Anything good to say about GE Profile?

dcipherMarch 19, 2011

We are about to order a GE Profile fridge, and wondering what people think of them.



What we like about this model:

Single door

Stainless Steel

Relatively large freezer

Counter depth

Hidden hinges

$2500 not as cheap as we wanted, but not outrageous

Nice looking

I'm having a hard time finding reviews on this specific model, but would love to hear from others that have a similar GE. So far, most of what I'm reading is quite negative...


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I live in a 4 year old home. When I built the home builder had a deal with GE Profile. They made it very hard to buy appliance of another brand. So all my appliances were GE Profile and the Vent Hood was GE Monogram.

My expensive Advantium Oven stopped working in 11 months. At that time I got 5 year extended warranty for all the GE appliances.

My dishwasher did not clean the dishes well. There were many service calls. Last month one of its hinge broke so it could not be repaired. I was fortunate to have a service plan. Since I had bought the most expensive GE Profile dish washer I got a check of $900 from the insurance company.

My refrigerator died right after I had returned from an oversea trip. I had lot of desserts made by my family and they all went bad.

My cooking range and vent hood have had no problems.

In general I have heard the GE Profile makes good cook tops.

If I was buying new appliances It will be very hard for me to buy anything made by GE Profile.

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We also had about the same experience with our GE profile appliances, we would never buy GE again.

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I had a FD CD for 2 years at my previous home & liked it very much, so I got another one for where I am now. Because of the requirements of the builder, everything in the kitchen is now GE Profile, except for the hood, which is GE Monogram. The DW (top of the line) cleans well & is very quiet, and have an induction cooktop. The wall oven works weell and heats quickly. So--so far, so good.

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Well, at least one person has had some good luck :) My problem is, EVERY brand has their fill of haters - But it's harder to find a brand that has a large following of people who love their products.

So, what do people recommend? We considered a Viking fridge, but it's just amana rebranded and didn't think it was worth the extra money. What about Jenn-Air (also Amana guts, but far less expensive than Viking)?

We really want a single door, bottom freezer, 36" wide, counter depth fridge for under $2500...

FWIW, I bought an inexpensive GE Profile MW from Lowes a couple of years ago and it's been great, well worth the $99 :)


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I have a GE Profile Arctica SxS, a Profile range and Profile Spacemaker OTR microwave. All are about 6 years old, included in this house I bought in January 2005. There was also a dishwasher, which I immediately swapped-out for the F&P DishDrawer brought along from my previous house.

No trouble thus far with the range or microwave.

The SxS has had several problems. For a couple successive years, there'd often be condensation dripping from the trim around the ice/water dispenser ... condensation inside the door. I removed the trim, and it'd drip from the slots where the trim attached to the door. I believe this is related to room humidity and temperature. I'd been raising my air conditioning temperature to 82F or 83F while at work during the day, which the refrigerator apparently did not like. The last couple years I typically still run it at 79F or 80F as the "normal" temp during heat of the summer, but there hasn't been nearly as much condensation trouble ... and it may have been related to the following:

There was also an ongoing problem with the ice dispenser chute hanging open. I'd poke a finger up in the chute to make sure it was closed, but there'd still be frost accumulate to the point that the whole thing would freeze-over solid and have to be defrosted/chiseled clear. Finally about 4 months ago I disassembled the dispenser for investigation, and found the mechanism severely rusted and the flapper/seal partially detached and puckered (for about 1/2" of its diameter, no idea how/why that happened) and thus not fully sealing. Cleaned up the rust, lubed the mechanism, reseated the seal, and no further problem with that.

Another problem discovered at the same time, the freezer evaporator fan was not running at proper full speed, although it had still been cooling OK. I replaced the fan motor (not sure that was necessary) and the system motherboard (definitely was bad, all the fans are DC-powered at variable speeds by the board). The motherboard runs $175 to $225, but I found one on eBay for $125. The fan motor is around $70. It's a very nice SxS unit, but I am not impressed with the durability/reliability.

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After reading the few comments here and lots of negative reviews out on the web, we've pretty much decided against the GE Profile Fridge.

Unless we move into the higher end "built-in" fridges, we're pretty much going to have to go for a French Door fridge. Here's what I'm thinking of now:

Seems like a lot of people are very happy with their KitchenAid fridges, which is interesting because they are all made by Amana anyway (Maytag, Whirlpool, Jenn-Air, Viking, Amana, KitchenAid, Kenmore)...

Anyone else out there REALLY happy with their new fridge?


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Perhaps you'll find more "haters" of GE fridges or dishwashers than of their ranges, ovens, or cooktops.

I think Kitchen Aid is a decent choice for a fridge. I've been very happy with my Samsung French Door counter-depth fridge (RFG238AARS), but -- as with any appliance -- you'll want to be sure local service is available where you live for whatever you get.

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Generally people on this forum don't go with a single brand because no manufacturer excels at all appliances. GE fridges get mixed reviews. KA fridges get good reviews - I've had one for 8 years and no problems.

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We have had GE Profile Fridge, stove and built in oven as well as dishwasher for years. No complaints at all.

