Mardi Gras Table

nana2010_gwMarch 8, 2011

I've had this table done for two weeks, but didn't want to post it too early. Then I was busy helping DD #4 get her house ready for her house warming party, not to mention bad weather and life in general. Anyway DD #1 was able to come and post for me today.

I found these dishes and glassware at Dollar Tree. When I saw them they said they wanted to be featured on a Mardi Gras Table, so who was I to refuse. I used the tea towels from DT as runners. I've had the green tablecloth since the year ONE. The beads and feathered masks came from there as well. I got the tiara from a $ store and embellished it a little, I made the crown from glittered craft paper. The fabric for the napkins came from Walmart. Craw fish is courtesy of a TS. He looks suspiciously like Sebastian from the Little Mermaid to me. Some of the doubloons are chocolate candy wrapped in gold foil. The others are scraps from my DH's machine Shop. My son sprayed them gold.

As a side note the stickers on the bottom of the glass ware said made in the USA.

Thanks for Lookin


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Nana, those dishes worked well for your Mardi Gras table. I bought them too, except I bought the blue tea towels. Your little crawfish is adorable, I love crawfish(yummie). Your mask, crowns and tiaras look great too, and the napkins are the best, I've never seen anything like that at WallyWorld. Great job!

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Ok, nana...looks like you just had TOO MUCH FUN! What a cheery, MG table! And those new plates & glasses will be wonderful for "summer fun," too! (remember, summer too shall come!)

Your napkins are striking for this table...& your crown & all it's glory is quite unique! (tiara, too)! What is that gold centerpc? Did DS spray paint that, too?

Anyway, it looks like you are ready for a PARTY_! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Very cool! Love the colors and all of your decorations!

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Love the crawfish. There's a Thrift Shop near me that always has stuffed animals. I'm definitely going to look for the crawfish everytime I go there.
Great idea to use the machine shop leftovers.

Nice use of color.

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What a FUN table. The adorable little crawfish made me laugh out loud. He's way too cute.

You got a GREAT "Candy Shot". I'm getting a mental picture of you gals all swinging from chandeliers with your cameras.

hugs, Karen

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nana..what a fun table and so colorful too.
Love the dishes and glassware. I can see them in so many different settings. The runners and napkins are a perfect match.
I was laughing over you having this table set up for a couple of had to be hard to wait.
I think the crowns and masks look great and I agree, clever idea using the left overs pieces from the Machine Shop. I was also wondering about he CP - you have to tell us about it.


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Thanks everyone for your great comments. This was a fun table to do. I agree that the dishes would look good in a fun summer setting too. [Will it ever come?]
My DGD and her boyfriend were at the thrift shop when I was there and he pointed the crawfish out to me, it was only 50 cents so I couldn't turn it down.
I don't remember where the bud vase I used in the CP came from, someone's initials are on the bottom so I think it is ceramic. It reminds me of twigs or branches from a tree bound together. It is a very unusual piece, and has been gold as long as I've had it.

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Nana, love your MG table! So much fun on this one. The new dishes are wonderful and I'm sure you will use them alot. Your .50 crawfish is the best. Napkins are soooo pretty. So sorry you had to wait 2 weeks to share with us.

I can see with a little rework and this could be the start of a St Pat's table. Already have the green cloth and gold coins out.LOL Do you already have one set?

So glad you are here posting with all of us.


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Love the crawfish. And REALLY love the "slugs" from the machine shop. I looked at the picture before I read you write up and guess what they were! They reminded me of something I played with as a kid.


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What a great table you put together from Dollar Tree! I'm going tomorrow... Those glasses look terrific! Your color scheme for Mardi Gras is unusual and very attractive. I really like the plates also. Why do I miss all this stuff?

A really great job.

- Magpie

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