Water Streaking on Finishes

callie25March 4, 2010

Once you have streaking on a high gloss wood finish,(caused by wiping with damp cloth) what should you use to remove the streaks?

Also, I have hard water stains/water streaking on my shower door trim (both interior & exterior) (which is an aluminum finish). What will take the spots off & make it shine again? The finish itself is still good (just spots & streaks). Thanks.

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I use lemon oil on my aluminum shower surround to make it shine. I use an inexpensive brand called Holloway House, you some on a cloth and wipe. You find it in stores among the furniture polish.

Their link below mentions using it in the bathroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lemon Oil Wood Polish

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Thanks, I purchased the Holloway House lemon oil & it makes the trim look really nice (appears to have gotten rid of the spots on the trim). I also put a light coat on the shower door (I have the hammered glass). There was always light traces of years of water spots, soap scum or something (the glass looks great). Can you expect the lemon oil to repel spots and such for a while (any idea how long)?

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I'm glad it worked for you and appreciate the feedback.

I've never paid much attention to how long it lasted. When we were selling our house, I would use it before showings to make the bathroom chrome shine.

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