots and Pans mode) there may be a thumping noise. Mostly it is just a quiet swishing.

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I too have noticed that during that drain cycle, there is a rattling sound on my Diamante Plus model. It didn't do it right away, but I started to hear it a few months after use.

The Miele techs came out and showed me it is caused by a weighted metal ball in the non-return valve ( you can pull this part out as its under the filter on the left side). If I then take out the metal ball, then it does not rattle during draining, but some of the drained water will back-feed from the hose. The weighted metal ball prevents this by closing the non-return valve.

It is annoying, and the Miele tech agreed and said it was normal, though some of the older models from 5-10 years ago have a different type of non-return valve that doesn't do it, buy won't fit in any of the G2000 or G5000 models.

I had them send me out a replacement (same part), and it still does the rattling during the water drain. Two years later I've learned to live with it, as it only drains 4-5 times per wash and lasts like 10 seconds each time. Other than that, the unit is quiet and cleans well.

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