please vote! help with knob/pull selection and arrangement

adel97March 15, 2012

I'm remodeling my 80's guest bath and am happy with the overall scheme planned, but am having trouble with pull selection. I love these Amerock "Sleek" knobs and pulls, in chrome, especially the open oval ones:

I'm just not sure if it's overkill to have them on all the cabinet doors and drawers? Or should I use the solid, smaller, coordinating knob for the cabinet doors? I'm no design maven and could use some help choosing. Here are the options I came up with:

A) All oval knobs with cabinet knobs lined up with drawer knobs:

B) All oval knobs with drawer knobs centered on drawers (not in line with cabinet knobs):

C) use the solid, smaller knobs on doors:

And just a progress pic for the heck of it. Cabinets go in tomorrow!

Thanks for your input!

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I like the third photo best by far. The other photos almost look like bin pulls at a glance. I also prefer the symmetry of the third photo. It must be exciting to be getting your cabinets!

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I agree with Renee. Very cool pulls. Did you think about using the open ovals vertically on the doors in the position of those in #3, only slightly farther apart? I just worry the scale of the door pulls looking too small with the open ovals.

Be sure to post pics when complete!

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I like #3 by far also. The vertical placement of the knobs on the cabinet doors helps looks great and I think that the difference in size is actually a good thing because it breaks ups all of the sameness and looks purposeful, not like you just turned the knob on its side.

It's so exciting when the cabinets are installed because you can really see your room coming together. When you can hold the knobs and pulls against the actual cabinets, the best choice may become more obvious. I had chosen a RH pull which I planned to turn vertical on my doors. Once my cabinets were installed, I felt that would be too many of the same fairly large pull and instead found a different manufacturer's knob for the doors that I absolutely love. I'll try to get a picture posted later today. This weekend, our 10 1/2 month masterbath reno should be DONE!!

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Sorry, that should read that the vertical placement of the knobs on the cabinet doors looks great...

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It looks like option 3 is the winner! I was leaning this way, but it's great to have confirmation. The "mood board" is not to scale of course, so I appreciate the points made about waiting until the cabinets are in to make the final decision. I've seen and held the pulls in person but I'm ordering mine online, so I may just have to order enough for two of these options. Thankfully, they're not too expensive and I only need a few.


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i would use all of the open ovals, but change their orientation to vertical on the doors... like you did on #3 with the small solid ovals...

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I agree with the others - #3 with vertical orientation on the doors! Oh, and I love your pulls! So cool!

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