Review of Bertazzoni 30" Gas Range

BluCasettaMarch 17, 2013

We have now had our Bertazzoni range for just under 2 months. We are so happy with our choice. We chose the Master Series A304 GGV XS.

I have really put the range through a bit. We've cooked omelets and stir-fries, made everything from beef/Guinness stew (where I had to sear the beef over high heat) to hollandaise sauce -- and the cooktop has performed extremely well and nothing has been scorched or underdone.

The oven has also been a treat to use. I've made casseroles and baked goods that come out evenly cooked and browned in every area and I've also broiled and roasted meats, which come out seared and juicy. Lots of "pros" about this range... seriously, given our restrictions on depth, we could not be happier.

If you decide to go with a Bertazzoni, two things to know that may be "cons" for you: a) make sure to get the oven professionally installed. It must be level and there are thermocouplers and other things for safety and switchoffs that need to be connected; and b) the oven is smaller than American ones, so just be prepared that you may not be able to cook the world's biggest turkey. Also, it does not have a self clean option. I haven't needed to use one; just a "Sham Wow," a "Mr Clean Eraser" and some water have worked fine on all my spills.

Oh, lastly -- you will need an oven thermometer (mine cost a whopping $7). :) Although the dial gives you 25 degree temperature increments, the temperature gauge is old school (preheat, medium, hot on the dial really doesn't get you precision!). So you will want that in addition to your purchase.

I love my Berta. I've had Viking, Bosch and Thermador ranges and I'd take my Berta over any of them... at least for now.

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great review, thanks for posting.
I cook stuffed turkey all the time-the oven would fit a 10-12lb fine ?

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I have owned a duel fuel bertazzoni range for 3 years. Here's my problem: There is a loud overwhelming cooling fan that runs continually during any oven cooking mode. It is annoying and drowns out the television in the kitchen and any conversation is impossible. On several occasions the cooling fan does not shut off even when the oven is off and cool. The solution has been to unplug the oven which is difficult due to the weight of moving it or go into the garage and turn the power breaker off and on again. The seal has leaked around the double glass panes on door thus moisture and streaks are noticeable between the glass. Not happy with this over priced high end oven. I've had it 3 years and it going out the door. Does not seem to bake evenly. Some cookies are very brown while others not. Very disappointing.

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Wow, I'm surprised by the negative review from nearly a year ago. I've had my 30 inch gas Pro for about six months now, and I'm really happy with it.

The oven fan certainly does make noise, but not as much as the Zephyr hood we bought. I don't find it disturbing.

Here are the great things:

- The burners are powerful but not overly so. You can really turn it up, or turn any burner down to a nice simmer. This makes the stovetop extremely flexible for me, because I often cook multiple dishes at once.

- The front left burner is composed of two burners, actually, each individually controlled - an inner ring and an outer ring. I often use the inner ring as an additional small simmer burner, especially when using my finjan (traditional Arabic coffee maker). My husband likes fried eggs, and he loves the even heating across the iron frying pan he uses.

- The oven bakes beautifully. I use convection most of the time now. I love the way baked goods turn out - it's the best baking I've ever done.

- Last but not least, the cleanup is super easy. I take off the grates, rinse out a soft sponge in hot water, squeeze it out, use a smidge of dishwash fluid, and wipe down the entire surface. Then I do it again with plain water. I usually dry the surface as well, just because it's so satisfying to make it look great. I am a habitual over-boiler, so I've even taken the burners off (super easy - just lift them off), and wiped the area below.

This is by far the nicest stove I've cooked on in many years. I had a coal-fired Aga and then a Rayburn when I lived in Britain, and I loved those, but this Bertazzoni is really great for how we live now.

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I really wanted to like the 30" Bertazzoni. The pro is gorgeous to look at.

For me the deal breaker was the burner configuration and the underpowered burners. Personally I want the two most powerful burners up front. I know the staggered configuration is common but I'm not a fan.

The bottom line: I felt I could get a better range for the money. But as with everything YMMV.

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