Does Anyone Have A Scooba?

marilyn_sueMarch 19, 2010

I am thinking about buying a Scooba and wonder if any have one and how well they work. I have two Roombas and I really like them. I keep one upstairs and one down. The Scooba would be used for downstairs on 40 year old tile. With back and knee problems it is getting harder for me to keep the floors clean. Does anyone have one?


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I use Scooba to clean my tile floor. I think it does a pretty good job (good enough for me at least, most of the time). It doesn't seem to do much for the grout though and like Roomba, doesn't always get the corners quite clean or some of the edges. Seems to depend on the day (also like my Roomba).

That said, I really do like my robots, I just picked up a 2nd Scooba on Craigslist recently. Something must have fallen on my first one and cracked the tank. It was still working fine but I don't see them come up on CL very often, so I thought I'd get it. I do have to replace the battery soon though :-(

You can either use the Clorox Scooba solution or a vinegar/water mix but (as far as I know) nothing else.

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Thanks Greenbean08 for your reply. I don't have tile with grout, so I think it should work. I am still looking for the one that will do the most for the best price :)


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