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Have a 3 yr. old 22cu.ft. Profile - french door - bottom freezer. The temps are dead on. Ice cream stays perfect, and the refrigerator section is excellant. Only con is the inability to defeat the door-ajar alarm (dumb)
Would highly reccomend.

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We have a two yr. old Profile French door/bottom freezer.
First unit, from Sears arrives dented - second unit arrives dented - Sears gives us hundreds off. Fridge has an alarm system that starts to beep within 30seconds! The doors have to be closed to re-set the alarm and stop the annoying noise. The alarm beeps when the doors are open all the way -- the alarm Does Not Beep when the doors are only slightly open, which you can't see easily! Stupid engineering. The veggie and fruit crisper's are always off track. Temps can vary. The only good thing is the stainless which stays clean.

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We have a GE Profile SXS Arctica, at least 8 years old now. Works fine. We had a problem with the ice chute clogging -- but I figured that people were switching the button from "ice" to "water" without pausing the flow (taking the glass away from the dispenser actuator). Once I changed my husband's habits there at the dispenser, no more problem.

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I agree.. you will always have nay sayers. We have done lots of research and GE is coming out on top. the SS of the profile is premium for the price range and they say does not mark easily.

another selling factor is north american made, not foriegn as pointed out by a few sales places. we need to keep our US and CND employees working. :-)

the new profile dual slide in stove looks great, hidden element, 3 racks, tests done by three places said temps accurate and a good product. granted not all lines have perfect everything but we have found GE profile is generally voted great by all sales reps and friends who have them

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I have had a GE Profile all gas range which we coverted to run on LP. I've had it for about a year and a half. It works well, bakes evenly, and I have not had any problems with it so far. I have never cared much for sealed burners, which is what it has. Can I still cook well with it? Yes. It has the bottom baking oven which I seldom use.

You can't best it for the price. I just wish they had an open burner version.

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Here is a warning to you! Things change fast in major appliances. Just because one built 5 or more years ago worked well for people so much has changed. We liked Whirlpool refrigerators and now have a Kenmore made by Whirlpool that we bought over 5 years ago. It is great. Since then Whirlpool bought the Amana lines and Kitchenaid. Much stuff is using cheap working parts made in China. I don't know anything bad to say, but do some searching for posts here and other forums on the subject before you make your choice.

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We have the KA KFIS27CXMS and love it. We went for the standard depth as it has 6.6CF more capacity than the counter depth, and we had plentyy of room for it.

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nerdyshopper you are so right. That's what makes searching for appliances so stressful now. I never had an issue in past years. Now I agonize.

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We ended up with a KA french door fridge/bottom freezer and love it. We had an Amana before that worked great - so we stuck with the same guts. We'll see how it does over time...


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I bought a GE Profile refrigerator a few years ago in my last house. It was the typical top freezer/ bottom refrigerator model that an appliance store said was excellent. It also had great reviews. It was "O.K". I don't miss it.

I now have a Whirlpool Gold Bottom freezer/top refrigerator (not the french door type), and it is way superior. It was jut under $1,000 for the 21 cubic ft. capacity. Best fridge I've ownned.

I feel the Profile ranges are very good, the GE Profile fridge is "O.K' but not great. In my opinion Whirlpool and kitchenAid makes better refrigerators than GE.

KitchenAid dishwasher...only OK. May consider a Miele.

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Take a look around at what GE is doing, in general. Do you really want to support this kind of company?

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You be the judge before you buy GE.

We purchased a side by side refridgerator some 7 years ago. It's been a total 7 year lemon, I can tell you we would never buy again another GE appliance in a million years.

It has been repaired over and over again, numerous motherboards, the motherboard behind the dispenser as well. The ice maker went belly up, no ice, then it totally went haywire and all we could get was crushed ice. The heaters have been replaced about 4 times.

We were frightened to go away on hoilday afraid of what we might find wrong with the fridge when we got back.

Do you know what a pain it is to have to empty the freezer section over and over again to defrost the back panel after the heater has broken. It is a right Royal Pain in the butt. All the frozen food has to be removed and the back panel taken off to be able to defrost around the freezer colis!!! *%^&*( $#%&

We have contacted GE many times we also brought to there attention that the electrical contacts where the heater plugs into were scorched both sides!! Now, is this a major fire risk!!

So the saga goes on, yes you guessed it, the auger in the freezer has come to a complete stop, will not deliver ice.

When we purchased this no one told us that we would be subjected to continuous repairs and breakdowns of this aplliance. It would be a great unit for the Red Green TV show.

We have been corresponding with Head Office GE and we asked for a replacement fridge because of the lemon we purchased.

No was the reponse, we believe GE has been very fair to you!!!!! Are we living on the same planet? If that's GE's fair practise they must be out to lunch! We have put up with this crappy fridge for 7 years, repairs, breaking down, emptying the freezer over and over again! It just is non-stop and now the auger has completely stopped working and does not deliver ice. We have to come up with another $1100 for a replacement.

Would I buy another GE appliance, not in a million years.


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