Blue Sapphire Granite w/ Kona Cabinetry? Pics Included

gdwright07March 12, 2012

Hi all. So my wife and I just bought a brand new house and have a number of selections to finalize, one of which is the materials to be used in the master bath. We looked at what they had to offer the other day and came up with the following:

- dark kona cabinetry

- blue sapphire granite

- cream colored floor and shower tiling with a mosaic band running horizontally through the shower.

We thought it looked pretty sharp as we were putting it together but as I got to thinking about it, I grew a little concerned that a) the granite and cabinetry wouldn't work and b) the look in general would be too rich and too dark for a bathroom. Did some research online and couldn't find any suitable examples of what we were trying to pull off. I'm gonna try to add a picture here. Would love to get your thoughts. Can we pull it off? If so, what kind of paint might best compliment the look? Thanks in advance!

Okay, so I can't figure out how to post a pic. The best I can do is upload it online. I get if you're not comfortable following the link...100% safe though, I promise.

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I just started a thread on how to post photos. Please post photos directly into the post. Don't just add a link. You will get more responses to your posts.

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Here is your picture...

I'm not afraid to go a little darker/richer for a masterbath as long as there is natural light. You'd probably want to stay with a lighter paint color.

I really like all of the materials that you've chosen but I'm a little hesitant about all three together because I'd be concerned that they would be competing for attention. With the movement in the tile and the dramatic granite, I'd probably skip the mosaic. That's what we did in our room because I really wanted my granite to be the showstopper.

You might want to cross post your question and picture in the Home Decorating forum because that's a very active, helpful forum with great ideas. A picture of your room and/or layout would help people visualize your space too.

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