Bunnies and Eggs

nana2010_gwMarch 29, 2011

I love my little Bunny Village, but I'm not sure if it shows up too well with all the bears in the background. I hope bunnies are not part of their diet LOL! A while back someone asked me if I have bunnies out year round or just at Easter. I forgot about the ones I see every day on the border in my dining room.

These are some of my bunnies, the brown and white Rabbit in the back on the right is very old and he is on display year round.

When I saw the colored bunnies at Big Lots I knew they had to go on this table. I've had the table cloth for about 18 years. My MIL did ceramics in the 60's and 70's, she did the eggs that are on the plates which are salt and pepper shakers. The little chicks are also ceramic. My oldest DD made them in ceramics class in HS. I got the crocheted basket I used for the Centerpiece from a TS and filled it with eggs from DT. The wooden eggs were painted for me by DD#3. I used decals to decorate the glasses but I don't think they show up too well. I put a little egg tree and some bunnies on the table in the corner. I seem to have bunnies multiplying all over the house.


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Nana, love your bunny village all lit up. The border is so pretty with all the bunnies, fruits, veg. and flowers. You have so many neat bunnies. Nice seeing old and new together. I've heard they really mulitiply fast! You have them all over and they look great. I have a lg bunny just like yours that my DSis painted in ceramics years ago.

Your table turned out beautiful. Love the tc you used. Wonderful ruffled dishes, napkins and place mats. Is that a crocheted doilie under the egg in the center of your plates? So pretty. The candle holders and pink candles are so cute.

Your new green, pink and purple bunnies are so pretty with the eggs on this table. Your stems are cute with the egg decals on them too. So fun to see all this.


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I'm lovin the bunny village! Very cute and it show up just fine. The bears can fill up on Easter eggs, LOL.
You have a great bunny collection, the older one is really nice.

Your table is wonderful. That tablecloth is so pretty and your settings look absolutely perfect on there.


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I love that village too. I think yours is the first Easter Village I've seen..
I think your bunny border is adorable..such a pretty scene and I'm in love with your Bunny collection. The large white one and the brown and white one..I really like.
I've got to go to Big Lots and check out those ceramic ones. They're really nice and colorful and are perfect with that tablecloth the I simply love!
Are your polka dot plates from CTS? I think I've seen them there..had my eye one them but never got them. They look very pretty with the eggs. In fact your whole table looks lovely .


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Ohhhhh, love the t'cloth!...18 yrs...that could count as vintage, right? LOL! And I love all the eggs & chicks & the family stories behind them...makes them even more special! ...& so pretty.

Those plates are really cute with the dots & your new solid color bunnies really do look great w/vintage t'cloth!

You've certainly got a collection of "bunnies!" I can see they have multiplied for you! Good pics! Love your sharing of them! Jeanne S.

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NanaK, I love how "bunnified" you are. A gal after my own heart. I recognize some of them too, have their brothers (or sisters). And yes, they surely do multiply it seems.
I keep telling mine NO MORE, but they don't listen! (even my Dustbunnies are laughing at me).

Your bunny village is wonderful. I've only seen the houses that are kinda small, tall'n skinny. Yours are really a village type. Now don't go getting me interested in these,
please!! No enabling!!

What a cute tablecloth, and so colorful. Can't believe its that old! And those Big Lots bunnies definitely were made for your tablesetting.

I want to say, again, that when any of you add such detailed descriptions of things along with your photos, it just makes it all such fun to read and enjoy. Thank you!
I have so little with family history behind it, and getting to read about stuff that you inherited or family made sure
touches my heart. Even tho I missed out on that in real life, I truly enjoy sharing yours here.

hugs, Karen

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Nana, I love love love your bunny border and that pretty plaid wallpaper! You have some neat bunnies, and I'm admiring that round table some are sitting on as well. The tablecloth is perfect for an easter table, good job.


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Now that Luvs mentioned that neat little round table in the corner, how about another picture of it for us ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Thanks everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed looking.
Punk, My MIL painted my large Bunny in ceramics as well he lights up too. Those are crocheted doilies under the eggs I was going to use paper doilies, then I remembered I had these.
Candy, I'm glad you like the village, I'm going to keep those bears well supplied with Easter eggs LOL.
Jane the pink plates are from CTS. I'm glad I got them, They are so versatile. In some quarters wallpaper borders are dated and should be removed ASAP. But, I love my bunny one it makes me smile.
Karen. I've had that little village for a long time I enjoy it. This is the WRONG place to come if you don't want to be enabled!! Usually the village isn't so close to the bears though. My tablecloth has held up well but it only comes out once a year. I am happy to share the history on my treasures I feel lucky to have them. And I love it when I find bargains.
Luvs, I will share a close up of the table. I think those bunnies might be used in another setting as well.
This was such a fun table to do I'm glad you all enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to seeing more of what every one else is doing.

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Nana, looks like your house is ready for the Easter parade. Being a wallpaper kind of girl, I love your bunny border and pastel plaid paper. I like collections of things all grouped together like on that wonderful green cabinet. And last but not least your table is pastel perfect. Let's see my favs are the tablecloth, the BL bunnies, the plates, the basket, the candles, well you get the picture, love it all.

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