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beanwabrMarch 7, 2011

I'm looking into tips for having a clean scent in my home. My bathrooms are especially rough, no matter how much cleaning is done. One tip I had read said to place a dab of, say, vanilla, on a cold light bulb and then when it is turned on it warms up for a nice smell. I wonder, would this work if I'm using a CFL, which doesn't emit much heat.

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Do you have an exhaust fan and/or window in your bath? It sounds like it needs some fresh air. If you can smell anything when the bathroom is clean you have either a water leak somewhere or there are some germs not being caught during normal cleaning. Or the base of your toilet could not be sealed properly. They do wear out over time.

I use a mixture of Taaka Vodka w/equal amount of tap water, 1 squirt of Dawn and a few drops of Spearmint essential oil to wipe down everything in my house. I use the same mixture with some vinegar added, to mop all my floors. I also spray my trash cans when they are emptied so they hold the fragrance for a little while.

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for a nice scent that isn't overwhelming, try getting some essential oils and an oil burner / diffuser. the one i have, you put two or three drops of the oil (i have orange, lavendar, etc.) and ten drops of water, then you put a tea light underneath. it provides a wonderful understated aroma.

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To freshen my house, I just wait for a dry day (no precipitation) and open the winows, even 5 minutes will do. Just enough to do one air exchange, outside air in. Smells remarkably fresh. I don't bother with highly scented candles or sprays,etc.

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If you ever go to the Bath & body works store, look for "wall flowers". Its a plug in and the scents are great, they will really make a room smell nice.
They put them on sale often. Try to catch them when they are $6.00

Here is a link that might be useful: Wall flowers

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