Vaccum Cleaner to pickup Human Hair

kanuMarch 23, 2009

Can someone suggest a good vaccum cleaner to be used on Hardwood floors. Unfortunately I have long hair & shed a lot. Also have allergies. My floors are very dusty, so will need a vaccum with good sucking power.

My previous cleaner used to use a Yellow canister Vaccum. Don't know the brand that did a great job.

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I wish someone knew. My daughter has long hair and it collects on the rollers of my current Bisswel vacuum. I end up cutting her hair off with a razor blade. Off the vacuum, not off her head. Haha.

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Since you are talking about hardwood floors, would it not be better to use a Swiffer first for the hair? To save money use a slightly damp paper towel instead of buying their dusting sheets.

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Take a look at the Riccar Sunburst, inexpensive and real powerful with a nice floor tool

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I'm also a long hair, as is my husband - and there's nothing you can do about hair in the rollers, you just have to add 'clean the roller brush' to the maintenance list.

I love my Dyson, it's not the lightest thing in the world, but it gets the cat hair, the people hair, the dander, the dust mites, everything : ) - you just turn off the roller brush when doing hard-surface floors.

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You probably want a canister vacuum - since you'll never have to cut the hair off the roller. I would suggest looking at a Miele Naturell (about $229) which is quiet, excellent filtration, fantastic suction, and comes with a combination floor/rug tool that's excellent on area rugs and bare floor surfaces. Also comes with the small attachments for crevices and furniture. My cousin bought one and she loves it.

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Currently I use my vaccum hose to suck the longer hair first & then I use a Wash Cloth with the Swifter Mop stick to get the rest.
Then use a wet mop to mop the floors. The process is slow & time consuming.

I was hoping I could find a light weight Stick Vaccuum without rollers that would suck the dust & the hair in one shot.

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The poster here named Kitchen Detective posted a link to a backpack vac that I am fascinated by. It does not have a roller brush and weights only 9 pounds. Here is a link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Backpack vacuum

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If you are just going to use the vacuum cleaner to clean floors, I would suggest a canister vacuum. You could even get by with a compact canister. If you just want a suction-only canister, you do not have to spend alot of money for something like a Miele. Also, super suction is not required to clean floors. All canisters have enough suction to clean floors.

Look at the Sears Kenmore Magic Blue. It is a compact canister that has alot of power and is easy to use. It has very good filtration. These can be had for about $110, but are sometimes on sale.

Another basic and reliable vacuum would be the Eureka-Sanitaire Mighty Mite. They are easy to use and can filter very well with an optional HEPA filter. The only thing I do not like about it is that it can be on the loud side in a room with no rug. The more durable model would be the Sanitaire SC3683A. You should be able to find one for around $110.

At some Walmart stores, you will find a GE canister with many attachments. I think this vacuum is a very good performer with very good filtration. It also comes with a light-duty power nozzle for low pile carpeting. They are priced about $155.

You can find higher priced vacuum cleaners from Riccar, Simplicity, and Miele. The sister brands Riccar and Simplicity are going to have a better warranty.

As you can see, it will be easy to find a suction-only canister.

If you just want to vacuum floors, you might also try the Bissell Verses stick vac. It will do a good job on floors and is powerful. You can find it under $75.

Long hair is going to be a problem with vacuum cleaners that use a brushroll. Some vacuum cleaners are more of a problem than others.

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