Keeping Rug Tassels/Fringe Straight?

geebeescMarch 16, 2010

I have several oriental type rugs; however, some of them invariably look all messy because the fringe will not stay straight. I've seen the tape used on the back, but I don't particularly want to use that--especially on round rugs where there's a gap between each tassel. Anyone have an ingenious idea as to how to make the tassel/fringe a little stiffer and stay straighter?

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Hate to sound so persnickety, but I comb the tassels on my two oriental rugs so they lay flat. Otherwise the rugs do look messy. I keep a small pick-type hair comb among my cleaning tools for this purpose. (Oh, and I iron my blue jeans, too :)

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I tried the combing (felt weird!! lol!) but it really did help! Thanks for the tips!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Design

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Actually, the fringe isn't tangled, it just gets separated or tossed back from the least brush with a foot or such because apparently, the fringe is too light & silky. I tho't maybe someone had an idea to make it more stiff without having to tape it.

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I wonder if a spray acrylic (or something of the sort) could be put on it (with something under it while sprayed of course). Maybe that would keep it from moving around so easily. Spray starch maybe?
I don't have rugs with tassels, so haven't tried it myself.

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Get rugs without tassles? ;-)

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