polypropylene rug 'disaster'

pasternakMarch 15, 2007

In a fit of enthusiasm I decided to wash my multi coloured polypropylene rug. Washed fine and I set it out to dry on the lawn but in the process of drying it has stretched/buckled. We have very hot summers here (Australia) so perhaps I should not have dried it in the sun ? Anyway, it is a bit of a problem now. I smooth it out several times a day, even tried to stick it down to the carpet at the corners with velcro stick on dots (didn't work) and although it is not valuable I really just like it and would like to restore it somehow. I have also tried damping it a little and weighting it down overnight with encyclopedias but that didn't help much either. No washing instructions on the rug itself. Does anyone have any suggestions or do I just live with it ? I was actually wondering whether it might be worth washing it again and trying to "set" it back into shape while it is still wet. I don't want to make things worse though !

Any tips or clues VERY much appreciated.

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Do you mean a carpet/mat type of "rug" or do you mean a blanket type of "rug"? I'm trying to picture washing a mat.

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Are you talking about one of those polypropylene doormats that are so popular? How did you wash it? I think they can just be hosed off to clean them. Or sprayed with detergent and rinsed with a hose. Did you do it differently? Are you sure it was a poly rug and not jute?

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Sorry, I think in the US you call a "rug" what we in Australia would call a carpet. What I am talking about is a large rug or mat about 10 ft by 6 ft that goes on top of the carpet. I washed it by putting it on the patio then using a hose and washing liquid then hosing down to rinse.I then draped it over the washing line ( hills hoist type) until most of the excess water had dropped out then laid flat on the lawn to dry off. It dried quite quickly and seemed fine until I brought it in and replaced it on the living room floor. Then it became apparent that it was no longer "square" - it seemed to be sort of warped or buckled. The texture, colours etc seemed fine though. It is a fairly common type rug and I am pretty sure it is acrylic or polypropylene type fibre that is a cheap version of the proper wool oriental type rugs. I can re-stretch it back to shape by hand to get out the buckles (which I do a hundred times a day because it annoys me so but then a little later it creeps back to the original buckles. I have concrete base floors throughout - if I had wooden floorboards under the carpet I would be tempted to just nail the jolly thing down !

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