Can anyone recommend a good electric range with grill?

lavender_lassMarch 27, 2012

We live on a farm, with no access to gas no gas appliances. We could do propane, but would rather not. So, electric seems to be the best choice, at least for now.

So, can anyone recommend a good (or even great) electric range, with grill? We'd like to have at least one oven and the ability to broil. There's enough room to have an electric range, up to 48" wide, but not necessary. There will be a separate wall oven, in the baking area.

Also, we'd like to get a larger vent/hood (larger than whatever size range we find) so that my husband can use his deep fryer and not smoke up the house! Same thing goes for the grill and broiler, too :)

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I could only find one 40" range with a grille at AJmadison, and it was a coiltop. I would get an induction range and a seperate grille. AJMadison has a couple of Mieles and a Wolf that look nice.

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Lavender_Lass, have you considered or explored if you can you do liquid propane tank? If so, there are a number of dual fuel ranges to choose from. Here is a link with examples.
Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: ranges

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If your house is like my friend's who live rurally, electric power is not reliable. Hence having a propane cooktop is not such a bad idea.

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Thank you for the responses...and Clarygrace...thanks for the link :)

Actually, our electric is pretty reliable. If our power goes out, it's usually out for most of the area, due to ice storms or other severe weather. Also, an above ground propane tank is really not appealing. We have hunters and bad drivers (one just hit our house a few months ago) and I cringe at the thought of one, shooting/hitting the propane tank.

That being said...I've found some nice electric ranges online, mainly from the UK. Here are a few Rangemasters that would be great (although a bit bigger than I need) but they would fit in the space. I was hoping maybe some of you could recommend something similar...a bit closer to home :) From Fairy tale cottage From Fairy tale cottage

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Just FYI, they can bury the LP tank. Usually the way it's done when they reach a certain size, or to get the ugly thing out of sight.

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Thank you for the ideas, but we really don't want propane. Any other electric range suggestions?

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Still hoping to see some recommendations for electric range with grill. Thank you :)

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Jenn-Air has a modular unit that has two burners, downdraft and a grill. Have you looked at the Miele combi modules? Not a range but you can configure as needed and then add an electric oven.

The range ur looking for doesn't seem to be popular - just like the induction range I want (pro look, color options) - only options are European (not really an option) or the Viking.

Good luck with your search.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jenn-Air Range

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