To make your home mold-free

moldremovaltampaMarch 4, 2011

Humidity: The humidity is 50% lower than in the cellars. Improve ranking on the outside and drainage channels and slope of the ground to keep away from home. The floor covering soil reduces moisture in the crawl space with plastic.

Safe Storage: Keep all memory cards of at least several inches of soil and concrete foundations where water penetrates easily. This is especially important with organic materials such as cardboard. Avoid using wooden planks, boards are preferably made of metal or plastic.

HEAT finished basement: End of lesser quality areas such as basements are more likely to be affected and should always be heated to at least 60 degrees, even when not in use. The hottest area, the more likely that the condensation problem and a form submit.

Mold construction: While the choice of building materials, the material does not feed the mold.

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