Is it safe to do this with a carpet cleaner and your carpets?

mark40511March 7, 2011


I have a Hoover Agility that does a good job. I don't like to use the carpet shampoos to clean the carpets......There are no stains on the carpets at all but I just want to clean them every so often.......I have used white vinegar in the past with hot water.

I was thinking.......If I use the water take filled with hot tap water and maybe a teaspoon of bleach, will this be ok since the bleach will be so diluted? I'm thinking perhaps it will disinfect the carpets as well.

Another thing I do with the Agility, I tape 2 weights on the front of it as to put a little more weight down and the machine seems to extract more water that way.


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I would never use bleach on nylon carpet, ever. If your carpet is olefin it would be fine. You could try oxyclean.

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why on earth would you want to "disinfect" your carpets unless you are planning to eat off them?

Your machine with its recommend cleaner will do a fine job of getting your carpets clean.

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