how do i get melted plastic smell out of my home?!

aaaldridMarch 26, 2007

Today I, usually the cleaner and never the cook, accidently melted my tea pot on my stove. I got most of the plastic off the stove but can't get the smell out. I've had the windows open all day but the smell is still very strong and making me sick. If you know of anything that can get rid of this smell or what I might of missed I'd really appreciate it.

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I once turned on my stove top and had a plastic margarine tub on it!!!!
it was empty but still I had an awfull mess to clean.
the smell was horrible, good thing it was in the summer and I oppened up the doors, and windows.
It took time to get rid of the smell.
i really don't know what you should do other than trying febreeze or products like it.
good luck!!!

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You have my sympathy- I've done that twice! (Finally got a kettle with a whistle after that.)

First, it helps to move the offending melted thing and affected burner (as much as is removable) outside. Even if it's cooled off, it can still be the source of much stink.

Also, you're going to need more airflow than just opening windows. (Especially if it's not so warm out yet where you are!) Try to not open all of them so much as strategic ones that make air flow in a direction. For instance, I have windows on three walls of the kitchen... if I open the windows that face each other, I get a good cross-wind that takes smoke out with it. If I open the middle window, the air just swirls around inside the kitchen. (Alternatively, to get the whole 1st floor I open just the middle window and then all the windows in the living room down the hall.) If you have a set-up anything like this try to find a combination that makes a breeze you can feel.

Next, you'll find fans really helpful, even if you have to borrow/rent them. Point at least one out a window to exhaust what's in the house. Keep fans in any opposite windows blowing in, to keep the cross-flow exchange of air going strong. Run the bathroom fan if you've got one, even.

Finally, if there's a corner of the house not infected with smell yet, close it off! Tack up a heavy blanket if there are no doors, and towel under doors if you need to. Try to keep the smell confined to the kitchen so you can go to sleep without being sick tonight.

This method has cleared the worst of it out of my house after a few hours, and it was totally dissipated by the next day. (We shut the fans and most windows over night, for heat.) It may take some time... just keep as much ventalation as possible for as long as it takes.

And if it's seriously making you sick or dizzy, get out of the house for a while! (This applies to pets, too!) If it's still really bad later and you have the option, don't sleep there. Depending on what exactly burned, the fumes can be harmful if you breathe too much of them.

Best of luck!

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Try putting out little dishes of vinegar here and there - it's pretty good at absorbing odors. You may get a whiff of vinegar close to the dish, but oddly enough that seems to absorb itself, too, in a short time.

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