How to remove microfiber clothes sweat odor?

jobirdMarch 14, 2008

This question really is for a friend of mine ;)

He says he loves the feel of his microfiber shirts,but can't get the sweat odor out by laundering them.

Any suggestions? TIA

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Sounds to me like his detergent is not doing it's job. I would suggest switching to one with enzymes.

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Hope this isn't taken the wrong way, but how is he laundering them? What kind of detergent, how much detergent, washer type, etc. Sweat smell should be out just by a simple wash, but if it's really bad, try soaking and/or using Borax in the wash. Some automatic dishwasher detergent with enzymes will give laundry a boost. Vinegar in the wash and/or rinse will also help if it's really bad.

When my clothes used to smell like kerosene and exhaust, Borax was the answer.

One other thought is the water. Could it be smelly water? Maybe needs some water softening compound?

One other thought: is there could be a smell in the machine that's transferring? Maybe run a cleaning load or two, with bleach and the hottest water on an empty load or maybe with some old rags in there would be better and see if that makes a difference. Maybe there's a mold buildup.

But first thing I'd try is Borax. That stuff is great.

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Thank you for all the suggestions. I'm not sure why odor isn't being removed,but I will tell him what you both said.

Thanks again.

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After searching online I found two detergents that claim to remove the odor from microfiber clothes.

I saw this one at Kroger's today: Sport-Wash

Yesterday I found this one at Dick's Sporting Goods: Win detergent

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