Dyson Ball Animal model 41

mary_littlerockarMarch 14, 2013

I am considering purchasing this vacuum.

Is the hose that can be used with attachments difficult to work with? Is it heavy or stiff to use while vacuuming furniture?

My thanks for your time.


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I've had mine for about 2 yrs now and I LOVE it! I live in a new hourse and installed a central vac system, but the damn Hide-a-Hose is so awkward and hard to use that after struggling with it for a few months, I went out and bought the Dyson 41 - Animal. I have two hair beasts - a 30 lb Maine Coon cat with an attitude, who sheds hair everywhere, and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who has long, fluffy hair, even on her toes. The Dyson pulls unbelievable amounts of hair out of the carpeting and the hardwood floors. We're talking "tumbleweeds" of hair. It's MUCH easier to use and much lighter than other uprights I have owned, including Hoover, Kenmore, and several others I have owned.

I liked my Dyson Animal so much that I went out and bought their small tank style Animal for my steps and other smaller jobs. My hubby bought their cordless handheld for the cars. We're a 3 Dyson family! I recommend their DC 41 highly.

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I have a Dyson DC 25. I believe (but am not certain) that the hose system is the same on the various uprights. I don't find the hose to be heavy or stiff.

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My thanks for your helpful replies.

I've been looking at the model 41 and when I went in to purchase it yesterday, my Sam's Club had it on sale for $519.00 so needless to say, I'm extremely happy with the price. It also has the additional tools. Now to pull it out of the box and see what it will do.

I'm so glad to have found this helpful forum.


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